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Describes the three higher issues of accountability,globalization, and Research Paper

Describes the cardinal high issues of accountability, globalization, and technology that will most significantly impact higher edu - Research Paper compositors caseRaby, R.& Valeau, E. (2009) Community College Models Globalization and higher(prenominal) Education Reform. New York Springer. This book focuses on community colleges and how they are affected by globalization. In the part that is summarized in the literature review, the authors look at how community colleges can service of process with humanitarian concerns. It also looks at the neo-liberal model, which heart that colleges are looked at like a commodity, and the implications of this in the global world. They also look at the global paradox (p. 23), which means that the needs of the local grow great as the polity and the economy grows larger. Technology8 Cook, J., White, S., Sharples, M., Sclater, N. & Davis, H. (2007) The design of learning technologies. In Contemporary Perspectives in E-Learning Research Themes, M ethods and Impact on Practice. Ed. Grainne Conole and Martin Oliver. New York Routledge. This article examines new learning technologies, focusing on technologies that aid students to learn interactively. These technologies include interactive games, and virtual worlds. Also looks at how students may be encouraged to cause their own technology. responsibility..10 hit, J. (2005) The many faces of accountability. In Achieving Accountability in Higher Education. Ed. Joseph C. Burke and Associates. San Francisco Jossey-Bass. In this article, Burke looks at what procreational accountability means. He focuses on the opposite types of accountability, which means that universities are accountable to different stakeholders. He also looks at what the changing landscape increasing tuition and enrollments and exploding state needs means for accountability in higher education. Zumeta, W. (2005) Accountability and the private sector State and federal perspectives. In Achieving Accountabil ity in Higher Education. Ed. Joseph C. Burke and Associates. San Francisco Jossey-Bass. In this article, the author looks at how state and federal stakeholders view higher education accountability. Erwin, T. (2005) Standardized testing and accountability Finding the way and the will. In Achieving Accountability in Higher Education. Ed. Joseph C. Burke and Associates. San Francisco Jossey-Bass. This article looks at the push for standardized testing in higher education, and looks at wherefore educators are opposed to the idea. Conclusion..13 Application14 References15 Introduction In higher education today, there are a variety of challenges that educators and college and university leaders must face. One of these challenges is that the world has become more and more globalized. The implications for the institutions of higher learning are that students must become multi-cultural, and they also must have the skills which are necessitate in a changing world. These skills are also con stantly changing, as there are trope shifts in what is necessary to

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Lemons and Peaches The impact of Asymmetrical Information on Essay

Lemons and Peaches The impact of Asymmetrical development on Health finagle in the NHS and how this can be addressed through the National Insurance System - Essay Exampleer David Akerlof illustrated this situation elaborately in his famous work The Market for Lemon where he termed this situation as asymmetric information. He discussed this trouble in the context of a used car market place. He regarded the hot car as peach and the bad cars as lemon. Akerlof argued that in a used car market a seller uses to have more than information regarding the quality of a used car, i.e. the seller knows more accurately whether the car that he is selling is a peach or a lemon. But the buyer, on the other hand, uses to be in a more disadvantaged state as he posses less(prenominal) information regarding whether the car that he wants to buy is a peach or a lemon and indeed the buyer can only make a guess whether the car would provide good service. (Akerlof, 1970 Arrow, 1963)Information asymmetry problem is not a problem of any particular market. In fact, most of the markets nervus this kind of informational problem, although degree of this problem differs from market to market. Typically when there exists information asymmetry problem in any market, it is mainly the sellers who possess more information about the product than the buyers during the process of transaction however, in some cases the reverse can also take place. Health fearfulness system is not an exclusion and it also faces severe information asymmetry problem. Information asymmetry is present in the market of health care as well as in the market of health insurance. It would be quite fire to look at the nature of information asymmetry in health care sector and how this problem can be dealt with to avoid any kind of market failure. (Arrow, 1963 Blomqvist and Leger, 2003)In the national health care system of any country, the relationship betwixt physician and patients is regarded as the key relationship t hat the health care market has to deal with. In the presence of information asymmetry there exists a gap between the patients and the medical service providers regarding the price of the product as

Planning and Enabling Learning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Planning and Enabling Learning - Essay ExampleThe 9th and the 12th schoolman social class are the two most significant life paths that a student can decrease through. Generally those two years guide the students to their chosen rushs. To a greater degree though what ordain bring supremacy in his/her life depends on the choice of subjects during these stages. Both parents and teachers play an immense government agency in directing children towards what education route to choose that would lead them to successfully university and career development. BTEC was established in 1984 and stands for the Business educational activity Council (BEC) and the Technician Education Council (TEC). BTEC line of work is based on continuous assessment rather than on annual exams. The BTEC course incorporates opportunities for work experience and gaining real life skills through case studies. BTEC course is knowing to enhance the demands of employers in modern society and to allow students to q uickly progress to their university degree. BTEC has proved its operational success and effectiveness in the last 25 years and is gaining popularity as students are mo focused on day to day abilities and the courses flexible nature. Statistically, more than 1 million students enrolled on BTEC course for the academic year 2006/2007 (Edexcel BTEC Course, 2009).Institutions and students all around the world value the BTEC brand because it delivers excellent vocational qualifications that signify global scholarship to the chosen area of studies. Practically it does not matter whether the programme is taught in London, Beijing or Dubai, since the bore assurance procedures assure that the candidates are awarded with standardized and internationally recognized qualifications. BTEC diplomas are organized to provide specializer work-related abilities in a wide range of sectors. BTEC courses equip students with valuable and lifelong skills and knowledge required for their career progress, and/or for the continuation of their vocational studies at higher academic level. During the BTEC course learners meet with professionals from the preferred manufacturing in magnitude to receive adequate consultation and the specialists to supervise the programme and progressive activities of the students. All BTEC seminars tip core and expert units, thus they have standard format and clear guidance about the requirements of the qualifications assessed. at that place is assessment criteria applied. The learners get Pass, Merit, or Distinction for each module of the programme. This means that the learners have to collect a number of points to obtain the overall Pass Grade for the programme. No external examinations apply in BTEC programmes (Edexcel BTEC course, 2009). When conniving the courses providers work closely with employers from different sectors to create an inspiring atmosphere where students gain the skills they need to either starting time employment immediately aft er graduation or continue to a higher education. The subject areas that BTEC jump areApplied SciencesChildrens Care, Learning and DevelopmentEngineeringHospitalityLanguagesPublic Services and Security art and DesignConstructionHairdressing, Beauty and Related TherapiesIT and ComputingMediaSport, Leisure and RecreationBusiness, Management and ServicesEducation and TrainingHealth, Care and CounsellingLand and the EnvironmentPerforming Arts and MusicTravel, Tourism and channelize Services- Decide on the envisaged group and identify the barriers The envisaged focused group is 12 graders. The barriers that learners at BTEC course can face while planning and organizing his ideas are several. First of all, when one is attempting to clarify and comprehend the functions or operations of the studied course, students can rarely imagine properly the object itself. For example, it will be exhausting to communicate how to use a computer for the first time if this is not visually demonstrated. In order for learners to study the subject, they have to get the object related to it. In this way they will experience it in various directions and will build

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An Analysis of the reasons for the catholic Church's Ban of the Book Essay

An synopsis of the reasons for the catholic Churchs Ban of the Book Candide by Voltaire - evidence ExampleThe listing of a book under this category made it illegal to possess or have anything to do with the publisher or the content of the book in states where the Catholic Church acknowledge by the state as the only recognized worship in the land. After the breakaway of the Anglican Church in the 1500s and the Protestant Reformation that was at its peak in the 1600s, a lot of criticisms were raised(a) against the Catholic Church due to several inappropriate operations and deeds of some of its members through art, writings, actions, protests, wars and other forms of communication. In 1759, Voltaire published his book Candide. Voltaire was a man who had moved around Europe and had had several controversial experiences with government from Prussia to Geneva and to Lisbon2. He was a playwright who had a number of unpleasant experiences and had so much distrust about(predicate) r eligion, institutions and authorities in Europe and seemed to have lost confidence in all those institutions and had rigid condemnation of them and their actions. The central theme of Candide sought to challenge the assertion of the Church and Lutheran philosophy that this world is the best of all possible worlds and all things pop off out for the best3. He uses the book, Candide to show that bad things lead to good people and there are many activities in the Europe of his time that were cruel and against humanity. Analysis of Candide The protagonist of the book, Candide was a young nephew of a Baron in Westphalia, present day Germany. His father was undiscovered so he was seen as a bastard with little rights and privileges in the castle. The Baron was a well-off noble living a very comfortable look in a castle. He adhered to the favourite Protestant belief that this world is the best and all things work together for good. The son of the Baron, Pangloss was a instructor of t he religious idea that his father stood for. Pangloss believed and consistently taught that everything in this world exists for a purpose and all things work for the best. To him, every effect had a cause. Pangloss stated that Observe, for instance, the nose is formed for spectacles, therefore we wear spectacles, The legs are visibly designed for stockings, accordingly we wear stockings. Stones are hewn to construct castles, therefore My Lord has a glorious castle for the greatest baron4. Obviously, this statement presented Pangloss as a simplistic sycophant who sought to trammel his congregants under some form of bondage so that the Baron, himself and his descendants could enjoy a comfortable life whilst the servant class remains under oppression. By presenting Pangloss as such, he sought to show that religion has been used as a tool to keep the working class under some liberal of bondage to the Church and the ruling class of Europe in the pre-1750 period. This clearly provoked the church as it was blasphemous. In the events that followed in the book, a young beautiful girl in the castle, Cunegund saw Pangloss, the preacher having a sexual encounter with her mothers chambermaid in the woods. She was introduced to sex and sought to have an affair with Candide. The next day, Candide, who had been fantasizing about Cunegund bumped into her and they began to kiss. This was discovered by the Baron who swiftly threw Candide from the castle. Voltaire seem to have clearly demonstrated through this action that there was immorality being secretly practiced amongst people perceived to be holy in the Church. However, when innocent

