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Why does Prager say that “suddenly a lot of things made sense” when she discovered that Barbie was designed by a man? Is she referring here only to Barbie’s looks?

Emily had doubts whether the Barbie dolly could be possessed of been designed by a woman. Barbies body by proportion, a 23-inch waistline and 39-inch bust line is unrealistic, and no woman could confound this body. She notes millions of wo workforce facing eating disorders after trying to achieve bodies sexy as Barbies.Hence, she found sense that a man could have designed Barbie. workforce are often blamed by womens liberationists for their double standards against women. As naval division of the gender inequality in society, women are defined by their sexual practice and beauty, while men are not.Thus, Barbie was designed as someone epitomized to have the perfect, sexual body. 2. Are we supposed to call back the claims that Prager makes in paragraph 4? What is the point she is trying to make? Paragraph four states I dont recall to step on anyones toes here. I love my Barbie. Secretly, I still believe that neon pink and turquoise blue are the only alter in which to decora te a duplex condo. And like many differents of my generation, Ive never married, simply because I cannot find a man who looks as favourable in clam diggers as Ken.Ms. Prager emphasizes that, just like most of girls, she loved her Barbie dolls. The miniature houses coming with those dolls were in pink and turquoise. She remembered her fantasies as a child playing with Barbies, and meeting the man of her dreams, someone as perfect as Ken. The point Ms. Prager is trying make is that just like all other women she was enamored with Barbie dolls as a kid. She clarifies shes not trying to expect with Barbie fans as she was a fan herself. 3. What is Pragers DEFINITION of a feminist in this essay?Where do you find this definition? According to Ms. Prager, Barbie came almost simultaneously with her consciousness of the feminist movement. She defines feminist in her essays as women pursuit equality with men. Women, many feminists have complained, are treated by men as sexual objects, or objects themselves. They are just the object of mens desires. With the Barbie doll, who has the perfect figure, women end up wasting a life-time trying to achieve a perfect figure, to no avail. 4. What is Pragers Thesis. Ms.Pragers thesis is to eliminate our double standards in gender. She asserts that women should not be devalued, oppressed, and or treated as mere objects. She cites, among other things, Kens fork being concealed while Barbies exposed to the fullest. She adds women are take to achieve a perfect figure, while men are not. She insists women should be treated like men in the real world, i. e. defined by their education, their work, or how they help society. The same standards for men and women should be set.

Zoo Questions

Name _____________________________ Date ________ sec. ___ Survey of Animals Zoo Questions entertain type the answers of the following questions 1. What function, other than hearing, do the African Elephants ears attend to? solvent _______________________________________________________________________ 2. What color is the rump of a Hamadryas Boboon? dish ________________________________________________________________________ 3. What is the life thwart of the Serval? solvent ________________________________________________________________________ 4.What is the diet of the DeBrazza Monkey? Answer ________________________________________________________________________ 5. The Bateleur Eagle gets his strike from the French word for _____________________. ________________________________________________________________________ 6. The Nile Lechwe is known for what? Answer ________________________________________________________________________ 7. Meerkat packs may consist of how man y individuals? Answer ________________________________________________________________________ 8. How long will Kirks Dik-Dik die hard in captivity?Answer ________________________________________________________________________ 9. What bird is considered noisy and gets its name from a loud instrument? Answer ________________________________________________________________________ 10. What is the smallest (and cutest) species of fox? Answer ________________________________________________________________________ 11. The spiny liana is round the bend by what animal? Answer _______________________________________________________________________ 12. Which area of Africa does the Dwarf Crocodile inhabit? Answer _______________________________________________________________________ 13. Which of the African monkeys is the most arboreal? Answer ________________________________________________________________________ 14. What is the life span of the African Bullfrog? Answer ______________ __________________________________________________________ 15. What are the three greatest threats to the Savannah proctor? Answer ________________________________________________________________________ 16. Who is the dominant of the group in Patas Monkeys? Answer ________________________________________________________________________ 7. How unbendable can the Patas Monkey run (in miles per hour)? Answer ________________________________________________________________________ 18. What is the chemical trustworthy for the Chilean Flamingos color? Answer ________________________________________________________________________ 19. How do Yellow-Footed Tortoises recognize from each i other? Answer ________________________________________________________________________ 20. What is the maximum speed of the Collared Lizard (in miles per hour)? Answer ________________________________________________________________________ 1. The lamia Bat was instrumental in development of medicines in which field? Answer ________________________________________________________________________ 22. What is the largest land predator on Earth? Answer ________________________________________________________________________ 23. Raccoons are related to which displayed species in the zoo? Answer ________________________________________________________________________ 24. What is the common weight of the Red barbarian (in pounds)? Answer ________________________________________________________________________ 5. How fast can the Grizzly Bear run (in miles per hour)? Answer ________________________________________________________________________ 26. What is the most developed sense in the American Bison? Answer ________________________________________________________________________ 27. a few(prenominal) predators have withstood three centuries of settlement in North America. Name the one that the zoo displays Answer ___________________________________________________________________ _____ 28. What sets the North American River Otters vision away from the of many land animals?Answer ________________________________________________________________________ 29. Why is the Polar Bear on display at the zoo so skinny? Answer ________________________________________________________________________ 30. How does the calcium See Lion fend off intruders? Answer ________________________________________________________________________ 31. Describe quint differences between the Polar Bear and the Grizzly Bear Answer 1) .. 2) . 3) . ) . 5) . ________________________________________________________________________ 32. What is the of import food source for the Arctic Fox? Answer ________________________________________________________________________ 33. What was the most dire thing I learned visiting the zoo? Answer ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________

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Mob Mentality

Mob mentality, or heap psychology, has been observed in numerous rock concerts and sports events in the coupled States, which often ends in riots and numerous people trampled to death. These events imply that there atomic number 18 certain influences exerted by a group that affect a persons sort (Waddington & King, 2005). The strength of these observations is the conduct of many studies and theories in the field of social psychology.As archean as 1895, Le Bon, who was writing about crowd psychology, published his forge entitled, The Crowd A Study of the Popular Mind. His work posits that people who create a large crowd lose their conscious personalities, and these are replaced by a sinister uncivilised and potentially barbaric collective creative thinker (Waddington & King, 2005).The concept of mob psychology is rooted on the subject that the persons knotty are burdened with an incapacity for self-control. Thus, these people who are susceptible of existence part of the mob easily succumb to pressures, influences, and temptations (Feasibility and Admissibility of Mob Mentality Defenses, 1995).The comprehend reason underlying mob mentality is classified into three complemental implements. First among these is anonymity. A person who usually acts as a explicit person is prevented from behaving badly because his actins would be associated with himself alone. However, a person who loses his personality and becomes notwithstanding a part of large crowd becomes anonymous, making him feel emancipated from personal responsibility from their actions (Waddington & King, 2005).Another mechanism involved in crowd perturb is suggestibility. Le Bon asserts that people in a group become less(prenominal) resistant to the hypnotic powers of suggestion. Thus, the mob is compelled into engaging in abnormal and nauseous behavior. This mechanism suggested by Le Bon is built upon by Allport in 1924, who suggested that mob psychology involves social facilitation wher eby mutual stimulation causes the overriding of customary continence exercised by people in normal circumstances (Waddington & King, 2005).Finally, there is contagion. This mechanism refers to the fact that the high emotions spread contagiously as if such effect is inevitable. This leads to the often-observed violent frenzy of mobs (Waddington & King, 2005).Mob mentality is a defense against cruel liability, and is establish on psychological theory. In technical terms, it is referred to as Mob violence Proclivity Syndrome. It belongs to other psychological defenses to criminal liability, such as pincer sexual abuse syndrome and rape trauma syndrome (Feasibility and Admissibility of Mob Mentality Defenses, 1995).The idea is that group criminal behavior is explained by the course of humans to target caught up in the excitement of situations and people such that they are otiose to make meaningful, real, and rational decisions about their behavior (Feasibility and Admissibility o f Mob Mentality Defenses, 1995).The healthy community has observed the effects of an understanding of this human behavioral tendency on public policy, the law, and criminal liability. Whereas in the old times, crimes committed by a group had been made graver by the fact that several(prenominal) people participated in the act, nowadays, such fact is used to mitigate criminal liability of the offenders.Thus, the fact that people who merely followed the mob did not yield the opportunity to make rational choices about their actions is enough to help them do in or avoid criminal responsibility for their acts (Feasibility and Admissibility of Mob Mentality Defenses, 1995). This finicky effect of the psychological concept of mob mentality raises serious concerns on public policy and the law.ReferencesFeasibility and Admissibility of Mob Mentality Defenses. (1995). Harvard Law Review 108(5), 1111-1126.Waddington, D. & King, M. (2005). The rambunctious Crowd From Classical Psychologica lReductionism to Socio-Contextual Theory The Impact on Public nine Policing Strategies. The Howard Journal 44 (5), 490503

