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Maurice Sendak :: essays research papers fc

&9Maurice Sendak may be the best-known childrens author / illustrator in the world today. His artistry has become somewhat of an American icon some even up became the creation of an advertising campaign for Bell Atlantic. This extremely gifted genius was really cultivating within Sendak since his childhood, and legion(predicate) different memories from his youth influenced the masterpieces he has created.&9Born in Brooklyn on June 10th (coincidently, my birthday) 1928, Sendak has illustrated over 70 books and scripted at least 15 himself. He has also derived animated films for m any(prenominal) of his stories, as well as stage productions of Where The Wild Things Are and actually Rosie. Currently, he illustrates the animated series Little Bear on Nickelodeon. Sendak grew up a sickly child who was not allowed to go outside often. Therefore, existence the youngest child in a family of three, he was left alone with his imagination. He enjoyed drawing and reading from an o ther(a) age, but was often dissatisfied with the children books that were ready(prenominal) to him. He attempted to read what he called "real books" even when he was a young child he felt it was an embarrassment even to enter the childrens section of the library. Sendak pens the type of books he wished he had as a child entertaining stories which are not limited by any effort to make things so simple for children that they become mundane.&9Sendaks greatest influence as a writer was his father. Phillip Sendak was a superbly creative storyteller who amazed Maurice and his brother and sister. "He didnt edit," remarks Maurice in an interview with Marion Long. "Its funny, because thats what Im acc employ of now being a storyteller who tells children inappropriate things." Sendak potently believes that children are curious by nature, and so he must write stories which beckon the child to keep turning the pages. The best stories for children tell children o nly what they want to hear, with all the details. This is Sendaks goal in his stories.&9An short amazing artist without any formal training, Sendak feels that his adoration for Mickey creep has influenced many of his illustrations. Sendak was calls Mickey Mouse one of the most dominant figures of his childhood. This "early best friend" influenced characters in his work, and many of the protagonists in the books he has written have first seduces beginning with the letter "M." He used Max for Where the Wild Things Are, Martin in Very Far Away, and Mickeys own name for In the Night Kitchen.

Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Design Essay -- Research Analysis

experimental and Quasi-Experimental DesignThere are basically two main categories of measuring rod variables with a sample of participants or subjects experimental and quasi-experimental. According to (Hopkins, 2008), research studies rouse be carried out utilise body tissues, cells, animals or humans. The researcher is face for a relationship between the variables, and this toilette be accomplished using statistics, relative frequencies, and/or correlations (Hopkins, 2008). One can accomplish this by just now observing without influencing, manipulating, or controlling the environment or interaction. One can observe and explore one subject, or one can equalize one subject with a nonher (Hopkins, 2008). Experimental Study The goal of this conduct is to discover whether the intervention of using relaxing music has can involve the ablaze state. The hypothesis of this study asks to what extent does perceive or not li stening to music before a test decrease test-taking anguish in middle school students? The second hypothesis is to what extent does listening or not listening to music cast up test stacks in middle school students?If the hypotheses are supported, then the students will not only state a decrease in physical and emotional symptoms of anxiety, but will score higher than the average of their prior triad tests. This means that a decrease in anxiety will move on after the intervention, and a decrease in anxiety will defecate a higher score. Having one variable decrease and the other increase is known as a negative correlation (Cozby and Bates, 2012). This means that thither is a relationship between the two variables. Of course, this must be not only proven by statistical ev... ...e Research. Association of Operating elbow room Nurses Journal, 90, 543-551. doi200698620Blankinship, D. G. (2011, January 13). Testing anxiety Researchers find solution to help students cope. Huffing ton chain armor Education. Retrieved from http//, P. C., & Bates, S. C. (2012). Methods in behavioral research (11th ed.). New York, N.Y. McGraw Hill.Fiske, S. T. (2010). Social Beings Core Motives in Social Psychology (2nd ed.). Hoboken, N.J. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.Hopkins, W. G. (2008). Quantitative research design. Sportscience, 4(1). Retrieved from http//, R. A., & Davis, S. F. (2007). The psychologist as detective An introduction to conducting research in psychology (4th ed.). Upper excite River, N.J. Pearson Prentice Hall.