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Medical & social needs of homecare clients Essay

Medical & social needs of categorycare invitees - Essay exemplarConclusion Medical and social needs of headquarterscare Clients. 1. Introduction. Home wellness aide has a part of assisting the client and family in managing the condition of health at clients home. This essay will describe the needs of the clients, explain the role of home health aide and relate rights of client and family to Maslows hierarchy of needs. It will also controvert culture, life style and experiences of clients while ranking common reaction to illness or disability. The essay will identify body functions, diseases and disorders and emotional or spiritual needs of patients. 2. Basic physical and emotional needs of clients. Home health aides help clients who ca-ca diverse needs so that they feel comfortable and spring up assistance. They include the elderly, infants, mentally ill, people with physical and developmental disabilities together with people with nutritional needs. Majority of the client s hold physical assistance in form of service. They train to be bathed, dress and given a occur to conduct self grooming. The client needs to be assisted to wash their hands and perform healthful tasks to control infections. They need someone to represent them as they manage pain. The urinal system whitethorn be causation incontinence and they will need someone to help them (Harris, 2004, p. 5). Clients may have nutritional requirements. The home health aide will assist by making the right combination of food and serve them. Those with whittle ailments or wounds require help to take care of the skin and the wounds. The home health aide may be required to change the dressing at the right time. The disabled and the elderly may have musculoskeletal system problem. They will need someone to assist them in mobility. The bedridden will require someone who understands the best position when turning them in bed or moving them to another location. The home health aide will give a hand in ambulation and motion. The client will be in need of a safe environment, the home health aide makes the environment safe for the client. They buns clean and arrange their house (Eldelman and Madle 2010, p. 22). The home health aide is involved in organizing and set up appointments for the client. Organizing entails arranging the means of transport and accompanying the client to their appointments. At times, the home health aide assists in doing obtain and cooking appropriate food for the client. They give the patient company. Additionally, they keep track of medication taken and appointments with the doctors. They drive them to participate in certain activities as well as exercise. Because they work closely with the doctors, the home health aides are required to report on the progress of their client. They can be shown to check cellular respiration rate and temperature for the purpose of giving a report. They follow the directions of the physician to give the correct medica tion. According to Ahroni (1989, p. 77), the client needs to be assisted in lifting and coordinating activities. They need someone to give them company. They call in for help in case of emergencies. Clients in home health care need emotional affirm from the home health aide. This can be achieved if they talk to them, share stories, read books, and listen to them. Emotional support is needed by the client as they cope with their condition and situation. The family too needs emotional support. Families support with the mentally ill patients, disabled and terminally ill need encouragement. The new born can be delicate to handle and people may

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Identity theft through the use of the internet and how businesses and Literature review

identicalness thieving through the use of the internet and how businesses and people are affected by its continuous threats - Literature review moralIn the end, the mission critical data is compromised, resulting in severe losses for organizations. Generally, the business functions and processes, which exist electronically and digitally within the organization needs to be protected. The people who use Internet, provides a lot of person-to-person information on the Internet in order to perform banking, registration, subscription, purchasing a product or service. The personal information has enormous dimensions to get extracted and become vulnerabilities. One of the most common threats in the mise en scene of misusing personal information is individualism thieving A network dictionary demonstrate the concepts of identity operator theft as Identity theft is a crime in which an imposter obtains key pieces of personal information, much(prenominal) as Social Security or drivers l icense numbers, in order to position some one and only(a) else. The information can be used to obtain credit, merchandise, and services in the name of the victim, or to provide the thief with false credentials. In order to protect identities of the customer, organization need to protect and address identities. A good definition of identity management is illustrated in the network dictionary as Identity Management is an integrated system of business processes, policies and technologies that enable organizations to facilitate and control their users access to critical online applications and resources age protecting confidential personal and business information from unauthorized users. In the code of deferral regulations (CFR), identity theft is defined as a fraud that is conducted by using the identity information of another(prenominal) person without permission. Identity theft can alike contribute to other crimes. For instance, identify theft is undefeated in document fraud, b ank fraud, immigration fraud and in the form of burglary and robbery. Consequently, the challenges for eliminating identity theft including victimization, pique and prosecution rates, needs to be considered by the congress, as these threats are arising by the contribution of identity theft and related crimes (Finklea 2009). Online privacy policy is of great concern, when considering identity theft as privacy policies of some websites does not satisfy the users for disclosing their personal data. There is no undertaking from the website owner for securing the contents provided by the user online. This is one area, which needs research and improvement, in order to provide a mechanism of securing data privacy, policies that are apply by web services to ease privacy concerns associated with information related to their clients and adhere to legislative measures. Moreover, this also involves the undertaking for personal data usage including, what organizations would do or not with the p ersonal information of their clients. This is polar as some websites may sell personal information of their clients to cyber criminals or other competitors in hurt of cash. This personal information is substantial for online cyber criminals to extract and guess passwords and retrieve credit card numbers, once they break of serve into the email account of users. In order to eliminate identity theft appropriate measures are required. Identity theft is categorized into two domains i.e. Physical identity theft and

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Public Health and Health Care Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Public Health and Health address Paper - Essay ExampleGenerally, the private sector in any wellness tending trunk of a nation consists of diverse nongovernmental institutions of take leaveing scale and scope. Public health is basically financed with governments funds solicited from tax revenues. In the United States, the public sector includes official (or governmental) agencies, voluntary agencies, and nonprofit agencies. (Delaune & Ladner, 2006, 60) This prove is hereby written with the objective of describing public health and its role in the lurch of health cargon services. It aims to describe a selected public agency and determine its contribution to the core functions of public health. The essay entrust also examine specific ways the agency influences the workplace and health care provider. Finally, the roles of the agency workers are to be identified, including specific responsibilities, competencies, and skills.At the top of the hierarchy in the public sectors talking to of health care is the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) which is the sole governing body tasked with the province of delivering health care services to the public. Next in line are state departments of health which vary in providing health care to their constituents. The state departments of health eventually relegate and coordinate health activities of local health units.A report from the USDHHS on Public Health in America proffered the public health sectors vision as healthy people in healthy communities with the mission of promoting tangible and mental health and preventing disease, injury and disability. (DHHS, n.d., 21)The national governing body ensures that its role in the delivery of health care services to the public encompasses the following core functions, to wit prevents epidemics and the spread of disease protects against environmental hazards prevents injuries promotes and encourages healthy behaviors responds to disasters

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Organisational Behaviour Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Organisational Behaviour - Essay ExampleEvents at Work and their singing to the Theories of Organisational Behaviour A notable incident that took place at work during the week was the instigation of a dispute amongst the anxiety of the go with and the bottom-end employees, who perform the tasks like housekeeping, cafeteria management and other miscellaneous errands of the office. This sort of employees were not happy with the companys projected offer for salary increases and benefit packages over the following five years and were threatening to strike unless the company agreed to increase the salary and benefit packages to a satisfactory level. These employees perceived that the company was being indifferent towards them and hence felt discriminated. On the other hand, the management of the company felt that these employees were being unreasonable in their demands. This resulted in a stressful situation between the two parties. Stress is generally characterised from a demand-p erception-response viewpoint. The fundamental notion is that stress depends on both the psyches perception of the demands being made from them and also on their perception of their potential to fulfil those demands. any disparity between the two perceptions would lead to stress for the individual1. This conflict situation could have accelerated and resulted in a lot of stress in an organisation possessing an uncooperative organisational culture.As a consequence of such a scenario, the employees within the organisation would have felt secluded and alone. Nevertheless, the company employed the most fantabulous defence against such a circumstance, viz. healthy communication. This approach of discussing the issue on equal intellect facilitated the company to solve the matter and r all(prenominal) at a settlement. This approach was in alignment with the teaching introduced by Roger Fisher and William Ury that groups in disagreement ought to focus on their requirements and not on the ir positions. When the groups concentrate on positions, they are likely to emphasise on the differences, but when they focus on needs, they would find they have more(prenominal) in common than what they had thought2. However, this incident made the companys management realise the significance of conflict management as well as stress management. Consequently, a mentor was appointed to hold workshops in order to help the people cope up and relief organisational stress. The mentor attempted to understand each participants perspective set ground rules for improved healthy communication between the parties ingenious participants on efficient communication styles equalising power and helped participants plan for future interface. This approach helped to lessen stress by promoting a positive attitude in the company2. The other prominent event that took place in the company during the last few days was the conduction of a training programme targeted to enhance the work animation balance of the employees as well as motivate them in order to improve their overall meditate performance. The human resource management of the company believed that work-life equilibrium is a significant concern that requires substantial notice. repayable to the altering characteristics of the global economy, a large number of companies, particularly those operating in the telecom field have to function on a 24/7

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WWI and WWII Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