Development of a Multinational Personnel Selection System

Mr Koch ferments as an expatriate in Hong Kong for ComInTec AG & Co. He was civiliseing for the conjunction in the HR discussion section for 17 years and since three years he is the HR director. peerless day he got the assignment to form a cross structural project police squad in the high profitable APAC States. The company puree to shit a bracing regional management level in Asia. A current personnel selection agreement had to be shape internally. In further consequence 25 middle management positions were expect to be impinge on full the region. For the recruiting process the company hired deliver recruiters as well as head hunters.Further more, 90% of the new management positions were filled by individuals from the coun distort they would be hold outing. The process bases on three pillars First, the industriousness documents had to be analyzed. In a next step structured interviews were conducted by a HR finickyist and a department represendative. If both came to a positive conclusion, the buttdidate would come to an individual competence contract to lay everywhere out his competences. The procedure was conducted by an external consulting company. Koch found jumpyly faults in the individual assessment centre for several years.To develop a new brass, Koch formed a police squad of local and headquarters staff. Though the sort was precise heterogenic what implied more or less problems in the past. At the end of the process the placement escalated so that came under high time pressure, which was curiously true for Koch. belatedly he got a call from Koenig, the founder and owner of the company. Koenig is a petty(a) more accommodating person with precise expectations to his employees. He gave Koch an ultimatum to finalize the new recruiting system at the end of the week. So Koch had to relate the expectations of Koenig with the extends and imaginations of his team in three days.Therefore Koch convened a meeting with the whole proje ct team and a guest from the headquarter. In previous meetings on that point were some heathenish misc onceptions e superfluously between the German and the Chinese. Especially Mueller had no find for pagan differences in discussion situations. The meeting started 30 minutes later due to a long call of Koenig, so that Koch came to late and the pressure even became higher. He urged the theme only to present ensues. At the beginning the Chinese colleagues introduced the field of study of the diagnose dimensions and proposed their opinion to this. Mueller encountered in a very typical German behaviour.So the Chinese was intimidated by her German colleague. She signalled that she did non dare to hypothesize anything further. Mueller tried to question the approaches of the Chinese colleagues. So he disg unfreezetles more and more the Chinese colleagues with the result that they back down more and more. The conference was getting more and more tense. Koch did not moderate the m eeting very well. sometimes he lost his patience and break up ongoing discussions and fixed a point very sudden. In other situations he gave no c over feedback about the presented content especially referring the Chinese colleagues.He was seemingly not very content with the Chinese approach to consider heathenish differences in much(prenominal) a detailed way. In the further time of the meeting Mueller showed once more in a situation that he had no sense for a mutually respectful interaction. He referred to an objection by a German colleague as nonsense. He furthermore stressed that the professors from whom she larn that, had little idea of the reality. The German colleague left the meeting in tears. A Chinese colleague followed her with the intention of calming her down. This was when the meeting definitively failed.Koch interrupted the meeting and gave a final overview about the next working steps till Friday. He imposes the trainees to finalize the records very soon. Koch said that he leave finalize any unresolved passing. Furthermore, he decided that he would make the decisions on resolved issues by himself and include them into the report. After Koch finalized the report and sent it to Koenig, he later received a short notice of Koenig. He informed him that autho comed basic conditions and necessary adoptions had not been taken into considerations sufficiently in the new multi study personal selection system.Most of these conditions and adoptions were worked out very well by the group but not considered full in his report due of the bad meeting temper, his lack of facilitation skills and his impatience. Koch neglected to create a positive climate and a sense for cultural differences in the further team meetings, when time was not getting so short. The result of all this was that Koenig had handed the case over to the global headquarters and that there would be staff related consequences for his department in Hong Kong. 2. What strengths and wh at shortcomings do you recognise in the newly developed multinational personnel selection system?Justify your answer. The new selection system contains less consideration of cultural backgrounds. This leads to a better international comparability but not to a better job-fit. For instance, the unified procedure of analyzing the activity documents can contain some problems. Each country has its own unique economic and education situations. Which would conk problematic when creating an universal personnel selection system. Regarding to the following structured interviews spinal fusion should be considered. In my opinion there should be an international comparability.Furthermore, a considerably indicator is if the candidates meet basic requirements to work for an international company. A order system basically avoids high costs ca physical exertiond by special staff and infrastructure. But you hold back to be very carefully where you use standardized systems. For instance, if you use global standardized systems in a national competence centre you can fail. In the long run some other costs will rise because of not considering special cultural features (question 3). Therefore, especially in the competence centres the cultural background should find enough consideration.I therefore support Dai Weis approach. He places an emphasis on the special cultural backgrounds of the candidates. Furthermore he wants to integrate translators into the assessment centres to entirely focus on the candidates profession. Summarized it is very important to consider the cultural differences also in the competence centres in the single country. But they perk up to focus on the paid and not on interpersonal competences in the competence centres. Regarding to this it is very important to deploy the right people in the competence centres.Referring to the feedback discussion I tend to the view of Mueller. While it is important to provide a good feedback to the candidates, but in vi ew of the charter of cost reduction I think the existing system suffice. death A main weak point is the fact that most standardized personnel selection system ignore cultural differences and culture precise circumstances. 3. What long term implications do the weaknesses impose on the company? If the company dont consider the cultural differences the company would have to quarrel a high fluctuation in the APAC subsidiaries.Due that the recruiting costs will rise because of a worse job-fit rate. Furthermore, it would take a long time to run the APAC market well. This means high losings for short term and can lead to painful setbacks in the Asia-Pacific region. 4. If you were asked to consult with the project team, what would you suggest to them? obvious team conflicts must be clear clarified by the team drawing card when they occur the root time. In the final meeting it is unquestionably too late. It makes sense to organize a store regarding to aspects of cultural differences in advance.At the beginning the team have to set common rules in dealings with each other, that are accepted by all participants, and to which the team leader can appeal for violations. Furthermore, the team leader should collect once a commitment by all in terms of the key points (and APAC headquarters). afterward he should try to find step by step a consensus on the future configuration of the modules and national priorities. So step by step, the new procedures are designed and prepared. In my opinion a professional project manager should accompany the process in case of such(prenominal) an important decision.This expert should also have special social skills and noesis about the cultural features as well. Obviously Mr. Koch had a lack of such skills. CEO and CFO positions should be first fitted by expatriates of headquarter. Thus, they safeguard a good control over the subsidiary and a good colloquy with headquarter in the first years. All other positions should be fitted as good as possible with regional staff. If the subsidiary whole shebang well over some years and the regional staff meets all the requirements a regional occupation of CEO and CFO position could be conceivable.5. How would you describe Kochs attitudes and behaviors? Koch had prejudices a raisest Chinese colleagues and found it difficult to understand their culture. He was under Brobdingnagian pressure. It was very difficult for him to bring the necessary energy for the delicate situation. Although initially he tried to create a more open climate for discussion, but relatively soon he had to interrupt the discussion and had to try to fix the hard facts. He knew that he had to finalize the system until Friday. Finally, he acted similarly in the meeting as his boss.He also ignores cultural differences, with the result that the Chinese team members withdraw more and more. 6. What influences do Kochs attitudes and behaviors have on the work atmosphere and coordination of his cross-cul tural team? What would you recommend to mend the cross-cultural teamwork of this group? He lost the engagement of his Chinese colleagues because he did not show sensitivity to their culture. Furthermore, he ignored team conflicts and didnt moderate the meeting well. He also allowed a relatively rough handling in the group.Subsequently this lead to the escalating (Goldmann leaves the room in tears). Without doing anything he move in the agenda. As result he had not a team but some small coalitions they worked against each other. Furthermore he failed to gain control of Mueller. As outlined above, I would recommend organizing a workshop regarding to aspects of cultural differences in advance. It should be the first step in a team building process. Referring to the lack of social and cultural skills of Koch I would recommend to engage an extern expert for such a workshop.7. What influence does the kind between Koch and Koenig and the organizational culture established by Koenig have over Kochs behavior and the teams collaboration? Koch knows so far very well how do deal with Koenig. He knows exactly what results he has to deliver and on which issues he has to stress on. But he is obviously overwhelmed with the cultural challenges in his group. So Koch passes the pressure of Koenig on the team. He fails to establish a productive atmosphere in the group and pressure the group to force a conclusion.Accordingly, it looks. He transfers the corporate culture without regard to losses on the team. 8. Would such a personnel selection system work in your organization? Why or why not? In my organization such a personnel selection system should work on a first view. But my organization is a common organization and solely active in Austria and in a broader consideration in the European Union and third every office recruits its own employees separately. Therefore, we have no international subsidiaries. But there are regional Management Offices all over Europe.Every intern ational regional management works independent from other countries and is under national control. The only common issue is that we have to cooperate transnational and have to comply with European specifications from Brussels. So we definitely do not have the same conditions like ComInTec AG & Co. Suppose that the entire personal selection will be through with(p) by an HR headquarter in Brussels a comparable system will not work at least. The employees in the national subsidiaries demand to have a strong sense of the culture and a coarse knowledge about special cultural norms and values.Furthermore, speaking countries specific style is much more important than even perfect English skills. For the first stations of the selection the system fits very well. Which consists primarily of viewing application documents. First problems may arise at telephone conferences if they will not be conducted in the candidates mother tongue. Latest in the competence centre the cultural background o f the candidates must find maximum consideration. To cooperate and work with regional stakeholder best the managers must have a broad knowledge about the cultural features.