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Our Individual Social Responsibility Essay -- Personal Social Responsi

Individual Social Responsibility is a moral belief where we as individuals, film a responsibility toward society. organism socially responsible is about all individuals behaving ethically and sensitively towards social, economic, and environmental issues. It is about being accountable for our actions and being conscious of the impact your actions have on others, our communities, and the environment. By taking an active participation in declaration some of the issues, we as individuals should all strive to set good examples by applying and adhering to socially responsible practices, such as improving the quality of lives for individuals and their families, provide energy and time towards improving and benefiting society. Get involved and actively go into in helping to solve some ...

History of Money Essay

Money is what you practice to buy things. The idea of traffic things is rattling old. A long time ago, people did not buy or sell with money. Instead, they barterd one thing for other to get what they wanted or ask. One person who owned many intimidates could trade with another person who owned much shuck. Each would trade a curt of what he had with the other, and support the people on his farm. This is known as barter. some other things that were easier to carry close to than cows also came to be held as valuable, and were utilize as trade items, such as jewelry and spices. When people changed from trading in things like cows and wheat to exploitation money instead, they needed things that would last a long time, still be valuable, and could be carried around. The depression country in the world to make metal coins was called Lydia, sometime around 650 BC, in the western part of what is now Turkey.The Lydian coins were made of a weighed add together of precious metal a nd were stamped with a picture of a lion. This idea in brief spread to Greece, the rest of the Mediterranean, and the rest of the world. Coins were all made to the same sizing and shape. In some parts of the world, different things have been used as money, like clam shells or blocks of salt. Besides being easier to carry than cows, using money had many other advantages. Money is easier to divide than many trade goods.If someone own cows, and wants to trade for only half a cows worth of wheat, he probably does not want to have intercourse his cow in half. But if he sells his cow for money, and buys wheat with money, he piece of tail get exactly the amount he wants. Cows die, and wheat rots. But money lasts longer than most trade goods. If someone sells a cow for money, he can save that money away until he needs it. He can always leave it to his children when he dies. It can last a very long time, and he can use it at any time.

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Reflection on The Use of Force Essay

The short level The go for of Force is a story which is narrated by a showcase, the fix. The main character is a normal doctor which appreciates his job and is ready to fulfill his handicraft to find out what his patients conundrums are. In the story, he seems to rush allot close the electric s stirrs health. At one point, he gets mad because all his cooperation with the youngster is getting them nowhere. Anger starts to be matte up in the doctors cabinet this is when the patient will postulate to be forced to get examined by the doctor.The doctor in the story knows how to apprehend patients, he starts out smoothly with the girl, knowing that nestlingren usually react with a good attitude if you are friendly with them. The doctors duty is to know exactly what you are sick of, which the girl, for unknown reasons didnt want to be examined closely. She refused to admit she had a sore throat. The fact that her ignorance could killing her made the doctor insane, he then beca me more insistent about using physical force to help her out. Even though the doctors effort didnt work, he knew that if he had the full turn out of her parents, they finally would come to an end with the problem. The doctor enjoyed the feeling of insane ira towards the child it made him go through the hard struggle of initiation the childs mouth. The anger expressed by him was not instanter linked to the girl, but to the situation, he did want to help out the ignorant, harm girl from the sickness she was hiding.The two characters which bring an essence to the main name and address of the story are the doctor and the child. The Doctor then finds pleasure in using force in diagnosing the unpleasant child, which happens to cause her pain. The child therefore, still is fighting back and will not abandon her cause. The child creates the turmoil without being conscious, she is being a painful patient and she is not able to tell whether what she does is good or wrong. It shows us tha t she is probably a spoiled and rebellious girl, who easily stands out when things arent what she wants. The doctor is alike part of the undesired situation, he is a key element in the turmoil. He enjoys using force upon the child to help her out, he wants to levy her she is wrong to act as such. The doctor feels no remorses of the actions he took for the child, all he seeks for is satisfaction by proving himself he is parcel the young child.The use of force was needed to resolve the situation. It was necessary to have a proper diagnosis of her health to save her. What really came gloomy to the use of force was that the doctor was determined to find out what profuse the parents of the child. It was also that she made him so angry about being stroppy and so hard to handle that he became more and more persistent. To conclude, twain of the characters want to win a fight, with misconduct. The doctor is faced with a problem of self discipline and the young girl has a lack of o bedience.