WWI and WWII - Essay role modelA second cause of the First World War was the newly acquired military strength (arms race) of the atomic number 63an and the Asian nations. With no justified cause to test their military capabilities, the animosity in regard to the colonies came as a welcome relief. Significant alliances do prior to 1914 by strong hold countries in Europe also fueled the war. For instance, the Triple Entente in which France, Britain, and Russia agreed not to sign counterinsurgency treaties separately. in that respect is also the Triple alliance comprising of Italy, Germany, and Austria-Hungary. The commencement of the First World War saw the utilization of the sound obligations subject to these treaties.The need to prove political and military dominance stemmed from nationalism. For instance, Slavics in Bosnia and Herzegovina preferred to be part of Serbia. Their protest against Austria-Hungarys domination of these two regions led to the final and presumably immedia te part of this war, the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary.The WW1 has similarity in causation with the First World War. Germany, in both instances, instigated the war with to a greater extent valor than the some other nations. In the case of the First World War, military prowess was the motivating factor. However, the second gear World War was a case of wounded pride owing to the Treaty of Versailles. The policy of disarmament, which made them vulnerable to other countries attacks, also seemed unfair. Unlike the First World War, dialogue as a office of curbing war dominated the years before the Second World War. An example of a failed negotiation is the Munich agreement (1938) which Hitler broke barely a year after enactment.The Failure of the League of Nations to foster peace as a result of military and monetary incapability also contributed to the Second World War. For the other nations such as Britain and France, nationalism as a cause was as eminent as in the

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Rhetorical analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 4

Rhetorical analysis - Essay ExampleThe executive compend provides a brief summary of the content of the identify. According to the authors, the aim of the report was to support changes in the nature or state of on-campus restrooms. The report also sought to outline the unsanitary and unkempt nature of the restrooms, and gauge the opinions of the community on the precondition of the rooms. The target audience of the business report included faculty heads, students and student leadership, parents, health officials and custodians of the restrooms. Students and student leaders were targeted because they are the main users and beneficiaries of the restroom. They have a province of ensuring that the restrooms are in the best state for accommodation. Parents were targeted because they requital for the restrooms, and their children use the rooms. Therefore, it is important to provide them with training about the nature of the rooms (Kennedy 31). Teachers and custodians were targeted b ecause they have a responsibility of ensuring that the on-campus restrooms are safe and clean for accommodation. The report targeted healthcare officials because of their role in providing safety and health standards. In nine to ensure that the report provided the right information, the researchers used online surveys and questionnaires to collect information from faculty heads and students. The aim of the questionnaires was to picture the state of the restrooms, and the opinions of the respondents about the cleanliness of the rooms.The business report used formal and official dustup to pass information about the state of the restrooms. According to the report, the conditions of the facilities are below standards. In some of the instances, the authors use inflammatory language in order to invoke physical and emotional reactions. For instance, the authors state that the restrooms are disgusting in order to pass emotional messages that people should not be allowed to occupy the roo ms. The main strength

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LEGAL SYSTEM Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

LEGAL SYSTEM - Essay ExampleThe legal scheme comprises of the various concerned parties of the legal framework namely the hook of laws, the lawyers, the plaintiffs, the official staffs of the court of law, the judges and also the society at large as often the judgment are held as records for future purposes and it becomes binding among the people. It was believed that the civil legal expert system in the United Kingdom was one of the best systems in the world. But like many another(prenominal) other nations, any court case called for extensive use of scarce resources like time and money. In order to avoid those, a committee under the chairmanship of Lord Woolf came up with certain recommendations, popularly cognise as Woolf Reforms, which envisaged reducing the use of time and money in the legal system. This paper aims to provide a critical view of the legal system of United Kingdom especially of the civil justice system with respect to the Woolf Reforms.The United Kingdom comp rises of three different jurisdictions namely England & Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, all with different court system and distinct court system. The civil justice procedure, for which Lord Woolf had elaborate recommendations commences with the County Courts at the bottom of the system. The game Courts of the United Kingdom are basically divided into three divisions like Queens Bench, Family and Chancery. High Courts proceed as the court of appeals for minor cases as well as court of first instance for major(ip) cases. One can appeal the cases also to Court of Appeal (Civil Division). In the United Kingdom, it is the House of Lords that symbolize as the supreme court of appeal where the Law Lords or the thirteen judges designated for the appeal visit the cases. The other indispensable part of the legal framework also comprises of the civil court Judicial delegacy of the Privy Council that looks after the matters of the civil justice that arises in the overseas territorie s of United

American industry during the era from the late 19th century to the Essay

American industry during the era from the late nineteenth century to the 1930s - Essay ExampleThe prime purpose of the paper is to present and discuss around the influence of managers and workers towards controlling of wage structure and application of newly used methods other than strike.The history of boil in United States is determined as the history of working people and nonionized lying-in. The umbrella labour federations of organized unions consist of citywide federations and AFL-CIO have merged, evolved, split, participate and fought against the periodic federal government interference and changing priorities. In 1894, Samuel Gompers was elected as AFL-CIO leader. At the time of emergence of mechanization, it has become pivotal to replace machines from super skilled craftspeople. At the time of late 19th century to early part of 20th century, around of the Americans left small towns and farms to work in factories which was effectively categorized by steep hierarchy and organized by mass production.The effect of industrialization has been enormous on working people and result of the alteration of worker lead to the increase in the competition of jobs, loss of the bargaining power and lack of reputation on relationships between employer-employee in any new organization1. Unskilled labours were paid less. Moreover, the working condition was a great deal dangerous and unhealthy. The increase of industrialization and rapid upsurge of economic ontogenesis meant that percentage of wages growth from 1860 to 1890 in United States was around 60%2. The wage structures for American skilled workers are much high than that of other countries in Europe. Under the leadership of Samuel Gompers, the Federation of Organized Labour and Trade Unions came in to existence. It has been estimated that between year 1881 and 1905, more than 37,000 strikes were organized by the labour unions. The influence of managers and workers has been supreme towards the formation o f strikes. The main finishing for occurrence of routine events of

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The Culture Of An Organization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Culture Of An Organization - analyze ExampleIts leaders should be magnetized and quick at finale-making. Motivation Motivation refers to the force that influences populates crookion. The theories are aimed to make the workers work diligently and be fruitful. In my case, I am deprivation to use The Mayos conjecture of Human Relations. Mayos theory believes that pay only if gougenot be sufficient to motivate and boost the performance of an employee in the workforce. He believes that the social needs of the workers should as well be put into consideration. Transformational Leadership Transformation leadership is formed through the four Is, that is idealized influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual dissimulation and individual consideration. Idealized influence is displayed when a leader act as the role model to their follower. When the leader articulates his vision, to his followers then this is referred to as inspirational motivation. Intellectual simulation is achieved when a leader undertakes his followers through some challenges. Individual consideration is reflected when a leader attends to the needs of the follower in person. Transformation leader stinker therefore be said to pay direction to their followers, change awareness and inspire their follower. Transformational type of leadership is said to work because it engages leader and their followers to be creative. Leader and follower strategize on their goals and therefore they are in better positions of achieving the set goals. Unlike charismatic leadership where vision is only stated, transformation leadership provides an attractive view of the future. In terms of commitment, it can be noted that in transformational type of leadership, both the leader and the follower are usually act in undertaking their activities (Kark, Shamir & Chen, 2003). Motivation theory In my case, I would use Mayos speculation of Human Relations to address the issues in the police department. Accordin g to Mayos theory, changes in the working condition or financial rewards had little effect to the performance of employees. Workers are instead motivated by the way they interact with each other, working in teams that aid them in decision-making. The mayos theory encouraged interaction between the different levels of management and the entire workforce. This makes it easy for the management to easily take in the grievances facing their employees. Employees should also be treated in a more caring and humane mode to maximize on their productivity. Organizational structures Organization plays a major role in any boldness, its can determine the success or failure of an organization. Organizational structures therefore refer to the major methods that an organization uses to array its activities the type of devolution used within that organization in terms of subordinates involvement in decision making of the organization. there are three common organizational structures. These are simple, bureaucracy and matrix organization structures. Simple Structure This uses direct supervision, and employs vertical and horizontal centralization. Its organizational structure consists of the top manager and a few workers in the workforce. The number of staff is usually pocket-size thus forcing them to perform overlapping tasks. There are no job specifications to an individual (Weber, 1947). Simple structures are used mostly in small corporations, new

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Exotic Flowers Ltd Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

exotic Flowers Ltd - Coursework employmentThe negative hard currency flows at the shutdown of each month are a worrying mark for any championship but these can be financed by either some short- frontier financing or long-term financing method. The short-term financing method would include the small bank loans such(prenominal) as overdraft facilities offered by the banking institutions to its invitees on a regular basis. Through the overdraft facility, the bank offers some amount to its client and that amount has to be paid off by the client within a short brush of time usually 12 months. The long-term financing would include a loan which would be repayable after a long period of time usually 10 years or more than but this sort of long term financing would cost more because the banks or the financial institutions would lade higher interest for a longer period of time. The best suitable financing mode for Exotic Flowers Ltd would be to use short term financing facilities such as overdraft facility that would hold shortsighted interest charge and the company would be able to repay it as soon as they end up having a positive cash flow. Based on the cash flow results, Adam and tom turkey should continue with the proposed plan of starting Exotic Flowers Ltd even though the business gives a negative cash flow in the opening year of the business. The business turns into a profitable venture in the consequence year of operation and the profits are considered to grow at a good rate. This growth in the profit and the revenue suggests that the trade for the flower business is a very profitable and growing market and until and unless any stiff competition is faced, the company would grow extensively. The negative balances in the opening year of the business operation and the first month of the second year would have to be financed through short term

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Motivation. What is Motivation Students' Motivation Essay

pauperism. What is Motivation Students Motivation - Essay ExampleIt also drives them to study new things regularly it best explains the reason bed individuals devoting a dower of time doing something, at times going to the extent of spending a lot of money and energy to achieve the result (Cherry, 2011). In most cases, rewards and reinforcement are used in motivating people and consequently influencing their behavior so that they can get an assurance of the future. Students who are actuate for instance will always take their studies seriously and excel over and above completing their short letter in the required time. This does not mean that each of these students is fully interested in the study unless it means that they have an inner persuasion that they must complete their assignments and courses in time even when the childbed seems uninteresting. According to Tilestone (2010), learning begins in the self-system with or without input and the students usually get motivated when they are outright involved in the process of learning. Students who work on the goal, which they have set for themselves, are usually more motivated, efficient and they achieve better results as opposed to when their tutors have set goals for them.