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Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen Essay

Organic chemical substance compounds retrovert a vast number of isomers, molecules with the same molecular formula that different atomic arrangement, of which there be three types structural, geometric and optical. The intimately closely-linked of isomers are optical isomers, which differ only by the three-dimensional localisation of the molecules attachments, which renders its mirror images to be non-superimposable. The presence of optical isomerism in spite of appearance a molecule is determined by the existence of a chiral affectiona carbon atom with four different groups (see addition, embark 1). staring(a) optical isomers apply identical physical properties such as thaw point, stewing point and density, as well as identical chemical properties thus there are only two ways that they poop be distinguished their inter achievement with other chiral substances and their interaction with matt polarized rest. An enantiomorph (one out of a pair of optical isomers) rotat es plane polarized lighter in the oppo turn up direction of which the other enantiomer rotates the plane polarized light, of equal fiat (see vermiform touch on A, get a line 2). An enantiomer that shifts plane polarized light to the left is abandoned the prefix L (levorotatory) or S, while an enantiomer that shifts plane polarized light to the right is given the prefix D (dextrorotatory) or R.Despite their physical and chemical similarities, optical isomers are known to have substanti whollyy different behaviours deep down the human body. This is due to the fact that enzymes and receptors in the body are stereospecific, meaning that they derriere interact with one enantiomer of certain molecules and not the other. For instance, the human body can only dissect down D-glucose (dextrose) for energy but not L-glucose, and can only put on L-amino group unpleasants rather than D-amino acids. While one form of a stereoisomer whitethorn be beneficial, the other may be ineffectiv e or even harmful, in some cases.Thus, it is crucial that optical isomerism is translaten into account during medicinal medicate development and usage. For example, the sedative thalidomide was available in Europe in the mid-sixties for purposes of alleviating morning sickness in pregnant women. However, the medicine was interchange as a racemic mixture, which contains equal portions of both enantiomers (this would not shift plane polarized light as the two enantiomers shift in different directions),and while R-thalidomide (see adjunct A, figure 3) works effectively as a sedative S-thalidomide can cause genetic damage leading to mutation of the fetus. Consequently, 12 000 infants were natural worldwide with malformation of the limbs.To further illustrate the importance of optical isomers in drug action, the drug isobutylphenyl propionic acid can be explored. isobutylphenyl propionic acid is a drug used for anti-inflammatory drug purposes such as torture relief, fever and s welling reduction, and is classified as a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). Derived from propanoic acid in the 1960s by a pharmacy grasp called Boots UK Limited, ibuprofen was initially launched as a interposition for rheumatoid arthritis, and was awarded the Queens Award for Technical Achievement in 1987. It is currently available under(a) a variety of trademarks such as Advil, Motrin, Nurofen, and Brufen, among others.Ibuprofen works by inhibiting the enzymatic action of cyclooxygenase (COX1 and COX2) within the body, which catalyzes the conversion of a compound called arachidonic acid into prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are locally-acting hormones that cause swelling, heat, departure of function, fever and pain, collectively known as inflammation, at a site of injury with the accumulation of white blood cells. Through inhibiting this reaction, harrowing symptoms can be reduced or eliminated.The IUPAC name for ibuprofen is 2-(4-(2-methylpropyl) phenyl) propanoic a cid. It is a carboxylic acid which in addition contains a phenyl group (see Appendix A, figure 5). Due to its chirality, ibuprofen has two enantiomers (see Appendix A, figure 6) S-ibuprofen, which rotates plane polarized light to the left and is pharmacologically active, and R-ibuprofen, which rotates plane polarized light to the right and has no anti-inflammatory effect (and is thus inactive as a drug, since . However, ibuprofen is sold on the market as a racemic mixture. Thus, a dose of ibuprofen contains only 50% of the active enantiomer, S-ibuprofen. Nevertheless, R-ibuprofen undergoes species-specific chiral inversion within the body, in which near 60% of R-ibuprofen is converted into S-ibuprofen. The tool of the inversion is through an enzyme, alpha-methylacyl-CoA racemase (AMACR) that is present in the liver, the kidney and gastrointestinal tract. Asubstitution nucleophilic bimolecular (SN2) reaction must take place (see Appendix B, figure 1), which results in the complet e conversion of either molecule of one enantiomer to the other. In this case, only R-ibuprofen is converted into S-ibuprofen (see Appendix B, figure 2).The benefits associated with ibuprofen use accept its efficiency as a NSAID in decreasing inflammation, in addition to be non-addictive and affordable. However, ibuprofen often causes stomach irritation, and can impede concentration and cause drowsiness. It may as well as result in a variety of adverse military position do (see Appendix C, figure 1). An alternative to ibuprofen is the drug acetaminophen, also known as paracetamol. Acetaminophen, (see Appendix A, figure 7), is commercially available under brand names such as Tylenol and Anacin (see Appendix A, figure 8). It works by inhibiting the synthesis of prostaglandins. It does not, however, have any anti-inflammatory action and thus only targets tissue of the nervous systemeasing pain without being directed towards the root of the problem. Acetaminophen is known to cause few aspect cause than ibuprofen however for a list of side effects, see Appendix C, figure 2.Acetaminophen does not have a chiral centre, and therefore does not have any optical isomers. Both drugs are used to relieve headache pains and fever however their change properties impact their function and effectiveness in treating specific symptoms.The solubility of ibuprofen in water is 0.0002M. Although its carboxyl functional group is highly polar, the sizable non-polar component greatly decreases its overall polarity. As like dissolves like, ibuprofen does not dissolve well in water, which is polar. To solve this problem, ibuprofen is reacted with the amino acid lysine (see Appendix A, figure 9), which together forms the salt ibuprofen lysinate. Ibuprofen is then released into the bloodstream in which the reaction can reverse. On the other hand, acetaminophen is highly soluble in water with a solubility of 0.091M. Because it contains an amide and an alcohol, there is a substantia l degree of hydrogen bonding resulting in high polarity (see Appendix A, figure 10). This allows the drug to be oblivious into the bloodstream effectively.Ibuprofen has a pKa (acid dissociation constant) of approximately 4.43, while the pKa of acetaminophen is 9.51 and 25C, making ibuprofen more acidic. Because neutral substances pass through bodily membranes more easily, acetaminophen is more easily absorbed. Acetaminophen also has more acid stability. Administered orally, an ibuprofen capsule has an enteric coating, which prevents stomach acid from breaking down the drug before it reaches the small intestine, where it is absorbed. A conduct coating is used on a tablet of acetaminophen, which protects the tongue from the contents, as well as protecting the contents from moisture and light. Within the body, the rent can be broken down by saliva or stomach acid, and the way in which the drug is absorbed is not affected.Appendix A Images embark 1 Molecule with a chiral centre work 2 unconditional polarized light beamed through a filter. The two enantiomers shift light in opposite directions.Figure 1 Type of isomer vs. molecule melting and boiling point Type of IsomersMoleculesMelting Point and Boiling Pointgeomorphologic Isomersbutane2-methylpropaneMP -140C BP -1 CMP -159.6C BP -11.7 Cgeometrical Isomerscis-butenetrans-buteneMP -138.9 C BP 3.7 CMP -105.5 C BP 0.9 C optic IsomersL-2-butanolD-2-butanolMP -115 C BP 98-100 CMP -115 C BP 98-100 CFigure 3 The two optical isomers of thalidomide. R-thalidomide works effectively as a sedative, while S-thalidomide can damage the fetus.Figure 5 Skeletal draw of ibuprofen, with the functional group labeledAppendix A (contd) ImagesFigure 6 Optical isomers of ibuprofen S-ibuprofen is on the left and R-ibuprofen is on the rightFigure 7 Skeletal diagram of acetaminophen,with the functional groups labeledFigure 9 Skeletal diagram of the amino acid lysine, which is reacted with ibuprofen in order to allow it to ultimately di ssolve into the bloodstreamFigure 10 house of ibuprofen vs. acetaminophenAppendix B ReactionsFigure 1 The process of a substitution nucleophilic bimolecular (SN2) reactionFigure 2 The mechanism of the enzymatic chiral inversion of R-ibuprofen (42) into S-ibuprofen. At first, the carboxylic acid is converted into an mediocre thioester (43a) by acyl-CoA ligase This is then converted to the opposite configuration by an epimerase, and the sequent thioester (43b) is hydrolyzed by a hydrolase, releasing S-ibuprofen.Appendix C TablesFigure 1 Side effects of ibuprofenMild side effects includeupset stomach, mild heartburn, diarrhea, constipationbloating, gasdizziness, headache, nervousnessskin rub or snowstormblurred vision effective side effects includechest pain, weakness, shortness of breath, slurred speech, problems with vision or end black, bloody, or tarry stools, coughing up blood or spew that looks like coffee grounds swelling or rapid angle gainurinating less than usual or n ot at allnausea, upper stomach pain, itching, dismission of appetite, dark urine, clay-colored stools, jaundice (yellowing of the skin or eyes) fever, sore throat, and headache with a severe blistering, peeling, and red skin rash bruising, severe tingling, numbness, pain, muscle weakness or severe headache, neck stiffness, chills, change magnitude sensitivity to light, and/or seizure (convulsions).Figure 2 Side effects of acetaminophenMild side effects includedrowsinessSerious side effects includelow fever with nausea, stomach pain, and loss of appetitedark urine, clay-colored stools orjaundice (yellowing of the skin or eyes)liver failure (with overdose)BibliographyCHAPTER 5 RULES FOR SPECIFICATION OF CHIRALITY. (n.d.). University of Illinois at Chicago-interpersonal chemistry. Retrieved October 8, 2013, from source is liable because it is a university website. Chemistry in your cupboard Nurofen . (n.d.). Royal Society of Chemistry A dvancing excellence in the chemical sciences. Retrieved October 10, 2013, fromhttp// source is conjectural because it is a reputable educational society in Britain. Clancy, C., Farrow, K., Finkle, T., & Francis, L. (2002). McGraw-Hill Ryerson chemistry 12. Toronto McGraw-Hill Ryerson.This is probable because it is a textbook used in class.Cohen, J. S. (2007, December 4). The Little-Known Dangers of Acetaminophen.Life Extension. Retrieved October 10, 2013, from http// magazine publisher/mag2007/dec2007_report_acetaminophen_02.htmThis is probable because it is health journal from a reputable organization. Ibuprofen. (2013, July 18). Livertox Clinical and Research Information. Retrieved October 10, 2013, from http// is credible because it is from the United States government. Open Notebook Science. (2013, October 10). Solubility of ibuprofen in positive solve nts. Retrieved October 8, 2013, from http// is credible because it is an educational institution.1C http// 2C http// http//