Variation Of Acoustics Within A Space Architecture Essay

Concrete would bring forth big re efficaciousing sound whereas rug would absorb sound. A well-lightedtle morose and loud interminable would arouse tenseness in the user where as a innumerous meant to portray joy would be big, full lit and pick emerge proper acoustical values.Aural computer architecture plays many most-valuable functions in assorted types of infinites much(prenominal)(prenominal) as musical, societal, navigational, aesthetic and symbolic. In a musical infinite, the echo blends the note sequences into chords. In a societal infinite it changes the distance between people in eating houses. In a navigational infinite it permits traveling through a dark infinite by echo sounding, as an aesthetic infinite it provides a delighting aural texture and as a symbolic infinite it undersurface be associated with spiritual significance in the context of a infinite such as a cathedral ( Blesser 2009 )The image above shows the shrine of St. Werburg in the Chester Cathedr al. This shrine has six deferrals for kneeling pilgrims to put their caputs while praying. This pit amplifies and reachs the sound giving the mortals voice a dramatic and emotional strength. The reverberations give the superstar of being in an an different(prenominal) universe, the elaboration gives the find of familiarity and the visual isolation contributes to confidentialness. Through a insistent use for rites and ceremonials, the ocular and aural belongingss of such objects or geometries can get a symbolic significance.In the ocular universe, these would be c exclusively(prenominal)ed icons, and the equivalent of it in the aural universe would be cognise as an earcon ( Blesser and Salter,2007 ) . The user get out be cognizant of the enormousness, geometry and stuff of the cathedral by the feeling of the reverberation and re-echo within the infinite. If the stuff use for the cathedral was carpet alternatively of rock, it would be acoustically softened both bit good as the spacial and acoustic dimensions of the architecture will be lost. ( Holl, Pallasmaa and Gomez, 2006 )Aural architectures affect on societal infinites is clearly homely in figure 2 shown below. When we think of architecture we tend to reckon the belongingss of the infinite that can be assemblen, specially the boundaries that are restricting us to a limited infinite and curtailing our motion all bit good as our legal rights of entree. On the other manus, aural boundaries are opposite to ocular boundaries as sound flows through every little scuttle and cranny. physique 2. Hogarth s angered instrumentalists. Hogarth portrays the discouragement of a instrumentalist who finds that his private music room and the uproar of the street are in item a singleA aural infinite.The figure above demonstrates how the sounds from the street flow freely through the open window of the house. Hence the street and the room with the unfastened window portion the same aural infinite.Fig 3. Dan K ish s police squad Bat taking unsighted adolescents on a bike aspireThe function of aural architecture in navigational infinites is barely of all time recognized except by the unsighted mortals who rely on echo sounding to assist them travel around ( fig 3 ) . We are non usually cognizant that we posses the ability to hear spacial properties such as an unfastened window or a wall. However every someone has an developing ability to utilize their ears to supplement vision. Potholers can get a line a sense of the countries of the cave that are wholly hidden by listening to the echo and reverberations ( Blesser and Salter,2007 ) . Any integrity who has been spellbound by the sound of H2O bead in the darkness of a ruin is a informant to the prodigious capacity of the ear to carve our volume into the nothingness of darkness ( Holl, Pallasmaa and Gomez, 2006 ) .The acoustic properties of a musical infinite have a important solution on the temper and behaviour of an person. This con sequence is scoop up demonstrated in high impact infinites instead than ordinary infinites. Stockhausen s public introduction of Stimmung in the Jaita caves near Beirut proves this. The public presentation was on a platform constructed over the abbeys and the audience was 80 thousand off from the acting artists, unlike in normal concert halls. This allowed the natural acoustics to rule the unmediated sound. After listening to the public presentation, a Catholic priest express it was adept of the longest and happiest supplications he had of all time known.Fig 4. Stockhausen s public presentation of Stimmung in the Jeita Cave near Beirut.The acoustic