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The stock exchange market in the UK Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

The stock exchange market in the UK - Essay ExampleThis observance is furthered by the fact that the stock market in UK is weak-form efficient, while somewhat capital market studies have called the stock exchange more towards being semi-strong-form efficient. Smith (2004) by perusal the grain futures market pointed towards semi-strong form efficiency of the stock exchange because of the release of large trader mystify information. Further studies have compared the share prices after the takeover announcement with the bid offer. It was found that the share prices forthwith adjusted to the correct levels. Hence the study concluded that the stock market in the United terra firma was semi-strong-form efficient.It must however be remembered that the markets ability to efficiently respond to an event like a takeover announcement which is widely publicized and short term in nature does not reflect on the markets efficiency as is related to long term factors. David Dreman has pointed o ut that an instantaneous reply is not always an efficient one and that the long-term performance of the stock market also ineluctably to be considered before labeling a market efficient.The efficient-market hypothesis (EMH) states that the financial markets are information efficient. As a result of this efficiency based on information, it is impossible to achieve constant returns that are great than the average market returns, given the information that is available at the time of the investment.The advent of industrial variety brought about the growth of a growing affluent merchant class.

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Abortion Essay Example for Free

Abortion EssayTheres a lot of speculation going on right now about whether or non abortion is ethical. Many people believe that there should be laws against it, that it should be banned completely. Thousands spend sequence protesting abortion, stating that it is a sin, and that it is the same as murdering a child. However, the majority of those who claim these things dont wealthy person their facts instead right.When an abortion is performed, the fetus is in a very early stage of development. Most brain cells atomic number 18 non yet developed, and this means that the fetus can non feel pain. The silent screams that those who oppose abortion often call are nonexistent. Fetuses cannot scream, move, or feel at this point in the pregnancy. Additionally, aborting a fetus is certainly not the same as murdering a fully-developed, self-sufficient child. At this stage in a fetus development, it is entirely unable to survive outside of the womans womb. It is incapable of breathin g as well as conscious thought. It is not yet a child, but merely a developing organism with the dexterity of becoming one.Abortion should be kept legal. While I do not think it should be used as a standard form of birth control, it definitely needs to remain an option. What if you show yourself pregnant after being a victim of rape? Just imagine trying to post a quality life for a baby while youre so young yourself, oddly seeing as you arent pregnant as a result of your own decision, but because of round cruel persons actions. Why should that child have to grow up to have a life in either a struggling one-parent household or an orphanage?If we get some(prenominal) of the facts out there, I believe that people might begin to see that abortion is really not such a sin. Maybe when others start to realize this, some of the laws in certain countries that do not allow abortion will be lifted. After all, is it not a terrible thing to have tons of children living their entire lives i n poverty? Think about this for a second whats better, terminating an undeveloped, non-autonomous fetus, or watching a child slowly die due its young parents lack of income?

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Alternatives to Nuclear Energy Essay Example for Free

Alternatives to Nuclear cypher Essay uncivilized Nuclear Energy Nuclear energy is a bargain on the short run it is cheap, produces a lot of force play, and a nuclear lay down can be built virtually anywhere. The plant does non give off any cytosine dioxide or sulfur, but unfortunately, the good news ends here. Nuclear Energy produces a by-product called radioactive waste, or spent enkindle rods, and can be dangerously radioactive for more than iv hundred human generations. Fortunately, there are alternatives that grant clean, cheap energy without the call of radioactive elements. A newly developed antecedent plants that runs off of spent fuel cells and geothermal reason can be solutions to nuclear energy. Even though alternatives such as re implementd uranium and geothermal condition can be solutions, they have a few drawbacks such as location and distance, but the advantages surpass the disadvantages and are much safer to command than nuclear energy. Nuclear energy makes up 20% of the United States electrical energy and provides 17% of the worlds electricity (EPA. gov, Nuclear Power). Although nuclear reactors do not produce greenho drill gasses, mining and amend uranium requires large amounts of energy.If Transatomics reactor is built, it would capture 98 percent of the energy in spent fuel pellets, meet the nations energy needs for 70 years, and makes the radioactive waste inert within a rival of hundred years (David Ferris). Although radiation meltdown is and other nations. Instead fuel calls lasting more than four hundred generations, it might Just last for only four. Another solution to nuclear power and vegetable oil drilling is geothermal power. Using hot water from deep underground, geothermal energy might provide a cheaper alternative to diesel (Loy).Geothermal power utilizes heat from the Earth to superheat water and create plenty steam to power a generator. The heated water is then fed back into the Earth to make full the supp ly and continue the process. Power is generated similarly in nuclear and geothermal power plants. Both use heat to increase the temperature of water and then send the steam to drive a turbine. The only dissimilarity between the two is that nuclear power plants uses dangerous nonrenewable fuel while geothermal power uses the heat of the Earth, an almost inexhaustible source of energy.Geothermal power plants have to be located following(a) to or above specific locations with high hot springs underneath. This is a problem in some countries because it either has no hot underground reservoirs or geothermal areas are too far away from urban centers, where electricity is needed the most. Although location is a drawback, the only likely danger from a geothermal power plant is a pressure exposition from one of the income pipes or pressure tanks. In the event of a pressure exposition, the only gas released into the atmosphere is water vapor and flying debris.It does not have the potentia l to spread cancer to thousands or harm more than 6 million people. An addition to clean, safe power, the plant can be hidden underground because it does not produce any emissions such as carbon dioxide or even water vapor. All the gasses are contained in the tubes and chambers, allowing the plant to be able to operate in confined areas. This can enable power plants to be built in pristine locations or urban centers without affecting the wildlife or busy traffic on the surface. Nuclear energy should not be there future of the worlds power source.Although it is a cheaper alternative to renewable resources, it is many times more environmentally costly and can affect millions of peoples lives if an accident were to occur. Nuclear power has developed over the decades, but I think we should let go of this last-century source and move on to more earth-friendly alternatives. Many power companies use power from renewable sources such as solar or wind, you can help change the contrast of Am erica by switching power companies or contacting your local politicians about changing our infrastructure for the better.

Class Test on Micro Economics Essay Example for Free

Class Test on Micro Economics shewi) All questions in this section are compulsoryii) Marks for questions are indicated against eachiii) Answers for very lilliputian(p) answer questions carrying 1 mark must be answered in ONE sentence each iv) Answers for soon answer questions carrying 3 marks each should not normally exceed 60 words v) Answers for short answer questions carrying 4 marks each should normally not exceed 70 words vi) Answers for yearn answer questions carrying 6 marks each should not normally exceed 100 words each. vii) Answers should be brief and to the point The above word limits should be adhered to as far as possible. 1. Name the symptomatic which make monopolistic competition different from perfect competition12. Why is demand for water inelastic?13. put up one feature of oligopoly14. In which market form is the demand perfectly inelastic?15. Distinguish mingled with increase in demand and increase in cadence demanded36. Goods X and Y are substitute s. develop the gist of a fall in price of Y on the demand for X.37. At a price of Rs. 5 per unit of a commodity A, total revenue is Rs 800. When its price rises by 20%, total revenue increases by Rs. 400. Calculate its rice elasticity of demand38. Explain the implication of freedom to main course and exit of firms under perfect competition39. Given below is the apostrophize schedule of a firm. Its average icy hail is Rs 20 When it is producing 3 units. Output 1 2 3 Average Variable cost (Rs.) 30 28 32 Calculate its marginal cost and average total cost at each given level of output.310 Explain the features of What to produceOR Explain any deuce main features of centrally planned economy.412. When the price of a commodity falls by Rs. 2 per unit, its quantity demanded increases by 10 units. Its price elasticity is (-)1. Calculate its quantity demanded on its equilibrium price.413. Explain the effect of increase in income of buyers of a normal commodity on its equilibrium price. 414. State whether the following statements are true or false Give reasons for your answer(a) When total revenue is constant, average revenue leave behind be constant. (b) Average variable cost can fall even when marginal product is emanation (c) When marginal product falls, average product will also fall.615. Explain the law of variable proportions with the divine service of total and marginal product curves. 616 Explain producers equilibrium with the help of a marginal cost and marginal revenue schedule 6

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Outline and evaluate definitions of abnormality Essay Example for Free

Outline and evaluate definitions of ab median(prenominal)ity EssayAbnormality has triad definitions. The first definition is deviation from social norms. Social norms are the approved and expected ways of behaving in a particular society. In terms of social norms, abnormal behaviour tooshie be seen as behaviour that deviates from or violates social norms. The key weakness of the deviation of social norms is cultural relativity. Social norms by their very definition are specific to a particular culture or society so a behaviour seen as a deviation in one society may depend acceptable but may not be accepted in other society. Social norms alter as time changes and vary from culture to culture. Secondly, unregularity can be defined as the also-ran to function adequately. It operator that a person is unable to love a normal life, they have experiences foreign the normal range of emotions or do not engage in the normal range of behaviour. This can be seen as the person not be ing able to cope with life on a day-to-day basis. Functioning can be measured on the Global Assessment of Functioning plate (GAF). The first strength of failure to function is it is practical and focuses on treating the abnormal behaviour.Failure to function means those outside the individual do not have to label a person as mentally abnormal which still carries stigma in many societies. Unlike the deviation of social norms focusing on public view, it recognizes a persons subjective experience as a means of dowery to define who is abnormal. We can focusing on treating the behaviour that is hindering the person from leading an adequately normal life and offer treatment to encourage more adaptive behaviour. However, it is not without its problems. The first limitation is that on the face of it abnormal behaviour may actually be helpful, functional and adaptive for the individual.For example, those with obsessive-compulsive disorders find that their obsessions ( some by chance socia lly acceptable behaviour such as hand-washing) make them feel happy. The second limitation is some of its criteria depend on subjective judgements of other people. It may be that someone is deemed abnormal simply because the observer experiences discomfort in watching their behaviour and in their own mind believes them unable to function adequately. Thirdly, abnormality can be defined as the deviation from ideal mental health.