Microeconomics †Summary Essay

Linear accept curve Q = a bP plasticity E d = (Q/P)/(P/Q) = -b(P/Q)E d = -1 in the middle of require curve (up is more elastic) Total revenue and ElasticityElastic Ed -1PR (P by 15%Q by 20%)Inelastic 0 Ed -1PR (P by 15%Q by 3%)Unit elastic Ed = -1R remains the same (P by 15%Q by 15%) MR positive expansion effect (P(Q) sell of additional units) + expense reduction effect (reduces revenues because of lower determine (P/Q)/Q) 1. Monopoly maximizes reach by setting MC = MRMonopolists Markup = outlay-cost margin = Lerner index (P-MC)/P = -1/ Ed (the less elastic direct, the greater the markup over marginal cost)2. expense DiscriminationPerfect expenditure discrimination the trusty sets the price to each individual consumer equal to his willingness to payMR=P(Q)= read (without the price reduction effect), no consumer surplus,find profit from graph Two-part Tariffs a contumacious fee (= consumer surplus) + a separate per-unit price for each unit they buy (P = MC) 2 grou ps of customers with discrimination inverse demand number for individual demands MR MR=MC * without discrimination sum of not-inverse demand functions = cardinal option for aggregate demand. Other option is the rich people demand function. Compare profits to find Qagg.* max fixed payment F (enabling discrimination) = max d added to MC1 = /q1 (with discrimination) Quantity-dependent pricing one price for first X units and a cheaper price for units above step X. profit function = = Pa*Qa+Pb(Qb-Qa)-2Qb Qb includes Qa, so the additional units sold are Qb-Qa. Example P=20-Q. true offers a bar discount. Setting a price for Qa (Pa) and a price for additional units Qb-Qa (Pb). Pa=20-Qa Pb=20-Qb. =(20-Qa)Qa + (20-Qb)(Qb-Qa) -2Qb = 18Qb-Qa2 Qb2 +QaQb withhold a=-2Qa+Qb b=18-2Qb+Qa compare to 0. 2Qa=Qb. Plug into second function 18-2(2Qa)+Qa=0. So Qa=6 Qb=12 3.Cost and Production TechnologiesFixed costs avoidable not incurred if the performance level = 0 unavoidable/sunk incu rred even if production level = 0, get dressedt exist in thelong run, for the concisely run typical Efficient scale of production min AC derivative of AC = 0 MC = AC Production technologies production method is efficient it there is no other way to engender more output development the same amounts of inputs Minimization problem object function min(wL+rK), constraint subject to Q=f(K,L) express K as a function of L, Q (from production function) plug away the expression into objective function (instead of K) derive with respect to L = 0 express L (demand for labor) plug demand for labor into K function express K (demand for capital) TC=wL+rK bare(a) product ratio rule for f(K,L)=KaLb at the optimum MPL/w = MPK/r find MPL, MPK from production function find relationship between K,L using marginal product ratio rule plug K/L into production function find K/L for desired level of production for f(K,L)=aK+bL compare MPL/w, MPK/r use production factor with high marg inal value, if equal use any combination4. Perfect emulationShort run 1. Quantity rule basic condition MR = P = MC 2. Shut-down rule P(Q) AC(Q) produce MR=MC, P(Q) AC(Q) shut down, P(Q) = AC(Q) profit = 0 for two options * shut-down quantity and price min AC (derivative of AC = 0) AC=P=MC (profit = 0) * when computing AC ignore unavoidable/sunk fixed costs (not influenced by our decision) foodstuff place equilibrium multiply individual render functions (from P=MC example TC = 4q2 so MC = 8q compare to p so 8q=p so q=p/8) by number of cockeyeds = aggregate supply function Qs Qs=Qd (demand function) equilibrium price and quantity Long run profits = 0 P=AC, equilibrium MR=P=MC=ACmin * in the long run, unavoidable/sunk cost dont exist fixed costs are avoidable dish out them into account market equilibrium find individual supply function (MC=P), quantity produced by 1 cockeyed (MC=AC =price plug price into demand function total quantity demanded number of firms in the market = total quantity demanded/quantity produced by 1 firm5. Oligopolistic MarketsGame Theory Nash Equilibrium each firm is making a profit-maximizing choice given the actions of its rivals (cannot increase profit by ever-changing P or Q) best response = a firms most profitable choice given the actions of its rivals Bertrand Model setting prices at the same time 1 interactiontheoretically max joint profit when charging monopoly price (MC=MR) but undercutting prices P=MC, = 0 infinitely repeated explicit x tacit collusion (when r is not too high) Cournot Model choosing quantity (based on beliefs on the other firms production) simultaneously market price market equilibrium residual demand for firm 1 from the inverse demand function profit 1 as a function of q1, q2 derivative = 0 best response function for firm 1 same steps for firm 2 find q1, q2, market quantity price, profits Stackelberg Model choosing quantities sequentially firm 1 not on its best response fun ction higher profit, firm 2 is market equilibrium find best response function of firm 2 plug into profit function of firm 1 derivative = 0 q1, q2 (from BR2 function) price, profits

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Globalizing the Cost of Capital and Capital Budgeting at AES Essay

nous 1 Explain and comment on the bully budgeting method utilize historically by AES. Is there a need for change? Explain. interrogative sentence 2 If Venerus implements the suggested methodology, what will be the adjusted throw out value for the ruby-red Oak project (USA) and the Lal Plr project (Pakistan)?Question 3 Calculate the resultant role that a revision of its constitute of cracking will have on the Lal Plr projects NPV. Comment on the results.Q.1At the AES corporation capital budgeting was historically a very simple method, that was utilise for all projects existenceness examined, regard slight of geographical location. This method entailed 4 rules which were all recourse debt was deemed good, the economic science of a given project were evaluated at an equity discount rate for the dividends from the project, all dividend flows were considered equally run a tryy, and a 12% discount rate was used for all projects.This method worked flawlessly when implemented in the U.S., but when it began being applied to international projects, it was giving the guild unrealistic NPV values. While some concern existed, having no alternative, they continued to use the accepted method. By helplessness to take into account increased WACC, currency risk, political risk, and sovereign risk, the familiarity had developed projects that began failing in the early 2000s. The mistake by the follow destroyed its stock price and market capitalization, losing one thousand millions of stockholders equity in the process.The debt social organization caused signifi coffin nailt currency risk for both the parent AES and its subsidiaries. As shown in present 6, debt was denominated in USD for the subsidiaries, while they were bringing in revenues in contrary currencies. The parent companies also lost cash flows when depreciation occurred since the money do by subsidiaries was worth substantially less, after devaluations of foreign currencies. One such(preno minal)(prenominal)(prenominal) example is the Argentinean peso, when it lost 40% of its value on its first solar day of trading as a float.With such enormous oversights by management, and spectacular realizations of differing risk levels across markets, its quite apparent AES must puff a change to its capital budgeting structure, if it is to survive.Q.2If Venerus and AES implement the suggested methodology, the projects would change drastically over delinquent to a change in WACC. To find WACC we must first lead the leveraged of imports for each the US Red Oak and Lal Plr Pakistan projects, the equation unleveled beta/1-(debt to capital) will be used. The unleveled beta can be found in reveal 7b, and is .25 for both projects. The debt to capital ratios can be found in exhibit 7a, for the U.S. it is 39.5%, and for Pakistan it is 35.1%. By plugging the numbers into the equation a leveraged beta can be found for the U.S. it is .41, and for Pakistan it is .3852.The next step would be to find the apostrophize of capital which is ultimately different for each country, but uses the U.S. risk free and risk premium rates, because all debt is financed in USD. The cost of capital is equal to U.S. T-bill+ leveraged beta (U.S. risk premium). For the U.S. project it is 4.5%+.41(7%) which is equal to 7.37%. For the Pakistan project it is 4.5%+.3852(7%) which is equal to 7.2%.Now the cost of debt must be found, by using the commandment U.S. t-bill+ default spread. both(prenominal) the U.S. and Pakistan projects have equal spreads of 3.47%, therefore both buffer the same cost of debt. Plugging in the numbers you have, 4.5%+3.47% which is equal to 8.07%. This clearly does not make mother wit given the vast differences in the markets structure of each country, the political risk involved. To adjust for these factors the sovereign risk must be taken into account, which can be found in exhibit 7a.The sovereign risk for the U.S. is as expected 0%, but for Pakistan is a staggering 9.9%. To reevaluate the cost of capital and cost of debt the sovereign risk is added to them. This results in the U.S.s being constant and Pakistans cost of capital rising slope to 17.1% and its cost of debt rising to 17.97%. Finally with everything else calculated its realizable to calculate the WACC, using the formula given on page 7. It consists of leveraged beta (cost of capital) + Debt to capital (cost of debt) (1-tax rate). For the U.S. WACC= 6.48%, and for Pakistan WACC= 15.93%. (Equation with numbers shown on disposed page) The final step is to again further adjust the WACC accord to its risk range, found on page 9 and exhibit 7a. development the summation of the scores multiplied by the given weights the risk score is calculated. (Shown on page 9 of the case). The U.S. risk score is assumed to be 0, since everything is in USD and the U.S. projects WACC is already accounting for the risk. The Pakistan risk premium is calculated to be 1.425, and with each poin t equaling 500 basis points, 1.425*500= 705bp= 7.05%. This number is instantaneously tacked onto the existing Pakistan WACC to come out with 15.96%+7.05%= 23%, which is the final WACC calculation for the project. By taking into many more factors than previous models allowed it is clear that the WACC for both the U.S. and Pakistan projects greatly differ from the 12% standard used historically. The U.S. project suddenly looks much more favorable, while the Pakistan project is unlikely to be accepted with such a high weighted average cost of capital attached to it.Q.3Using the cash flows given in exhibit 12 it is possible to calculate the NPV for the projects, and change the cost of capital in the Pakistan project to look the effects. Using excel to calculate the cash flows (shown on separate sheet) at the original 12% discount rate, the 23.1% for Pakistan, and 6.45% for the U.S. it is easy to compare the differences in NPV. The original 12% discount would yield a NPV of $505.51 mil lion, the Pakistan 23.1% discount rate would yield a $290.83 million NPV, and the 6.45% U.S. discount rate would yield a $744.08 million NPV. It is quite apparent that the Pakistan projects NPV suffers greatly from its high WACC, access in $214 million less than with historical model, and $453 million less than with the U.S. discount rate.With such low NPV coming from the Lal Plr project its value could be reached by the U.S. project within about 6 years. This is like saying that due to such risky factors, including political risk, it is unreasonable to assume that the project would betroth longer than 6 years in Pakistan before its futile to continue, unable to receive any further cash flows, and unable to chasten assets. Due to such high discounting, and implied risk, it is probably not in the companys best interest to pursue projects in Pakistan, and to look for projects with less risk and lower WACCs.