belongingss of a high impact infinite have a greater and to a greater extent effectual impact on the temper and emotion of the user than in an ordinary infinite. However one can all remember the acoustic abrasiveness of an inhibited and unfurnished house as apposed to the affableness of a lived place. Juhani Pallasmaa writes, ev ery edifice or infinite has its deem of factsistic sounds of familiarity or monumentality, invitation or rejecting, cordial reception or ill will. The map of aural architecture in an aesthetic infinite is similar to subjoining decorations and texture to our ocular infinites to do them envision alone and interesting. In the same mode we can add aural embroideries to alter the acoustics of the environment every bit good. In an try out done by Eusebio Sempere, where he made a sculpture with undefiled steel tubings that rotate at its base. It acts as a sonic filter which filters out passage of certain frequences, therefore the hearer on one side heard a tonic alteration of the sound geting from the other side. This sculpture is a ocular equivalent of the colored glass prism.Fig 5. Eusebio Sempere s sculpture inA Madrid has alone acoustic belongingss.Architecture is best perceived every bit sound as it leaves a tidy sum to the mental imagery of the user and it is said that imagin ativeness is needed to do sense of perceptual experience. Even though sound is non the dominant medium for comprehending architecture, it is successful in giving individuality to architecture as sound creates an aureole beyond map. In his book Eyes of the Skin, Pallasmaa states that Modern architecture at big has housed the mind and the oculus, but it has left the organic structure and the other senses, every bit good as our memories, imaginativeness and dreams, homeless ( pg 19 ) . You see things and state why? But I dream things that never were and state why non? UnknownImagination is the ability to organize a mental image of just aboutthing that is non straight perceived through the senses. It is the ability of the intellect to organize mental scenes, objects or events that do non be, are non present or have non happened ( Remez Sasson ) . Imagination is non save limited to seeing images in the head. It includes all the five senses and feelings. One can conceive of a sound, gustatory sensation, odor, a physical esthesis a feeling or emotion. It is imagination that makes it possible to see a whole universe inside the head. It gives us the ability to look at any state of affairs from a different raze of position. It has a really of import function and value in an person s life and is non simply merely woolgathering. Every person possesses some ability to conceive of, but in some it may be developed to a greater extent than others. We all use it, consciously or unconsciously, in our day-to-day life whether it is to read, compose, be after a party or a trip, to depict an event, to state or register, or merely merely giving waies to acquire to a specific finish. The imaginative power of imaginativeness is needed to accomplish success in any field, and some persons have a greater imaginativeness than others. It is a power beyond originative visual image, positive thought and avowals ( Remez Sasson ) . Basically, imaginativeness is the power of doing some thing up in one s caput. Perception depends on the world-wide position of a individual and imaginativeness is needed to do sense of these perceptual experiences.Make you elect your ain dreams or person else s? How about your ain phantasies or person else s? ( Anthony Megna ) . This is the really ground why many persons privilege reading a book in comparing to watching a film, as the film is person else s position and non their ain. The spectator has no power to conceive of the characters, topographic points or the events of the narrative as everything can be seen. Alternatively, when reading a novel, the reader has the chance to put out their ain readings of the narrative and has the power to conceive of the characters, topographic points and incidents in the narrative as he/she wants. Hence reading a book leaves one with a greater capacity to conceive of than watching a film, which is person else s fiction. Whenever I start reading a book I ever come up with how I think a charac ter should look or sound, so when versions come out and there is in the end a face and voice to the character and it is different than the 1 in my caput, it can be hard for me to accept says Lauren, a Harry putter fan. By and large when comparing a film to a book, the book wins the lucifer because with a book, one can acquire more information, more scenes and a better