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Internet Addicition Essay Example for Free

Internet Addicition attemptMuch conclusion has been alleged that social pathologies be beginning to surface in cyberspace (i.e., network dependences). A lot of controversy is surrounding the question, is there proof that the internet is being disgustd and misapply by individuals on an everyday basis and should we consider this to be a major mental wellness problem? Key Arguments* Why do people have attachment insecurity and dissociation with their lives to let them choose to be disorganized, and allow a fantasy conception to take over resulting in tortuous internet abuse. * How information and communication technologies changing our way of interacting with reality. * What are the psychological symptoms involving disturbed relationships with technologies emerging, how some are more affected than others. * How different forms of related dependence behaviours, such as an dependency to social networking, cybersex, online gambling, or web-based role-playing plays are affect ing our need to be on the internet. * How some games reward achievements and goals making the cyber game goals more important of that than reality goals. * Does social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and other forms of cyber communication have detrimental make related to internet addiction. * Internet Gambling, main reasons for internet addiction, however not just costing their wellness but impacting finances and crippling family relationships.Critical Analysis phrase 1 Reference (2)Researchers have begun to take apart the personal and social consequencesassociated with excessive online involvement. The present study examined college students problematic Internet use (PIU) behaviors Its specific fill was to investigate the links between PIU with both internalizing (depression, social anxiety) and externalizing (substance use and other risky behaviors) problems. Article 2 Reference (4)There are many psychological factors surrounding the present issue of internet addictio n, victimisation evidence such as Social Networking Sites (SNS)e.g., facebook , twitter etc, Massive Multiplayer Online games and Internet Gambling as my leash key topics. The aim is to provide a clear and concise method about how individuals who consistently perish their time on the internet are having detrimental effect on their physical, social and psychological life. Article 3 Reference (5)There is an increasing need for the provision of both internet addiction streak and care for any sufferers, psychologist should be weary of the dangers of internet abuse when youth present with anti-social, aggressive behaviours. socialising in girls may be warped towards online contact and the user may benet from providing alternatives. The aim is to localize on internet-related addictive behaviours and how to include the use of suitable diagnostic tools, a detailed personal interview, a mental health status examination and information regarding the overt behaviours gathered by the sur roundings. I involve to engage the reader to believe that internet addiction is a real mental health issue, that effects youth all the way to late adolescent, whether it be an addiction though games, gambling, social media etc, there is evidence to say that individuals influenced by this addiction are not progressing in life, because excess use of a cyber world has become a major part of their lives or taken over their lives. Structure Evidence addiction in Video Games (Kuss, Daria J Griffiths, Mark D. Studies) Main conclusions stemming from this source Psychological Evidence to Addiction (Griffiths, M Study Gencer, S L Koc, M Study) Main conclusions stemming from this source Evidence addiction to Social Networking Systems (Kittinger, R., Correia, C J., Irons J G Article) Main conclusions stemming from this sourceReferencesBozkurt, H Coskun, M Ayaydin, H Adak, I Zoroglu, S S (2013). Prevalence and patterns of psychiatric disorders in referred adolescents with Internet addictio n. Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences. 67(5), pp. 352-359. De, L., Josepth, A. (2013). Problematic Internet character and Other Risky Behaviours in College Students An Applicationof Problem-Behaviour Theory. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 27(1), pp. 133-141. DOI 10.1037/a0030823. Gencer, S L Koc, M. (2012) Internet abuse among teenagers and Its relations to internet usage patterns and demographics. Journal of Educational Technology Society. 15(2), pp. 25-36. Griffiths, M. (2010). Internet abuse and Internet addiction in the workplace. Journal of Workplace Learning, 22(7), 2010, pp. 463-472. Kittinger, R., Correia, C J., Irons J G (2012) Relationship Between Facebook subprogram and Problematic Internet Use Among College Student. Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking. 15(6), pp. 324-327. Kuss, D J Griffiths, M D., Internet video game addiction A systematic review of empirical research in the literature. Revue Adolescence. 30(1), 2012, pp. 17-49.

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Scientific Management Essay Example for Free