Secret River

Shaira Sanchez 05/09/12 Shaira Sanchez 05/09/12 The enigmatical River by Kate Grenville Essay Explain the way that tale devices beat been diligent by an author to construct a pretendation of people or places in at least peerless text that you have studied. You moldiness make specific reference to The privy River. One of Australias finest writers Kate Grenville wrote The Secret River which ch all(prenominal)(prenominal)enges traditional gender roles of women in the early ordinal light speed capital of the United Kingdom and Australia.The original has challenged the female stereo figure in a patriarchal club d mavin the strong female section of Sal Thornhill. Sal has been the brains of her family th nettlesome their tough times in capital of the United Kingdom and their settlement in Sydney. Sal is the wife of William Thornhill, a convict. The retention of how the gentry treated Thornhill pushed him to work himself up into the contrary land of Australia to hold up li ke that gentleman he had served once back in London, in the water of Thamesthe one with the power and the one who looked down on him who represents the working(a) sort.His determination to set off a space for himself in the foreign land accompanimentually placed him and some of the settlers in direct ambition to the Aboriginal people by their desire to finally have go for on their own lives. The use of a wide range of narrative devices in The Secret River has vividly taken the readers back to the nineteenth century where power and wealth determines a mans position in the society. Sal Thornhill has been constructed in The Secret River as a strong female pillow slip who challenges traditional gender roles in the early nineteenth century principally when women were biologi shrieky, socially and intellectually inferior.Although Sal was raised in a quite halcyon lifestyle, she restrained has managed to cope with the tragic events in her life as a m otherwise and as a wife. We see finished Thornhills peculiar(a) wise draw of view that Sal would have to brighten herself up because they twain knew that Sal would have to offer her service in the cold streets of London to stand up her familys financial needs, while Thornhill was convicted for theft. Sals staggering sacrifices did non proficient end in London.Her character even became stronger when they settled in a place that nothing Thornhill had ever seenwhere trees were tortured formless things that looked half unwarranted and when Christmas was during the hot days of summer. Women in that time were normally perceived as housekeepers and child-be bers. However, Sal did not just take care of her family emotionally and physically, however financially as well At the end of each week Sal would think up the takings, from Thornhills work on the water and from her own change liquor, and hide them onward in a box. which is evident through the descriptive language used.As a migrant myself, I understood S als bearing towards the new environment that she was in. It wasnt a part of her plan, notwithstanding she evaluate the circumstances and lived with it half-heartedly. Although her heart was eer reminding her of Home, her mind and body static endured the harsh conditions, all for her family. It wasnt the usual approach of women back in the nineteenth century to stand up for her family instead of the husband. However, Sals character was constructed to challenge the representation of women during that time by being the provider and the child-bearer all at once.Sal, her family, and the other settlers encountered the otherness once they arrived in Sydneywhich had two several(predicate) representations as a race in The Secret River. Australia was not an eject land when the Thornhills and the white settlers arrived. They were not expecting people living in that type of place for thousands of years. These people were as strange as the place through the settlers perception. in that r espect was one who hung about the Thornhills hut and entertained them, dressed all with a faded-pink bonnet on his head in trade for fare and a sip of rum.They called him Scabby Bill who represents the visible natives. His drunkenness and his appearing symbolises the detrimental impact of colonialism to the Aboriginals. The other sort of native were the invisible ones who stayed away from the settlement. They were represented through Long Jacks strong character. The settlers did not initially affect them, but they saw them as snakes or the spiders, not something that could be guarded against which symbolises as a threat to their dreams. The blackamoors, on the other hand had a different view of what the settlers referred to as stealing.Their effect is that nobody owns the land, not them, not the settlers. This clash of beliefs has lead to the novels climax, the massacre, where the invisible became visible. The way Thornhill addresses the natives and were given English names sym bolises Thornhills attitude being Eurocentric. Thornhill did not want to be engaged to the natives, but he himself implanted the European traditions on them. The settlers did not have the corresponding beliefs towards the blacks, just like the natives were to them which also lead to two different representationsone that respects the otherness and one that doesnt.A huge severalize in the characters was do in the novel between Blackwood and ten-strike. Blackwood was described as a huge deep and silent man who had a rough dignity about him. He believed in the concept of give a little, take a little in terms of dealing with the blacks. time kicks appearance was constructed as a naked-looking face without eyebrows and always craves for attention that is evident through his dialogue that he had not seen the event (rage) per word of honorally but spreads the story anyway. He believed in the concept of whips and biters. There was no single respect that was given to the blacks from Sma sher.Of all the characters, Blackwood has the greatest knowledge and appreciation of the Aboriginals and even lived with an Aboriginal woman and had a child. Smasher did live with one as well, but he referred to her as his black bitch. Although the settlers had the same hopes of finding a better life in Australia, they still ended up on two different paths due to the contrast on their attitude towards the Aboriginals. William Thornhills character was not constructed consistently in The Secret River as his attitudes and determine towards Australia and the Aboriginals changed throughout the novel.Through Thornhills limited omniscient point of view, we sympathise with him by the way the gentry treated him as a waterman in the lower class. He had worked hard but his efforts were not appreciated, thus, pushed him to steal that lead him in his deportation to Australia. Thornhill and the majority of the convicts tack together a hope for a better life in Australia. It was what they have a lways longed forto own a land, to finally have something they can call their own. Thornhills change n values was revealed through his dialogue, Forgetting your manners are you, Dan sr.field he said to an old friend who he chose as one his servants. He became hungry for power and authority when he had a appreciation on what it was like to be on outperform of the others on top of his fellow settlers, on top of the Aboriginals.Thornhill has spoken to the Aboriginals the way the gentry did to him Old Boy, he started. He fancied the sound of that. Thornhill and some of settlers saw the blacks as a hindrance to their one last chance to achieve their supreme dream, like when Sagitty suggested to get them before they get us. He has been successful in this goal but behind the high walls of his villa, was an unfulfilled William Thornhill after losing his friends and ultimately, his son Dick, who sympathise to the indigenous way of life. He became like the gentry, but not quite. He posses sed the land, the house, the servants, but not the respect. The scars of his past were embedded on his nameWilliam Thornhill, who was once a waterman, illiterate and an ex-convict. The Secret River has diverse representations of gender, class and race that have been successfully constructed in each character through the use of narrative devices.Sal represents those women who stood up for their family, in spite of the tagged inferiorities strengthened by the society through the years especially in the nineteenth century and the earlier times. Scabby Bill and Long Jack represent the two different approach of their race on colonisation of the Europeans. Their values differ, just as the settlers views had towards them. Blackwood amongst all the others respects the Aboriginals, while Smasher had no heart for these people and treated them like animals.William Thornhill as the novels protagonist did not have a certain representation. His social unit character was constructed based on his life back in London that resulted in a change of values as he run aground himself flourishing in his new Home. This novel lets the readers engage themselves in each of the representations effectively through Thornhills limited omniscient point of view. We tend to judge the differences in gender, in every class and in every race through what the society has already built on people as time goes by.However, Kate Grenville gave us a wider view of how each of these people ended up the way they were before, and the way they are in present time. As a migrant myself, I can equation myself with Sal, above all the characters. Migration wasnt a part of our plan, but if that leads us to a better life, why not endure the circumstances? At the end of the day, every sacrifice and effort will be cost it. However, I believe that I will never end up the way Thornhill had a wealthy man with a villa, without a public security of mind.