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Customer Satisfaction in E-Commerce

In Proceedings of the 17th IEE UK Teletraffic Symposium, Dublin, Ireland, May 16-18, 2001 QUANTIFYING node SATISFACTION WITH E-COMMERCE WEBSITES Hubert Graja and Jennifer McManis1 Abstract E-commerce is an progressively solid part of the global economy. Users of E-commerce sack up settles often have high expectations for the lineament of service, and if those expectations are non met, the succeeding(a) pose is only a click international. A tote up of instruction execution problems have been observed for E-commerce web sets, and much take has g integrity into characterising the mathematical process of wind vane servers and light up income applications.However, the guests of E-commerce network land aims are slight well studied. In this work, we discuss a look of assessing felicity for different guest types with a wind vane localise according to assorted different parameters. Individual measures may be scurfy for simple comparison, and combined to giv e an over both cheer rating. This methodology is applied to collar Irish E-Commerce net come outs. 1) Introduction The beingness Wide meshwork is one of the most most-valuable Internet function, and has been largely responsible for the phenomenal growth of the Internet in recent years.An increasingly popular and serious weather vane-based activity is ECommerce, in which various types of financial proceedings are carried out or facilitated using the meshwork. It is widely expected that E-Commerce activity ordain continue to grow and that it will be a signifi potfult component of the global economy in the near future. A number of dischargeance problems in E-Commerce systems have been observed, mainly due to heavier-thananticipated loads and the nonessential inability to satisfy client requirements. This has resulted in a lot of work attempting to characterise the performance of nett servers and Internet applications e. . 1? 4. However the guests of these E-Commerce systems are less well studied. any(prenominal) surveys show considerable dis delight with current E-Commerce and wind vane servers for example, it has been describe that as galore(postnominal) as 60% of ingestionrs typi chattery bednot prevail the knowledge they are looking for in a Web invest, point though the knowledge is present 5. In an area such as ECommerce, guests pick up a high quality of the service they receive, since it is easy to move away to another turn up if they perceive the current one to be unsatis agenty. An important come to the fore in designing E-Commerce systems is to characterise the ustomers requirements for satisfactory service. Parameters which affect a nodes pleasure with an E-Commerce system allow in the response time, number of clicks needed to find what they exigency, amount of information they are required to give, and predictability of the service received. This track downs to the idea of guest clanification, where nodes in t he same class would value parameters in a alike fashion. client classification may be performed either based on how they judge their delight with an E-Commerce system, or on some(a) other way (e. . large/medium/sm exclusively budget type/speed of Internet connection the customer has to the server frequent/previous/new customer). here we briefly present a methodology for measuring the satisfaction of customer classes. This methodology is applied to a test case consisting of three Irish E-Commerce Web sites in the telecommunications sector. We are able to demonstrate different levels of customer satisfaction among the Web sites, and as well different levels of satisfaction with various parameters for for to each one one individual Web site. 2) MethodologyIn our methodology, we identify customer classes reflecting groups of customers with different conductal characteristics, and Web site parameters relating to features of the Web site which will potentially affect customer satisf action. We whence seek to measure customer satisfaction with the various parameters in a consistent and quantifiable way. This methodology is summarised below a more detailed discussion of the methodology may be found in 6. 2. 1) Customer yrification Customers may be classified in various ways, such as their behaviour or according to how they measure satisfaction with a Web site.However this classification is made, a representation of the customer class must then be made. This representation has twain components first, customer behaviour and second, customer satisfaction measures 1 Performance Engineering Laboratory http//www. eeng. dcu. ie/pel School of Electronic Engineering, Dublin City University, Dublin 9, Ireland email&clxprotected dcu. ie, email&160protected dcu. ie for various Web site parameters. We define customer behaviour in terms of the interaction with the Web site. A shade behaviour is outlined as the series of clicks and other information that the customer excha nges with the site.Typically, behaviour for a customer class is outlined as one or more traces. For a customer class, a weighting may be classd with the traces indicating how likely it is for the customer to perform that particular trace behaviour. That is, some behaviour may be divulgeed more frequently by a drug user in a class, and this behaviour should be granted high weighting. 2. 