Scientific focal point EssayScientific commission was a new form of commission that evolved in the late 1800s that was based on a number of principles that analyzed the activities of individuals, which in turn, optimized efficiency and productivity. In this essay I will discuss the major advances that were pioneered by Frederick Winslow Taylor, Henry Gantt and vocal and Lillian Gilbreth. Frederick Winslow Taylor was thought of as the most important business guru of the twentieth century. 154) Taylor was a well -educated earthly concern that started his school as a laborer and cursorily moved up to a chief engineer at Midvale Steel Company. Through his various couchs and recognize within this company he discovered many problems that were apparent between forethought and laborer. His first exertion in his creation of Scientific caution was to combat a edge called soldiering. Taylor observed how the process of soldering led to low production because workers had intentio nally worked slow, while making counsel believe they were works warmer.Taylor identified two types of soldiering that workers practiced intrinsic and organizationatic. Natural soldiering was referred to as the the natural soul and tendency of men to take it easy. Managers tried to overcome natural soldiering by forcing workers to be to a greater extent productive. (123) Systematic soldiering was when workers all together would reason with one another to work slower. Taylor believed that workers systematically soldiered because of trio main reasons. First, if workers over(p)d their jobs faster, they believed they would be laid off.Secondly, when workers were paying by piece rate, if their production change magnitude, they believed management would truncated the piece rate requiring them to do to a greater extent work for the same amount of pay they were receiving at the term. Finally, workers were addicted to old work habits that were handed down from generation to generat ion. (124) Taylor believed that systematic soldiering posed more concerns than natural soldering. He thought that the problems arose because of managements lack of responsibility to create proper jobs that offered trade good incentives.Taylor knew that a new industrial system would need to be created to correct the problems that were evident with management and laborer. Time Studies Taylor trammel out to develop a new system in an attempt to overcome the process of soldiering. Taylor believed he could determine how severally job could be accomplished most efficiently and then establish cognitive operation standards based on his reignings. (125) The first step in his system was defined as time studies, which was the germ of Scientific Management.Taylor believed that he could overcome soldiering by determining what workers ought to be able to achieve with equipment and materials by scientifically preparednessting performance standards. According to the authors of The Evolution of Management Thought Taylor apply a founder watch, weight scale and tape to literally measure the distances that workers and materials traveled. (125) From his findings, Taylor discovered that workers used too much exploit and materials to accomplish their tasks and believed this was in the first drive due to improper management.Taylor classified his time studies into two phases analysis and synthesis. Analysis meant that separately job was broken down into executions then the movement was described and recorded aprospicient with enough time allowed for unavoidable delays. Synthesis was all the movements in the correct sequence to determine the time and exact mode for performing a job. (126)Taylors time studies created improvements in all elements that surround a job, watchful query of individuals at work led to a more efficient approach to perform tasks which in the long run shine effort and increased production.Improved Incentives Taylor noticed that the traditiona l incentives for workers were discouraged in more offices than one. Taylor believed that management needed to create new incentive rates. Profit sharing and the old ship canal of paying positions sooner of men, seemed to be inefficient methods. Taylor devised a lead part plan that improved incentives which consisted of using time studies to instal standards and pay rates, a differential piecework system that paid employees a higher rate per piece if they sunk their work faster than specified, and lastly, paying the men instead of paying the positions.He believed that performance standards should be install to begin with piece rates and rest period should be given more often to diminish fatique. Additionally, Taylor saw a need for a mutuality of interests between manager and worker and devised a system that would benefit both sides. The belief held by people was that higher wages led to higher costs. In turn, Taylor proved that higher wages would lead to lower costs and increa sed production with less(prenominal) effort. Employers didnt pick out to pay low wages in narrate to gain momentum in the industry.Taylor too believed that some people are better suited for a position based on their will and ambition he referred to these people as first class workers. Taylor urged that performance standards should be based on a first class workers pace and believed that management was responsible for ordering these types of workers. Throughout the years people fancied that production was increased by people working longer and harder, but the truth was, production increased if people worked smarter not harder. People used their resources more wisely and learned the most efficient way to complete a job.Task Management System Taylors task management system apply the time studies to dictate how long a task should take to be completed and used careful planning with detailed written instructions to assign tasks to workers. Taylor thought to motivate workers based o n how long it took them to complete their job. The workers that finished their job in the allotted time received higher wages compared to those who did not. Management was aided in their tasks by a new term Taylor referred to as functional foremanship.Taylor felt that managers should have certain qualities in order for them to be efficient supervisors which include special and technical knowledge, tact, brains, energy, common sniff out and good health. Taylor used this selection process to determine what tasks managers should perform. This new system of planned performance allowed each person to be in charge of a different responsibility. Managers skills were specialized which resulted in a decrease in time it took to recruit and hire people who may not be a good fit.This system dramatically changed the way tasks were planned, before this time workplace layout determined how tasks were performed. Taylor went on to put his ideas into committal to writing with a book called The Prin ciples of Scientific Management. This book was a significant advance of the times and made Taylor a national hero in just twenty four hours. His findings that were released in this book, sparked much controversy, but ultimately gained popularity. His book was translated into many different languages just two years after the publication. (141) Taylor was credited for leading the dry land towards efficiency in more ways than one.Henry Gantt There were many people who followed Taylors scientific approach to management thought. One of these followers that had contributed greatly to management thought was Henry Gantt. Gantt was a man that know the demands of the world and knew he could have a better chance at making it in life by becoming educated. He begined a mechanical engineer degree and began his work at the Midvale Steel Company alongside of Frederick Taylor. aft(prenominal) working with Taylor, Gantt turned out to be strongly influenced by his ideas about how to manage industr y.Gantt became one of Taylors leading disciples and moved on to create his own ways to improve management methods and make an industry more efficient. Like Taylor, Gantt knew that in that location was a need for a mutuality of interest between management and worker. Gantt believed that this theory started with the worker, he argued that the workingman was the most important element in management. (159) He urged that a successful atmosphere in industry was eminent when the employer has the stovepipe worker for the position and the worker believes his work is sold at the highest price.Task and Bonus System As Gantt began to examine the managers and workers more closely, he devised a task and bonus system, which was similar to Taylors differential piece rate system. Gantt experimented with his ideas before he found the system that was the best solution. He would offer bonuses to workers that completed a task in less than standard time, he offered bonuses to first line supervisors bas ed on each workers performance to complete their task in the allotted time and offered an extra bonus to supervisors if all the workers completed their task in the time limit.He found that this system encouraged supervisors to become better leaders by education and helping workers to achieve maximum performance. This was an important concept that shifted management from forcing workers to meet standards to leading them in a cooperative manner. After a while, workers and management started to resist the work methods Gantt created. The workers went on strike and Gantt eventually had to find and train replacements. This occurrence led Gantt to believe that management owned the role of training workers more thoroughly.In addition, Gantt added more training that used industriousness and cooperation, which he referred to as the habits of industry. According to the authors of The Evolution of Management Thought, Gantt felt that as a result of doing their work promptly and to the best of their ability, workers would experience pride that comes from persona as well as quantity to work. (161) Gantt believed that the management and laborer would be benefitted equally employee would be paid higher wages leading to lower costs and the employer would have a greater output of production. Gantt gird ChartAs Gantt attempted to conquer the problems associated with management and laborer with the task and bonus system, he set out to devise a system to aid management in planning and coordinating workloads. After several attempts, Gantt pioneered a bar map which was known to be the most valuable contribution to management of the generation. (163) The Gantt Progress Chart showed how work should be scheduled or directed through numerous operations, to completion. This chart allowed managers to distinguish whether a job was ahead or behind schedule, then management could take whatsoever means were necessary to correct the issue.The Gantt chart became a widely used efficient to ol to give birth management in decision making and helped ensure that resources were being used proficiently. The Gilbreths Frank and Lillian Gilbreth were withal followers of Frederick Taylors Scientific Management principles. Frank had greatly contributed to management thought with his invention of the motion studies. Frank began his studies while working as a bricklayer. He started examining the bricklaying process and began to eliminate the steps or motions from 18 to 6. He saw that people could do twice as much work with less effort if the job was done the right way.Frank looked to remove the motions that were unnecessary in jobs, in order to reduce put on and increase productivity. After his invention of the motion studies, he moved to focus his work on the construction business. He used the same methods to build homes, dams, factories, skyscrapers and even whole towns. (168) As Frank gained increasing popularity, his wife persuaded him to put his work into writing. His wor k consisted of three systems the field, concrete and bricklaying system. The field system was mainly used in construction as an accounting system.This system showed costs, costs in relation to estimates and the occur costs of each specific job. In addition, Frank used a suggestion program that enabled workers to obtain extra money for their suggestions on how to improve a job. This would ultimately lead to better service for the customers and additional jobs in the future. (169) Under the concrete system, Frank used competition to motivate the workers. He held contests to see how fast workers could complete a job. Lastly, was the bricklaying system, he used this system to effectively train the workers.He believed apprentices should learn the best way to do a job before standards are set. He believed the earlier methods of instruction from the experienced workers were inefficient and created too much waste. These systems showed how Frank rationalized work methods, improved productiv ity and ensured efficiency by motivating and correctly training workers by transferring their skills. As Frank started to expand his interests, he looked for better ways to identify inefficient motions. Frank came up with the brilliant idea to use a camera to examine the motions of workers.He then would eliminate the waste based on the analysis. Frank and Lillian also filmed workers attached with pure electrical lights when their movement was slowest they would see a bunch of dots, while they would see sporadic dots when their movement was at a faster pace. The use of camera to observe the movements of workers seemed to be more useful and blameless than Taylors use of the stopwatch. As time went by, Frank and Lillian started to detach from Taylors methods. Lillian went on to focus her thoughts on The Psychology of Management.She studied the effects that work has on gentlemans and held that successful management was determined by the man, not the work. While Lillian tried to dete rmine the most effective and efficient approach to management, she had to compare the three agencys that were created traditional, transitory and scientific. Traditional management created anxiety by relying on rewards and punishment to motivate workers and essentially there was no mutuality of interest between management and worker. Transitory management was the short term style that was incomplete and ill directed before scientific management emerged.Essentially, According to the authors of The Evolution of Management Thought, Lillian believed that scientific management was the best style because it promoted regular work, encouraged good personal habits, and fostered the physical, mental, moral, and financial development of workers. (174) Lillian recognized the human factor in work which led her to pioneer human resource management. This creation of human resource management was a significant advance of the times that led industries to obtain the best workers for the positions at hand by the scientific selection, training and placement of the workers.Frederick Taylor, Henry Gantt and Frank and Lillian Gilbreth contributed greatly to the scientific management movement. Close examination of management and workers led to new concepts that improved work methods and incentives, motivated workers, eliminated motions, reduced fatigue and increased production. All of these factors allowed for industries to become more efficient than ever before. Managers gained the proper tools and knowledge that enabled them to train, select and place workers where they were best suited. These concepts that were put into practice in the late 1800s are still widely used today in the workplace.

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Data Communications Essay Example for Free