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Identify characteristics of foundation subjects and primary curriculum

The importance of symphony is undeniable in now s society. It plays an of import portion in mundane life we go steady it on the wireless, on the telecasting, in churches, in the supermarket we dance to it, relax to it and ar refreshed by it. We seem to necessitate it in fact it is securely to conceive of society without some signifier of music. Such an indispensable petition would warrant its inclusion in any school hunt of fill ( Gilbert 1992, p.6 ) .The cardinal accomplishments that underpin music as a special topic ar movable to a broad mise en scene of contrary rail line of study countries. Harmonizing the national course of study Teaching should endorsement that comprehend, and using cognition and apprehension, are smashed through the interconnected accomplishments of playacting , composing and appraising ( DfEE/QCA, 1999 ) . Listening is cardinal accomplishment inside solely national course of study topics, in peculiar literacy, to which hearing is a major portion of the cognition, accomplishments and understanding content. Listening is a accomplishment to which tiddlers essential develop if they are to pass on efficaciously. In every vista of the primary course of study, hearing is a accomplishment that needs constant development.Appraising is the tem used to by the national course of study for standard music. To measure efficaciously, in a musical sense, a kid must use their hearing accomplishments. Boys and Spink agree that appraisal implies active listening with a specific intent in head and is a manner of advance to cognize and understand music . Appraisal is a personal espousal with a piece of music, comparing and contrasting, ways of bettering and how it makes you experience. This accomplishment whoremaster be transferred into many curriculum countries such as showing an sentiment on a piece of poesy in literacy, comparing one respite to another in gymnastic exercises and the two stars and wish system of mee t appraisal.Composition is the originative facet of music within the national course of study. It involves making a piece of music with an connotation. It involves thoughts, possibilities, outlining and re outlining to make a coveted result and doing opinions about what is successful and why ( Jones and Robson, 2008 ) . The accomplishments that are demand for composing music are farther highlighted by Boys and Spink, Pupils have acquired a immense scope of movable accomplishments such as teamwork, co-operation and working to a brief or deadline every bit good as record grounds of their accomplishment ( 2008 ) .The most successful music lessons manage to unify all of these elements of accomplishment within the one lesson taking to a habitual presentation of some description. The apogee of hearing, measuring and composing leads to a populace presentation. Whilst on practical learning arrangement I managed to detect some(prenominal) music lessons in a Year One grade that contai ned these elements. get-go the kids listened to their instructors say her diagnose ever-changing the pitch high and low and utilizing dour and short notes. The category so had to reiterate back utilizing the same pitch. The kids could so propose at that place ain manner of singing their all-encompassing name, changing the pitch and tone of their voices. The kids so sang their ain name to the category if they wanted to, in a safe scene, promoting the less positive kids to make so, reassuring the kids that they could non acquire it incorrect. medicament has an exceeding manner of promoting kids as a kid does non hold to be musically adept to be successful. One piece of music may do a kid feel sad whilst make another kid happy.Music is a extremely adaptable topic that can be used to develop accomplishments in other countries of the course of study. A piece of classical music can be used in an art lesson to paint a vocal , leting kids artistic freedom, to utilize different coppic e shots, colorss and forms. Music can besides be used with topics that are non within the same mickle such as geography. The national course of study provinces in its breath of survey that during the cardinal phase, students should be taught the cognition, accomplishments and understanding through a scope of unrecorded and recorded music from different times and civilizations ( DfEE/QCA, 1999 ) . This enables a difficult cross-curricular inter-group communication to geographics. It is of import that kids explore other states and their civilization, peculiarly its humanistic disciplines and music. Music is a basis of many societies which can take us to a greater understanding about that civilization. Children can see this through listening to music indigen of assorted states all over the universe and experimenting with different instruments.In today s multicultural society it is indispensable that kids are exposed to a assortment of civilizations so they can exert pretend and develop cognition and machination. Jones and Robson concur, saying that the rules underpinning this are non merely that the kids themselves in the category that you teach will be drawn from diverse backgrounds that all kids turn up in a multicultural society are authorise to a course of study that reflects the diverseness of the state, further than that, kids are more and more required to hold on the planetary dimension of issues and some reaching of cultural assortment will enable this wider apprehension ( 2008 ) .Geography it seems has an fainthearted hereafter harmonizing to Tilbury and Williams, In some states the separate individuality of the topic is non recognize while in others it is frequently squeezed into elected constructions as force per unit areas mount on the limited sum of course of study apparel ( 1997 ) . Geography has a batch to offer in enriching the primary course of study, the accomplishments that are taught and unquestionable are particularly broad runing. Their spacial disposition is developed by practising their map reading and doing accomplishments this is a strong tie to the understanding belongingss of place and motion country of math in the home(a) Curriculum besides when roll uping and construing informations when reading graphs and studies. This gives the handling informations country mathematics and existent life state of affairs that it is used in geographics when analyzing information about other states. Childs have the chance to develop their data-based accomplishments through secondary beginnings such as artifacts, narratives, images and exposure. Not merely does this nexus to developing other humanistic disciplines topics such as history but besides in originative topics such as art. Bing able to suck and explicate and knock utilizing assorted artifacts is a valuable tool.Although the accomplishment mess from geographics is good to kids, in today s quickly changing universe, it is going of all time more c ritical to be triping provoke in geographical and environmental scientific discipline. It may be a kid that takes an involvement in the environment and sustainable development within a primary schoolroom, who has that concern nurtured throughout their instruction and is the 1 that developed a sustainable fuel we can all unrecorded with, essentially altering the universe.In decision,English speech production and listening programmes which heading the National Curriculum ( and besides the new Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland ) every bit good as the aims of the National Literacy Strategy ( NLS ) model. Teachers notes are besides available.Geography promotes attitudes and regard.The sameness between states to extinguish

Globalization of Mcdonalds

Contemporary World Culture world(prenominal)ization of McDonalds Globalization has affected al around every aspect of life in most all countries around the military personnel from economic to culture with the exchange of goods, function and ideas influencing cultural changes around the world. Food is an important element in delimitate culture and the globalization of McDonalds is huge. Most people when they hear the yell McDonalds immediately think of America. Equating McDonalds with America is tender since they opened their first restaurant in America back in 1953 and over the years directly influenced American culture in a tremendous way.From the days of a childs first spoken language McDonalds naturally comes off their lips as a place they want to take. McDonalds terms such as super size me have influenced jejune culture by making its way into slang. McDonalds is the cool place to eat while at the same time driving our fast prehistoric give it to me now American culture. McDonalds made it easy for Americans to compact what they want fast and move on with life. McDonalds has and still is a strong expression of American culture. When a McDonalds opens in a sunrise(prenominal) neighborhood in a different country, people think of Americanization of the topical anaesthetic anesthetic culture.In reality McDonalds more times than not has corrected to the local culture, not the other way around. McDonalds also alters its regional menus to conform to local taste. McDonalds is in the business of making money and has found it makes the most money by giving people what they want. Different countries and cultures around the world have different needs and wants thus becoming an expression of global culture bring a common thread to pull unitedly different cultures from around the world into one global fast viands culture.

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Eating Disorders: Disease or Choice

This desire for perfection is one of the main causes of take disorders for both men and women around the world. firearm there are umpteen different organizations and reatment establishments, the aid required in overcoming an take disorder is actually expensive. Many damages companies deny coverage for the sermon of take in disorders because they discover it as a choice, because the treatment is too costly, as well as the uncertainty of the treatment for each individual patient.The standards for modifying as having an eating disorder are very high it is very difficult to qualify for covered treatment. The government needs to rectify this by providing more wellness coverage for people with eating disorders, because with the growing impact of the edia, the death aim from eating disorders will barely increase. The worldwide role model for generations of women, Barbie, does not fall short of perfection. Although, what many girls do not know, are the horrors of what a real, lif e-size Barbie would be like. Dr.Margo Maine, in her book, Body Wars, reveals the truth behind a human Barbie If Barbie were an actual woman, she would be 59 tall, have a 39 bust, an 18 waist, 33 hips and a size 3 shoe (Barbies 1). While these characteristics big businessman sound appealing to some women, this perfect frame would cause a woman many roblems (Barbies 1). With these proportions, Barbie would not likely menstruate and would need to notch on all fours as if she were a household pet (Barbies 1). The dolls head, turn over and feet are also not to scale (Barbies 1).Seeing someone, such as Barbie as perfection is a true example of a distorted bole image. The Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine refers to body image as a persons intellectual opinion or description of his or her own physical coming into court (Davidson 690). A falsified body image, the fear of becoming overweight, the refusal to eat foods, and/or scarf out eating ollowed by purging through vomiting, heavy exerci se or the use of laxatives are all symptoms that characterize the worldwide epidemic of eating disorders (Prescott 104).Although eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any intellectual illness, only 1 in 20 people with eating disorders receive treatment (Kulkarni 1). The lack of federal and state laws encourages the low incidence of treatment (Kulkarni 1). The national Mental Health Parity Law only requires health insurance plans (that already offer mental health coverage) to provide the same train of benefits for mental llnesses as for other physical illnesses and diseases (Kulkarni 1). This law does not allow in that these insurance plans must provide mental health coverage (Kulkarni 1).The law also allows states to determine which mental illnesses they will provide coverage for (Kulkarni 1). While some states, such as Arkansas, have laws providing coverage for all mental illnesses, some states limit the coverage to serious mental illnesses or a specific list of biologically based mental illnesses, such as Iowa (Kulkarni 1). These categories have been used by states and insurance companies to estrict or exclude individuals, including those wo(e) from eating disorders, from receiving life-saving treatment (Kulkarni 1).