2) Customer gaiety Measures The factors which big business organizationman affect customer satisfaction with a Web site are contained in a parameter list.It is important that for each parameter in the list satisfaction should be quantifiable. Some quantification measures are easily defined. For instance, if the parameter is the number of clicks, the quantification may be defined as an integer value. Other parameters may have more subjective quantifications. For instance, how does one quantify the quality of information available at a Web site? In order to compare the satisfaction metrical fo r different parameters, the quantifications must be mapped to a fixed scale. For instance, all measures could be mapped to a scale of 0 to 10.This use is what allows us to represent customer valuation of the same parameters. For instance, some customers will tolerate delay founder than others. This may lead to one customer mapping a transfer time of 5 seconds to 10 and another mapping a transfer time of 5 seconds to 0. Studies such as 7 indicate that this mapping trick be complex and context babelike. 2. 3) Analysis of Customer joy for a Web website Using the above, for each trace it is possible to associate a satisfaction value with every parameter.The trace weightings may then be used to arrive at a leaden add up of the satisfaction determine associated with the parameters. This gives a measure of how satisfied a disposed class of customers is with a given parameter. Finally a weighting of parameters can be defined, allowing for an boilers suit satisfaction measure of a class for the Web site. By varying this weighting, we can select how different parameters affect customer satisfaction. 3) Test Results The most difficult part of this exercise is in relating customer trace behaviour to the satisfaction vector. How parameter satisfaction is careful nd how it is mapped onto a fixed scale must be addressed on a case-by-case basis, although experience using the methodology may lead to the definition of some standard cases. Also, since multiple executions of the same trace may lead to different values, some statistical analysis may be required. We have applied our methodology to three Irish E-Commerce Web sites in the telecommunications sector (designated here as Web sites A, B, and C). 3. 1) Customer Classification Customers for the three Web sites we examined have been divided into two distinct classes cliquish and phone line. pull ins are associated with searching for specific information that the customers might be interested in. sestet custom er tasks are identified in tabularize 1 and for each Web site a trace is devised to perform the task. For the sake of convenience, we call all traces associated with a given task by the same name, even soing though the trace is obviously specific to the Web site. Data services is split into T4a and T4b because Web site B provided different pages depending on whether the customer was private or business.Trace T1 T2 T3 T4a T4b T5 T6 Task Where to buy a phone reporting Tariffs WAP Data Services Data Services for duty Roaming List Business Tariffs Table 1 Tasks The semiprivate and Business customer classes are defined as a collection of the above tasks, and an associated weighting is given which is declarative of the relative likelihood of customers of a given class seeking to perform that task. Trace weightings for the Private and Business classes are given in Table 2. The interpretation is that for a group of Private users roughly half might want to know where to buy a phone, 3 0% might want to know about tariffs, 10% ight want to know about insurance coverage and 10% might want to know about WAP services. The Business users exhibit different behaviour with 30% wanting to know about coverage, 30% being interested in the roaming list, 20% being interested in data services and 20% being interested in business tariffs. Customer Class Private Trace T1 T2 T3 T4a T2 T4a, T4b T5 T6 Trace Weighting 0. 5 0. 1 0. 3 0. 1 0. 3 0. 2 0. 3 0. 2 Business Table 2 Trace weightings for different customer classes 3. 2) Satisfaction Measures Three parameters were identified complexity, succession, and step.Complexity was measured as the number of clicks to reach the destination. quantify was measures as total download time in seconds. persona was a subjective measure of the quality of the information contained in the site (could the information be found, and how easy was it to find? ). select was measured using a small-scale user survey where the users were asked to exa mine the end page for each task and rate their satisfaction with the information they found in that respect on a scale of 0-100%. A scale of 0-10 (with 0 being blister and 10 best) was chosen for a uniform comparison of satisfaction values.The measured satisfaction values were mapped onto the 0-10 scale as follows Complexity beat timber 10(20-(n-1)/10), where n is the number of clicks 10(10-t/60), where t is the trace download time in seconds x/10, where x is the average value of user satisfaction with the quality of the page For Quality a straightforward linear mapping was applied. to a greater extent complex mappings were employed for Complexity and Time, and are shown in Figure 1. Examining the Time mapping we see that 60 seconds is regarded as an unacceptable download time, and even 30 seconds leads to a fairly poor rating.Similarly, for Complexity, 10 clicks is regarded as unacceptable, and even 5 clicks is fairly poor. Note that we have chosen one among many possible mappi ngs. It is up to the tester to decide how to choose a mapping that best reflects customer preferences. Also note that, in this case, all customers use the same mappings, and thus are seen to perceive the parameters in a standardised fashion. It is an easy extension to attach different scale mappings to different customer classes or to different traces. Figure 1 mapping time and complexity measures to a 0-10 scale 3. ) Satisfaction Measurement for Web Sites Once the satisfaction measures are determined, it remains to test the Web sites and compare results. Data was gathered using the Web Performance Trainer 2. 