Data Communications EssayRepairs by extradite is a successful comp both and strikeers a repair service for various electrical appliances including washing machines, dishwashers and so on The business is expanding, meaning taking on additional engineers who might conduct on-the-job training.The aim of our class is to advise the owner of Repairs by Return on the new engine room and seek on how well up the applied science can make the company more than efficient and the communion between the staff and owner better. We go out as well urge an appropriate solution. MOBILE TECHNOLOGIESMobile tools and technologies drop the capacity facilitate communication, celebrate employees informed in real-time and reduce hours once spent bound to a desk. However, along with the liberating aspects of an promoteively versatile workplace, mobility presents ch altogetherenges for todays workers. Below are short descriptions of bustling technologies currently available.SMSShort Messa ge Service (SMS) is a service available on most digital energetic c alls that allows the sending of short messages, also cognise as text messages, or more commonly as SMS, texts or even txts) between fluid phones, an other(a)(prenominal) take hold devices and even landline telephones. Messages must be no longer than 160 alpha-numeric characters and make up no images or graphics.Picture MessagingPicture Messaging is a service, which allows users to send and receive messages that combining pictures with text and sounds from their phones.WAPWireless(prenominal) Application Protocol is an open international standard for applications that use wireless communication allowing users to access information instantly via handheld wireless device e.g. internet access from a supple phone, smart phones, two way radio sets etc.MMSMultimedia Message Service is the evolution of SMS. With MMS, a brisk device is no longer restricted to text-only messages. It can send and receive multimedia messages such as graphics, sound files, video clips or any combination of the above, within certain size limits.GPRSGeneral software program Radio Service is a protocol for passing data over a mobile phone network. With GPRS connection, the phone is always on and can transfer data immediately, and at higher speeds.3G3G is the generic endpoint for third generation mobile phone technologies. It offers high speed connections enabling video conference and other applications which require broadband connectivity to the network.personal organiserPersonal Digital Assistants are handheld devices that combine computing, telephone/fax, Internet and networking features. Originally designed as personal organisers but have now become much more versatile over the years.FEASIBILITY STUDYThe feasibility study is aimed at viewing the humors given to us by the owner and assessing whether they will military service the company communicate effectively.We will also look at the limitations of the no uss.* Apprentice engineers asking for supporter silently to senior engineersGPRS allows instant connectivity (as long as there is radio coverage), meaning information can be sent/ accredited immediately. Engineers can take picture(s) of the business they cannot fix, hold open a little note with it, send it as an MMS to senior engineers, and receive an immediate reply with appear the customers realising.The problem with this will be that the engineer on the other side might be with a knob and therefore, will not be able to reply immediately. Another problem could be that the reply received from the engineer may be inaccurate and un open air.Drawback of GPRS is the limited bandwidth and is particularly suited for sending and receiving small bursts of data. So when engineers do send pictures, the size of the message and picture will be limited.* Web access to manuals and diagramsGPRS also aims to deliver remote access type applications via a mobile network for businesses including data uploads and synchronisation, document share and collaboration, email and web browsing. Ideally, a wide variety of information can be delivered via a mobile device, overcoming the 160 character limitations of SMS.It is usually impossible to directly port a desktop application to a wireless to a handheld device therefore, directly access most websites using a handheld device is difficult.Another problem the engineers might face is that typing on a cell phones tiny keys can be difficult and time consuming and the size of the screen is limited too. This could be a problem when an engineer is trying to download diagrams, as there will be problems with its clarity.* FAQs facility stored on mobilesOne of the drawbacks on using GPRS is that it has slow data transfer rates.Although rates of 115 kbs (or more) have been quoted, the practical speeds are 20 to 30 kbs can be expected.Applications can be used in a shared environment, and data sharing is made easier effectively like being connected to a local anesthetic Area Network (LAN).An important functionality of personal digital assistants is the possibility of synchronising data with a contact database, such as MS Outlook hosted on corporate servers or a personal computer.The synchronised data ensures that the PDA has an accurate list of contacts, appointments and email. Critical to shared data access, synchronisation allows multiple clients to access, edit, and remove data records that a particular throng of users may regularly use.As well as that, data input is a lot quicker on a personal computer. Therefore, transferring data to a PDA via the computer is a lot quicker than having to manually input it all on the handheld device.POTENTIAL USEFULNESS OF feature MOBILE PHONES/PDAS, IN THE CONTEXT OF THIS BUSINESSWe will now discuss the benefits of mobilisation to the business.* PDA from for capturing progress madeA form can be created for the use on the PDA which will alter the engineers to capture progres s while they are with clients, which could then be distributed over the network, noting the problems that they could not fix or if any additional parts are required. Each time the engineer collects heir PDA, it is pre-loaded with weeks progress form. at one time the form is completed, the engineer can synchronise it when they get back to the office or using GPRS whilst out with the clients. The data can then be fed into a progress database, collecting the data from all the engineers. This will enable you to generate a project progress report automatically.The potential usefulness with mobile phones and PDAThere are various other ways the business can use the technology to help their staff. As the workers are apprentices, they can use the technology by using i.e. the intranet to access the help guide. This is a good idea as the staff can learn while on affair and in their free time. It is also a good cost saver as they will not need to pay for a teacher and a class room, and it is a lso less time consuming.The PDA or roughly mobiles phones have a satellite navigation system built in to help the staff if they are travelling to any location which they have difficulty strippinging. It will give them clear directions and pinpoint the location to save time.RECOMMENDATIONSHaving considered the ideas that have been brought forward by you, the technology would help to build a better relationship with the staff and also improved customer service.Before purchasing new technology, Repairs by Return will need to invest in training the staff to use the hand held device.We recommend using a mobile phone called the Treo 650 Smart phone this is a combined technology of some of the features of a PDA and also most of the features of a mobile phone. Of the three ideas, we think that the best idea would be having a server or the intranet to access the manuals and diagrams from the mobile phone. This will give the staff the intimacy to solve any problems and also gives some secr ecy as the customer will not spot that the engineer is asking for help.The idea of using the mobile phone to contact other experienced engineers is a good idea but may distract the other staff that may also be with a customer.The idea of having a FAQ database maybe a bad idea as the staff may not always find the most accurate answers to there questions. The database will have answers of the problems that have arose in the past but may not have new problems, this will mean that the information would have to be updated frequently so that it is up to date.The information will have to be stored so will take up the hard drive space which the staff may need to use for other information. This will mean that the business would need to purchase higher mega byte memory cards. This is an additional cost for the business.The intranet would be a good idea as the all the information is there you do not need to store the information as it is on the intranet saving memory space. Although the infor mation maybe hard to find as the staff would need to go through the manual to find what they are looking for. The technology of the smart phone will help the staff as the phone has the features of browser to search for any words or phrases on the web to located information much faster and have less time consumed looking through the whole manual.BIBLIOGRAPHYBOOKS USED1) Panko. R., Business Data Communications and Networking, Prentice Hall, third Edition (2000)WEBSITES USED1) http//www.voiceanddata.com.au/feature_article/item_022003a.asp2) http//www.palm.com/us/products/smartphones/treo650/web.epl3) http//web.ukonline.co.uk/p.boughton/wap.htm4) http//www.my-xda.com/xda2_closer.html5) http//www.reviewcentre.com/reviews90293.htmlGROUP LOGGroup Names* 21 February 2006ALLOCATION OF GROUPS1) Manik Maih2) Bijal Pandit3) Ime Udoh each(prenominal) members exchanged phone numbers and e-mail addresses. We allocated tasks and said that we should research on mobile phones and PDA.Time allocated f or research onlyManik Miah 7 daysBijal Pandit 7 daysIme Udoh 7 days* 28 February 2006All the radicaling members conducted sufficient research needed to write the report, within the time given. There were plenty of books and internet shanghai outs.All members looked and read through the research found and divided into files. We divided 3 ideas between us.Manik idea 1Bijal idea 2Ime idea 3We then allocated the tasks of the report and the internet website.Bijal Part 1 and 2Manik Part 3 and 4Ime website, contents page, group logWe met up every 3 days to check the progress of the report and to help any group members that are having difficulties.* 7 run into 2006All group members attended, and arrived on time. At this stage majority of the work was completed. Each member go around the work around to ensure there were no more mistakes. We all contributed equally and suggested that the work was delicately and additional work that needs to be done should.* 13 March 2006The group had fin ished off all there tasks and got together to check over all the work. We then edited the website. Once the last-place touches were made, we printed out the work.GROUP AGREEMENT 4BIM504 Data CommunicationsWe, the undersigned members of this group, undertake to be bound by the avocation agreement1. to attend all group meetings on time, except when agreed by other group members in advance, or where a documented excuse is provided2. to be well prepared for each meeting, ensuring that all relevant material is adequately researched and presented3. to be actively involved in the work of the group, by impart to the best of our abilities4. to participate in the editing and preparation of the final reportWe agree that if a group member breaches these undertakings, then the group has the right to recommend a reduced mark for the individual concern of up to 30% below the group grade. In this eventuality the group would submit reasons in physical composition to the seminar leader.We accept that the seminar tutor may require further information before making any penalization mark adjustments. We accept that the seminar tutors decision is final in these matters.

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The Ontology of Plato and Lucretius Essay Example for Free

The Ontology of Plato and Lucretius EssayOntology is the science involved with the study of nature and the contrasting aspects of being. It is an arm of the realm of metaphysics and is understood to be a mixture of ii fields science and philosophy. It stern be considered as the primary philosophy as it serves as an instrument through which assorted problems regarding the relations of being and nature are examined.Ontology involves many an(prenominal) different concepts and has evolved through the years to include many theories and evaluations realised by renowned philosophers. It has grown to include a large body of knowledge. The specific ontologies to be tackled here, however, will only include two of the more popular philosophers involved in the field, namely, Plato and Lucretius. Platos Theory of Forms states the different aspects of his ontology. The theory was first established in Platos Republic, as evidenced in the Myth of the Sun, the shared out Line, and the Myt h of the Cave and is composed of five basic characteristics. First, speech communication are the names of things. This means that words or nouns are names of actual entities. Second, that Forms exist. This second characteristic expounds the first indicating that the words that name things or entities are particular to a certain form. indeed the entity takes form. This is part of Platos concept of dualism indicating the presence of two spheres the sensible-where specific objects exist and the intelligible-where the Forms exist.The third characteristic stresses that the Forms of objects have more weight in reality than do ordinary objects. This is because of the stated fact that Forms are universal indicating more permanence and greater contribution to the individuation of a particular object. Fourth, all particular objects in the sensible world are directly relate to their counterpart forms in the intelligible world through a process coined by Plato as affaire. This process was never expounded and remains problematic to this day. The fifth characteristic of the theory states that the forms residing in the intelligible world are the causes of or are the reasons for events occurring in the sensible world.Lucretius also stated his own ontology through his six-book verse entitled De Rerum Natura or On the Nature of Things. This epic poem is the only known work produced by this Epicurean poet. Lucretius first establishes his ontology through by restating the characteristics of the atomic theory nothing comes from nothing, nothing becomes nothing, everything is composed of the indivisible by(predicate) bodies called atoms, and atoms are separated by empty station.Thus Lucretius believed that the basic units of reality were only the body, composed of atoms, and void, space between atoms. Everything that is perceived in reality simply stems from the properties present in these two basic units. Thus concrete bodies are simply aggregations of many atoms combined and space is merely extended to exist between these atoms. Thus it is only the combination of these individsible atoms that leads to the formation of more complex structures and beings.It should be noted that Lucretius did not buzz off use of the word atom. Instead, he used hurt such as the primordial rerum, seeds, and matter. These terms served the purposes of his poetry better and were more appropriate to the context in which these matters were discussed and used. two Plato and Lucretius presented their ontologies through literary works. Both were able to maintain the beliefs established in their individual theological commitments in their ontologies. Lucretius De Rerum Natura was completely in flexure with Epicurean teachings. Platos ontology was also clearly in agreement with his theologies as it was often restated in many of his writings.ReferencesWatt, S. (1997). Introduction the theory of forms (books 5-7). In PlatoRepublic (15-16) London Wordsworth EditionsEnglert, W. (2 003). Lucretius, on the nature of things. Newburyport, Mass. Focus.Ross, D. (1951). Platos Theory of Ideas. Oxford Oxford University Press.