Prenuptial Agreement

What to do/say to make her willing for signing the prenup The easiest way to change your girlfriend to sign is by making it clear that its to protect both(prenominal) of you, not barely you. And make sure to explain that you in no way expect to get a divorce in the future. Dont soften her to believe that youre planning your exit strategy. Explain that this is simply a just in case plan.Its a good idea to bring up the prenup issue early on in the relationship, and definitely before acquiring engaged, in order to gauge her feelings about the issue. train her what she knows about prenups. educate her meet that its not you against her you both have input when it comes to the contract. Make her understand that its not about her getting nothing if you part ways. Dont leave her with doubts. Ask her to be logical about the situation.Although this will likely be tricky for her (it is for most women), if she really cares for you, shell put forth the effort. You can include a clause abo ut cheating, if she begins to question your fidelity. Keep in mind that if you have got to do this, then she should have no problem attesting that shell remain tightlipped as well. Ask her to get legal advice she will eventually gather up the benefits of a prenup on her own. Tell her you love her, and that this is just for insurance.Read more http//

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World Environment Day

World milieu twenty-four hour period is celebrated each year on 5th June. The United Nations established in 1972 to mark the opening of the capital of Sweden Conference on Human environs. World purlieu Day is use by the United Nations to encourage awargonness of the environment. The first World milieu Day held at Stockholm, was the first time political, social and economic problems of the international environment were discussed at great length in view of fetching some definitive action.World Environment Day is celebrated in some(prenominal) ways. Street rallies, parades, street plays create aw argonness ab fall out world environment. In many cities contests wish well poster contests, essay contests, poetry contests, guideword contests and debates are held to celebrate this event further. The main objective always is to get the large number involved with the environment. whatsoever cities have art exhibitions with art made from recycled materials. Banners are put all acro ss the street promoting the message of World Environment Day.Tree planting is also held in some cities. Awards are given out to those neighborhoods that have made a significant effort to take armorial bearing of the environment. Broadcast of public service announcements on TV and radio armed service to renew flocks efforts to saving the environment. Conferences are held to educate people about the efforts that can be made to preserve the environment. The World Environment Days agenda is to give importance to environmental issues. It hopes to gift people to become active agents promoting the cause of the environment. Change can make pass only if it is affected at the community level hence programs are held on World Environment Day that creates community consciousness.Heads of Government and Ministers of Environment deliver speeches advising the people of what has already been achieved and what still needs to be achieved. Some even go a step further and set up permanent governmen t bodies that will look specifically into environmental issues. severally World Environment Day has a special topic that connect to the environment that it addresses. The topic for World Environment Day for 2007 was Melting frost a good Topic? It discussed the affects the climate change was having on the cold ecosystems and communities and the resulting global impacts of these changes.The topic for World Environment Day 2006 was Deserts and Desertification and the slogan was Dont desert dry lands World Environment Day is a day for us to inspect the state of our environment. It calls for us to send away in our tracks one day in the year and examine our surroundings. It asks us to pledge, in a small way at least, to do something for the environment. The preteen and the old can contribute to the saving of the environment.Not everyone needs to make tidy contributions to world environment organizations. The little things, the ones that really matter are things like recycling our w aste, using paper and products made of wood discriminately and these can be done by anybody and everybody. Children can also contribute to this cause by not wasting water, by switching off the lights and fans in the firm when not in use. There is something each of us can do to preserve the environment. So let us all pledge to do something, at least one thing.

Mice and men dreams

ambitiousnesss are visions Part of the Ameri mess Dream Is to hold your birth property something no matchless can take from you(Henry Bonilla). Also a lot of luck is also needed. In Mice and Men no one achieved the American yet. It is a grievous thing to attain in the 1930s. In this book, the American Dream was to won property pr be laughing(prenominal) in what you do. Everybody has a inhalation to be happy and own their own overthrow In the book. The be giveners wanted their own farm and pursue on living their own way. They all wanted a dream to work for.When guys in the book hear about owning land, they wanted to be a part of it and try o pitch in with money. American dream is to own property, and George, Lennie, and Crook all wanted that but the American Dream In 1930s was much different today but had a few slmllarartles too. George is the main character in Mice and Men. The American Dream was hard for George. He had a Brobdingnagian confusion while he occurs his dre ams. He had to take care of Lennie and also worry about himself. When they were In the woodland going to find a lob, George says to Lennie, l got youYou cant keep a patronage and you lose me ever Job I get (Steinbeck 11). So Lennie was a distraction to George and lost opportunities because Lennie always gets in trouble. American Dream for George was to keep a Job, save money, and buy land to live in with Lennie. But without Lennie he achieved it faster or horizontal easier because Lennie Is always In the way. American Dream is all about hard work, saving your earnings, and using it to buy land for yourself. George feels same(p) a typical American in todays society because he is a normal guy just working and trying to find his own home.Like a typical person he had hard multiplication and istractions. He had to kill Lennie to make his dreams come true and distractions from other plant trying to be part of his Dream. It also feels Ilke back than, they were less opportunities for th e great unwashed like George. It was much easier in todays society but not for everyone. American Dream can be impossible to achieve for some people. stark(a) example Is Lennie, Lennie was a slow guy. He had kid Inside of his huge body. George always had to take care of him and he needed George so he can talk for him.Lennies disability slowed him and Georges American Dream. Lennie knew what his American Dream was he wanted a farm with lots of bunnies so he can pet them. But Lennies journey was the toughest. First It starts with getting kicked out of townspeople because he assaults a girl, Jus wanted to feel that girls dress-jus wanted to pet it like it was a mouse (11). He always gets in trouble even if its not really his fault. He just didnt have a discriminative stimulus of what not to do, and that played a huge part in American Dream. He eventually gets shot by George because he kills Curlys wife accidently.

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Typology of Phraseological Units in English

Typology of phraseological building blocks in English digression in terminology (set-phrases, idioms and word-equivalents 1) reflects original differences in the main criteria used to tick types of phraseological units and free word-groups. The term set phrase implies that the basic criterion of speciality is stability of the lexical components and grammatical bodily anatomical structure of word-groups. There is a certain divergence of opinion as to the innate features of phraseological units as distinguished from opposite word-groups and the nature of phrases that can be properly termed phraseological units.The habitual price set-phrases, idioms, word-equivalents ar sometimes treated differently by different linguists. However these terms reflect to certain extend the main debatable points of phraseology which pore in the divergent views concerning the nature and essential features of phraseological units as distinguished from the questionable free word-groups 2, p. 10 0. The term set expression implies that the basic criterion of specialism is stability of the lexical components and grammatical structure of word-groups.The term word-equivalent stresses not just semantic but overly go awayal inseparability of certain word-groups, their aptness to function in speech as single words. The term idioms generally implies that the essential feature of the linguistic units under consideration is idiomaticality or lack of motivation. Uriel Weinreich expresses his view that an idiom is a complex phrase, the meaning of which cannot be derived from the meanings of its elements. He highly-developed a more truthful supposition, claiming that an idiom is a subset of a phraseological unit.Ray Jackendoff and Charles Fillmore offered a fairly broad definition of the idiom, which, in Fillmores words, reads as follows an idiomatic expression or construction is something a language user could emit to know while knowing everything else in the language. Chafe also lists four features of idioms that make them anomalies in the traditional language unit effigy non-compositionality, transformational defectiveness, ungrammaticality and frequency asymmetry 6, p. 1-3.The term idiom, both in this landed estate and abroad, is most(prenominal)ly applied to phraseological units with wholly transferred meanings, that is, to the ones in which the meaning of the whole unit does not correspond to the current meanings of the components. According to the type of meaning phraseological units may be classified into Idioms Semi-idioms Phraseomatic units (after Ryzhkova). Idioms ar phraseological units with a transferred meaning. They can be completely or partially transferred (red tape 3, p. 740). Semi-idioms are phraseological units with two phraseosemantic meanings terminological and transferred (chain response 3, p. 10, to lay down the arms 3, p. 33). Phraseomatic units are not transferred at all. Their meanings are literal. Other types of phraseologic al units are also distinguished Phrases with a unique confederacy of components (born companion 3, p. 138) Phrases with a descriptive meaning Phrases with phraseomatic and bound meaning (to conciliate attention to 3, p. 40) Set expressions (cliches) (the beginning of the end 3, p. 59) Preposition-noun phrases (for good 3, p. 311, at least(prenominal) 3, p. 414) Terminological expressions (general ticket 3, p. 755, civil war 3, p. 121) (after Ryzhkova).Semantic complexity is one of the most essential qualities of phraseological units. Its resulted from the complicated interaction of the component meanings (meaning of prototype, of semantic structure etc. ). All these components are create into a multilevel structure 4. Idioms contain all information in compressed form. This quality is typical of idioms, it makes them very capacious units (idiom is a compressed text). An idiom can render such a bright explanation of an object that can be better than a sentence. We can compare id ioms with fables (the Prodigal son 3, p. 571).Idioms found on cultural components are not motivated (the good Samaritan 5, dish outs wife 5, the Troy horse 5). Phraseological meaning contains background information. It covers just the most essential features of the object it nominates. It corresponds to the basic concept, to semantic nucleus of the unit. It is the invariant of information giveed by semantically complicated word combinations and which is not derived from the lexical meanings of the conjoined lexical components 4. According to the class the word-combination belongs to, we single out idiomatic meaning idiophraseomatic meaning phraseomatic meaning (after Ryzhkova). The information conveyed by phraseological units is thoroughly organized and is very complicated. It is characterized by 1) multilevel structure 2) structure of a theater (nucleus + periphery) 3) block-schema (after Ryzhkova). It contains 3 macro-components which correspond to a certain type of informat ion they convey the grammatical block the phraseological meaning proper motivational macro-component (phraseological imagery the interior(a) form of the phraseological unit motivation) (after Ryzhkova).Phraseological unit is a non-motivated word-group that cannot be freely do up in speech but is reproduced as a localise made unit. Reproducibility is regular use of phraseological units in speech as single unchangeable collocations. Idiomaticity is the quality of phraseological unit, when the meaning of the whole is not deducible from the sum of the meanings of the parts. Stability of a phraseological unit implies that it exists as a ready-made linguistic unit which does not allow of any variability of its lexical components of grammatical structure.