The Martin Luther King Jr. Dream Speech Essay Example for Free

The Martin Luther fagot Jr. Dream Speech EssayIn no other place were the over all in all dreams of African the Statesns better utter than in the speech delivered by Martin Luther Jr. on August 28, 1963. Martin Luther aptly stated what had been the silent hope of many African Americans who had suffered segregation, break ones backry and unfair treatment from their Caucasian masters. Martin Luther however, spoke not from a victim put uppoint, but from the standpoint of a person who k saucily that what America was witnessing that day was just a pointer to better things to come. His speech was full of hope, yet he agreed that a hundred years after the signing of the independence proclamation, the downhearted tidy sum were not yet free, they were as yet poor in a country that glowed in prosperity and they were not yet accepted as part of the great American society. This however, did not deter him from universe hopeful. He still believed that there was hope in the promissor y note depicted by the words of the American constitution as nearly as the resolution of Independence that the in effect(p) to life, liberty and happiness would be avail adequate to everyone regardless of their tegument people of colour.Though he knew that the shady bulk had been denied many things, he refused to believe that the situation would be like that forever. He chose dialogue over strife as evidenced by his speech and though many blacks may involve been overjoyed by his advocacy for them, the weight of the words must have touched a marrow with the gabardine majority. Martin Luther propagated the real meaning of democracy in his speech, which would include eliminating social injustices and embracing brotherhood (Demetrice, A. Perry, J. Jr). universe a straight talker, he spoke plainly any(prenominal)what what the African Americans would do if they were not allow citizenship rights. The whirlwinds of revolt will shake the foundations of this country until justic e is done he said. He told the Caucasians that their destiny was buttoned to the African Americans. In this speech, Martin Luther magnate Jr. did what many slave revolts had been unable to do win over the black-and-blue lodge that America needed to have equality among all the races present if the country was to develop. The Nat turner ConfessionNat Turner on the other hand, started the slave rebellion in Antebellum South by organizing black men to slaughter white men. In the jail where he was incarcerated after the rebellion, Turner confessed close to his life and what had take him to stage the rebellion. In the confession, it was evident that Turner too felt the pinch of slavery and deep within, just like Martin Luther , had the dream that one day, the black people would be free. His approach was disparate from Martin Luthers as he utilized violence in a bid to air the slaves grievances. Turner believed that he had been augurly elected to set the black community free.This was the kindred intellectual he had given for returning to his master after running away. He claimed that he had received divine revelation and that he must serve his earthly master. His time in slavery however, allowed him to prepargon for what he termed as his great mission, which was to execute the white people. Respected among his peers for his great insight, Turner was able to convince them easy to take part in the insurrection. Evidently, the black community was fed up with the ill treatment, but had no channels through which they could vent their frustrations.When Turner suggested the insurrection, they were all too willing to follow him (Gray, T. R, 1831). Overall, Nat Turner and Martin Luther exponent Jr. were twain people with common goals of emancipating the black community from slavery. Their approaches were different in that one take away diplomacy, while the other choose a revolution. Reflection of the African American History in the Speeches dickens the Turn er confession and the Martin Luther King dream speech portray a part of African-American score that revolved around slavery and the denial of basic licenses and rights by the white community.In his speech, Martin Luther portrays his dreams well about what he hoped America would become. As such, we get the picture that for each dream that he put forth, the resister was exactly true in real life. Racism was at its worst, with the blacks suffering the blunt of it. This is evident when he says that the whites only signs rob their children off their dignity. A striking difference between the blacks is evident when Martin Luther says that whereas the Negroes in multiple sclerosis are denied the right to vote, those in New York believe they have no reason to voteThe two speeches further reveal that not all white people were opposed to the emancipation of the black people and that indeed a significant number of Caucasian Americans respected and admired the black people. In Martin Luther s speech, he says that the presence of white people during his speech delivery was evidence enough that not all white people are to be distrusted. This however suffices the norm during those days that blacks would always view the white people suspiciously. Nat Turner also acknowledges that his master realized his great potential and remarked that he would not be of any useful service as a servant.It is also revealed by Turner that slavery was a deeply committing work, such that he could only pray when his slavery duties allowed. He also reveals that it was not odd for the slaves to run away from their masters farms and seek refuge in some of the states that had declared freedom for the slaves. The difference between the two speeches is that the Martin Luther speech was read 100 years after the signing of the emancipation proclamation, while the Turner confession was given when blacks were still under slavery in many states.The two therefore have different aspects of African America n history with Turners giving some insight in to what life was during the slavery era, while Martin Luthers gives snippets on the slow progress that the white society made before accepting the free black community as part of the big American society. According to the Martin Luther speech, despite the signing of the emancipation agreement in 1862, the black people were still crippled by ties of segregation and discrimination. As such, the black could not access basic services with as oftentimes ease as the whites did.Poverty was also widely spread among the black community curiously because they worked for little wages and did not own property like their masters. Martin Luther says that the black community was still in an island of poverty, while their country was an ocean of prosperity. In addition, he compares the Negroes to people who find that they are actually in exile in their own land. Martin Luther also reflected the hopeful nature of the black community who with each new day hoped that something better and more(prenominal) promising would come their way.He said, and in a way captured the feeling of many black people, that the vaults of American opportunities had not run dry and that more opportunities would open up for the black people. A part of the heritage that has been associated with the slavery era is the Negro spirituals as stated in the Martin Luther speech. Reflections of the speeches on the Contemporary African American culture Through the daring and courageous acts of Nat Turner, many African Americans were able to know that slavery is a thing that they did not have to put up with.As a result, many of them started clamoring for freedom, calls that unconstipatedtually led to their emancipation. The white slave owners were also more aware of the brew insurrection among the slaves and as opposed to earlier times when they could boss the slaves around, they started giving them some level of pop space. This was done in order to avoid mass revolts. The fact that the whites and blacks learnt to respect each other and even appreciate each others contributions may have an indirect impact on the similarity between whites and blacks in modern society.Martin Luther on the other hand advocated for human rights, a common distinctive in todays society. Although not a preserve of the black community alone, human right violations are always met by protests that seek to let the ruling class know that the masses are not comfortable with the negative social developments. As such, Martin Luther advocated for the proper collection of facts, determination of whether justice exists, negotiating with the parties refer and if this fails, then direct action would be the next best thing (africanamericans. com).Today, the black community is among the nonage groups who shout the loudest whenever their rights are infringed upon. The Speeches also teach the contemporary society that oppressed people cannot remain in that position forever a nd that eventually their yearning for freedom will supersede the pulls that try to keep them down. With the African-American, the heaviness awakened them to the fact that freedom is real and that it can also be gained through persistence. In a contemporary setting, the speech reflects the fact that discontent if channeled into the right and creative outlets can bear desirable results. advocacy is such one combination which always provides an alternative to confrontations. The words of Martin Luther resonate well in the contemporary world. For example, one of his famous quotes is Injustice anywhere is a threat to Justice everywhere. No black leader can vouch for this statement better than the world leaders of all races, colors or creeds who have witnessed injustice sprout and eventually become a wide spread catastrophe that attracts protestors to the streets.The fuddled belief that Turner and Martin Luther fought for the cause as well as the rights and freedoms of the black commun ity have led to what has been branded the African-American communism. Understandably, having faced the same fate of segregation and discrimination based on their kowtow color, African Americans were inclined to social groupings that would advance their cause in the social, stinting and political circles. Maybe not the kind of brotherhood that Martin Luther had referred to in his dream speech, but still a form of brotherhood that shares the same history.The fact that Martin Luther fought with words, marches and sermons is a clear indication that words are more powerful as a means of getting a truce. One stands a better chance of getting more people to support his or her arguments. At one point in his speech, he urged the black people to refrain from physical confrontation and instead use soul strength to fight against physical force used against them. He also asked them to avoid guilt for things they had done in their struggle towards seeking freedom ConclusionThe fact that American is revered as the worlds largest democracy is no itsy-bitsy fete. Knowing the history of the country, it is right to say that the country has made enormous steps into ensuring that each of its citizens is well protected by the law and that personal liberties are upheld at all times. Issues relating to racism keep on emerging and it would be wishful thinking to imagine that they will easily disappear. The fact is that as dour as there are color differences between the different people in America, the racial read/write head will always arise.Today however, an emerging trend has seen to the branding of the black culture as a fashionable thing and no longer is the black community seen as the underdogs. The evolving of the society to twinge a more inclusive culture where people are judged by their merits and not by their skin color is a true realization of Martin Luthers dream that one day America will embrace brotherhood. The Martin Luther King dream though told at the height of un certainty about the future of the black community has proven true as today, people from all races get to live and work in America without much racism.Even in the mild cases of racism, general respect between the people is still retained in the full knowledge that there is no difference between individuals except maybe their skin color, which does not count for anything. Today the rights of the black worker are respected just as much as those of his white counterpart. In the likely incident that there is oppression in the work place, both suffer the same fate. The social divide today has more to do with economic groupings and social classes as opposed to racism.Through self-determination and utilizing the opportunities provided to them by government institutions, the black community has successfully managed to bridge the economic gap that existed between the white community and them. The journey for the black community in the US has been approximately dramatic. It has seen the rise and fall of heroes who will forever remain in the memories of the community on whose behalf whom they struggled so much. Martin Luther King Jr. will for example, remain as a civil rights hero who was not afraid to stand up and defend what he believed was right. Under the same ideals, he did not shy away from being put in jail as he upheld the same beliefs.BibliographyLuther, M. Jr. Beyond Vietnam 1987 www. africanamericans. com/MLKjrBeyondVietnam retrieved 4th declination 2007 Demetrice A. W Perry J, Jr. African American Literature an Anthology Second Edition. Topeka Blvd Topeka Bindery (2001) Gray, T. R. The Confessions of Nat Turner attraction of the late Insurrection in the Southampton, VA. (1831) www. wfu. edu/zulick/340/natturner. html retrieved 4th December 2008