Basic Solutions for Bad Study Habit

Balancing schoolhouse and friends. This cornerstone be a ch distributivelyenge. Friendships are strategic but so is school. The best way to balance school and friends is to check unneurotic. Good friends allow support your academic and future goals. You can also prevail friends with new(prenominal)wise people who are planning for college and taking the same classes as you. chip in interest to your information assignments. To desexualize through a long reading assignment, imagine yourself in the story. Get involved. Ask yourself, What is consequential to remember roughwhat this section? You should always take hold notes or underline key sections and dissertate the material with others in your class.You can also create a study group and break the assignment into different sections. Each person can be responsible for closely examine one part of the text. The other parts you can skim or outline. Then get together as a group to share what youve learned. Cramming onwar d a trial run. Cramming before a test is always a bad idea. Start studying well in advance. Begin with an hour or two a day and then increase your study cartridge holder as exams approach. preceptort know where to start. Your challenge is to prioritize. With a big project, list all the things you have to do.Then split the project into small, manageable chunks. Ask, Which part is due firstly? Which part of the assignment is worth more points? Which task will take the around time to complete? Decide which tasks are most important and what order youll use to get things done. Then get started The most important thing to remember is start early and work a diminutive bit each day. Youll be amazed at how much build you make. Staying up all night to study. Before a test, it is important to get enough sleep. Period. Make time to relax and unwind before each test.Be sure to eat well, sleep well and maybe get some exercise. Youre more likely to do better on the test if you take care of yourself. Not enough time to study. The trick to closure this problem is getting organized. Bring out all of your notes and textbooks. Identify the most important information and the things you dont understand. Focus your study time and energy on learning those things. If you need extra help, ask a teacher or tutor. If after school activities are the problem, keep a calendar with game days, meetings, assignments and practice times.Start assignments right when you get them, and use lunch hours and breaks to make extra progress. Trouble remembering things. If you only have fretfulness sometimes, try connecting new information with your own examples and experiences. Use rhymes, poems or moral pictures to help remember important facts. Some people even make up songs to help them remember things. If you always have trouble remembering, no matter how long or hard you study, talk to your teacher or school counselor. They can talk with you about your specific problems and recommend str ategies to help.

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On Just and Unjust War Essay

The general thesis of the hold titled On expert and Unjust War was in using a recorded ornament give-and-take that addressed how and whether or non mavin can furcate between what is a just war versus what would be the friendlinesss involved for a war to be considered an unjust war. The panel banter was part of a conference entitled War, Evil, the End of History, and America Now that was presented at Skidmore College in the state of New York in March of 2006. The author begins developing the line of merchandise by discussing the five criteria that unitary should use when considering the occasion for war.I felt up that the theoretical approach apply in the oblige was fantabulous. Instead of clout ideas out of the sky as their theoretical basis, the panel gener whollyy center on theoretical examples that had already occurred in one form or another in current or past history and focussed on these. Because there were a mixed bag of viewpoints correspond, the input was relatable and spanned a variety of approaches. This New York panel touched on a variety of estimable theoretical considerations and principles of the right War Debate. atomic number 53 discussion was in regards one determines unjust aggression or unjust threats. Another consideration presented was the covenant to protect the existless, while at the same time clarifying that the innocent need not be morally innocent (Session 4, 2008 p. 209). The ethical consideration of other ways to deal with the situation before resorting to war is include in the panel discussion as was pre-determining some probability of triumph in advance of war was included. The point was make that if you accept the modeling of the just war tradition, you brace to accept as a kickoff point that the war can be an instrument of justice (Session 4, 2008, p. 09).I felt this was the nearly insightful consideration stated in the discussion to identify why the subject of A fair(a) War is nonetheless worth approaching. In discussing pacifism and neo-consequentialism, the point was made that pacifists start with the belief that all we control is our own behavior and our own testament. People will die I will not kill (Session 4, 2008, p. 210). It was discussed how pacifists dont want to substantiate to take responsibility for any deaths because they cannot guess the consequences. My beliefs whitethorn not be the same but it made stimulating discussion. adept of the advantages of bringing people together on a panel upon discussing subjects the worrys of Just War is that you readily get different ethical theoretical interpretations on the subject being approached. Because we each have different perspectives varying upon our environments, our education, our life experiences, this creates a diversity of ethical interpretations. One comment made by Jean Elshtain was how mollification is a slippery concept. I d arsay no one would contend that the Iraqi people were somehow at serenity un der the rule of Saddam Hussein and the Baathists (Session 4, 2008, p. 09).She makes this comment to strengthen the position that peace is not simply an absence of war because the veil of peace can cover up and promote illusion (Session 4, 2008, p. 209). It is discussed that even the most absolute pacifists can some times see war being used as an instrument of justice. The movie Glory was used as an ethical consideration in Just War on how it identified the cope African-Americans had in convincing Lincoln that African-Americans should be included in combat for their own freedom.The quote was made, Ill die standing like a man rather than on my knees like a slave (Session 4, 2008, p. 210). In the time given for this assembly and considering the amount of people represented, I go by with(predicate) there was ample empirical evidence included in the discussion. You have the military persons relating their real life experience to the Just War concept, you have those that consciously abstain from war and other perspectives in between all rendering their thoughts on the considerations of Just War. This discussion made the information remote easier to relate to then one person writing an article with resources. It was like making an article 3-Dimensional. When the panel discussed our current war, it was brought up that our government failed the Just War test on every point. We didnt go in having a probability of success, we didnt engage in good credence efforts to avoid the war, we didnt give enough thought to engage in war as a last resort, etc. In discussing the Just War, Michael Massing used Iraq as an example of what all should be considered in the cost of a Just War.Not only civilian casualties, but excessively instability creatd in the region, additional terrorism, damage to the US image in the world. In short we failed in the Just War appraisal with the American intervention. This article based on a panel discussion absolutely makes a contribution to th e further understanding of the Just War upset along with important themes in the Just War debate. The discussion was represented in such a way to make the information livelier, winning and easy to digest. We are taught of the different learning styles as we go through the education system.I found that hearing a variety of perspectives represented by using a discussion panel is always stronger in my understanding of a subject. Each individual relays information differently so that the odds are increased that they can relate to a wider consultation since a variety of teaching styles are represented. I found the article On Just and Unjust War to be very clear written and very relatable. This was an article I would enjoy reading whether it was an engagement or more importantly, if it were not. The variety of voices represented in the panel discussion were able to add a human element to the facts.Because personal experiences are interwoven through the article along with the invaluab le information and discussion, this helps the endorser in understanding the points made throughout the article. Another element of this article which would go under the strengths column would be that the panel consisted of those who had already been officious in some wars, those who had made a conscious decision not to participate in war and every viewpoint in between. One of the reasons I felt this was an excellent article was that I read it double times because I enjoyed it whereas other articles I read multiple times to merely understand them.The panel did such a clear and excellent job of presenting the information that upon completing the article, I could relate to both sides of opinions on the Just and Unjust War debate. I consider myself to be an open-minded person but I did go into reading this article with one opinion and completed the article with a broader understanding of the whole. Although its simpler and easier to attend at things as black and white or right and w rong, through the process of understanding, we often discover there are no extremes, no positives without the negatives. So basically I come away from this reading with a better understanding of the gray.

A Vision, A Possibility

I was born into a family of four who never experienced silver spoons on our mouths. My father passed away when I was gloss over 24 years old. His death, aside from leaving us with loneliness and grief, in any case brought us to an unstable economic situation. However, the financial constraints were not successful in dampening my spirit and blocking me from my dreams. I always believe that at that place is always a way in everything if I put my middle into it. With the help of my mother and my older sister, I was able to finish fairness at Kwang Woon University in Seoul, Korea in 2004.I also took up humanities and Sciences degree, majoring in Liberal Arts at the Kapiolani Community College in Honolulu, howdy in 2006. At present, I am enrolled in Bachelor of worry Administration in Accounting at the Shidler College of Business, University of Hawaii, in Manoa, Honolulu, Hawaii. As an adjuvant to the director of Samnam Corporation in Korea, I learned to take righteousness and i nitiative. I took charge of assisting the sales department daily operations, the directors daily schedules, and documents sent to and from other departments.I also exhibited social accountability as a volunteer at the Korean Care folk in Kiapu, Hawaii. I am also thankful that I realize been given opportunities to share my skills in the martial arts by voluntarily teaching taekwondo at the central YMCA. For me, nobility and honor rises from volunteer works, curiously if it means helping those who are badly in need. Even though, I have less earthly treasures, I believe that I underside still share something to my countrymen and even to the entire community with my skills and talents.I get laid these are endowed upon me to be able to share it to others. If granted, the encyclopedism would result me with the opportunity to achieve the goals I have set for myself. I am driven to achieve a career in bloodline and I believe that a thorough mastery in accounting would be of peachy help to me. I envision myself to be a head word executive officer (CEO) of a stable, well-respected, and well-established corporation in the near future. I am capitally interested in Korean economy and I see myself as an instrument that can help the society in its struggle towards economic stability.In particular, I would like to discover what industries would change state both in the United States and my homeland, Korea, and soon venture in economically-beneficial business undertakings. I am also confident that the scholarship would provide me the opportunity, the resources and the entropy I would need to delve into deeper researches and analyses. These studies would later on be facilitative and informative to other students, to the school, to the community and to the society at large. Moreover, with my great right of humility, I never forget to look back from where I summon from.Thus, I believe that with my hard work and dedication, I would be of great help to your company and institution. This grant would give me the capacity to share much and help others. Since I am also endowed with the virtue of generosity, I believe that this scholarship would cause a positive multiplier to the community. This scholarship would mean a lot to me because I have a great passion to learn. I hope you will give me a jeopardy to fulfill a very noble mission by granting me this scholarship, and I assure you, you will never regret it because I have a deep commitment for education and service.