1 tool 8 to black market each of the traces on the Web site in question. This was necessary wholly to take time data, and was carried out on a weekday. The other two satisfaction values can be determined by an tryout of the Web sites. Tables 3, 4, and 5 summarise the satisfaction measures for the three Web sites respectively. Web Site A Customer Class Trace Complexity nat uralSatisfaction Measures Time raw 37. 6 34. 0 34. 7 28. 6 34. 7 46. 9 28. 6 38. 7 scaled 2. 4 2. 7 2. 6 3. 3 2. 6 2. 6 1. 7 3. 3 2. 3 2. 4 Quality raw 80 72 67 68 61 69 66 64 scaled 8. 0 7. 2 6. 7 6. 8 7. 5 6. 1 6. 9 6. 6 6. 4 6. 5 scaled 4. 1 3. 0 4. 1 4. 1 3. 8 4. 1 3. 0 4. 1 4. 1 3. 8 Private Business T1 T3 T2 T4a weighted avg. T2 T5 T4a T6 weighted avg. 4 5 4 4 4 5 4 4 Table 3 Customer Satisfaction for Web Site A Web Site B Customer Class Trace Complexity raw scaled 4. 1 7. 4 5. 5 5. 5 5. 4 5. 5 4. 1 4. 1 7. 4 5. 2 Satisfaction Measures Time raw 16. 7 11. 2 17. 1 13. 9 17. 1 14. 39. 7 12. 3 scaled 5. 3 6. 5 5. 2 5. 9 5. 7 5. 2 5. 7 2. 2 6. 2 4. 9 Quality scaled 8. 6 7. 6 7. 6 7. 4 8. 1 7. 3 7. 5 6. 4 7. 6 7. 2 raw 86 76 76 74 73 75 64 76 Private Business T1 T3 T2 T4a weighted avg. T2 T5 T4b T6 weighted avg. 4 2 3 3 3 4 4 2 Table 4 Customer Satisfaction for Web Site B Web Site C Customer Class Trace Satisfaction Measures Complexity Time raw scaled 4. 1 5. 5 7. 4 5. 5 5. 0 7. 4 7 . 4 5. 5 7. 4 7. 0 raw 14. 0 13. 0 11. 1 12. 4 11. 1 10. 2 12. 4 10. 9 scaled 5. 8 6. 1 6. 5 6. 2 6. 0 6. 5 6. 8 6. 2 6. 6 6. 5 Quality scaled 8. 1 6. 8 6. 8 5. 8 7. 4 6. 1 5. 3 6. 5. 3 5. 7 raw 81 68 68 58 61 53 60 53 Private Business T1 T3 T2 T4a weighted avg. T2 T5 T4a T6 weighted avg. 4 3 2 3 2 2 3 2 Table 5 Customer Satisfaction for Web Site C The overall satisfaction measures are summarised in Table 6. Some raise conclusions can be drawn from these measures. Firstly, for all Web sites and all parameters, there was a variation in satisfaction levels between the customer classes. Thus, not all users find the Web sites equally good. This is most noticeable for the Quality parameter Private users rated Quality higher than Business users in all cases.If Business customers are considered valuable, this gap is not desirable. There is also a large difference in satisfaction ratings for the Time parameter of Web site B, again favouring Private customers over Business customers. Second ly, for all users and all measures, there are a range of values across the Web sites. For instance, the Time satisfaction for Business users varies from 6. 5 for Web site C down to 2. 4 for Web site A. This indicates that Web site C might have an edge in attracting Business customers. Finally, for a given user class and Web site, different satisfaction levels are observed.For example, Private users of Web site A have a Time satisfaction value of 2. 6 and a Quality satisfaction value of 7. 5. The accurate interpretation of this is difficult, since the different parameter satisfaction values are dependent on the mapping of the raw data, which of necessity, differs for each parameter. However, it does perhaps indicate a favouring of form over efficiency. Customer Class Satisfaction Customer Web Site Class Web site A Private Web site B Web site C Web site A Business Web site B Web site C Satisfaction Measures Complexity Time Quality 3. 8 5. 4 5. 0 3. 8 5. 2 7. 0 2. 6 5. 7 6. 2. 4 4. 9 6 . 5 7. 5 8. 1 7. 4 6. 5 7. 2 5. 7 Table 6 Customer Class Satisfaction for Web sites A, B, and C Finally, an overall assessment of customer satisfaction may be found by weighting the various parameters. Table 7 displays the overall satisfaction results under several different weighting schemes Weighting 1 gives all parameters equal weighting Weighting 2 gives Time and Complexity equal weighting and Quality zero weighting Weighting 3 considers Time only (zero weighting for Quality and Complexity). These weightings reflect possible values the tester places on the various parameters.We can see that for all the weightings, Business users have a clear order of preference, ranking Web site C highest, then Web site B, and finally Web site A. The order of preference for Private users varies according to the weighting used, although Web site A is worst under all three weightings. Customer Class Satisfaction Customer Web Site Class Web site A Private Web site B Web site C Web site A Business W eb site B Web site C Satisfaction Measures Weighting 1 Weighting 2 Weighting 3 4. 6 6. 4 6. 1 4. 2 5. 8 6. 4 3. 2 5. 6 5. 5 3. 1 5. 1 6. 8 2. 6 5. 7 6. 0 2. 4 4. 9 6. 5 Table 7 Customer satisfaction with a Web site ) Conclusions manikin customer satisfaction with Web and E-commerce sites is not as well studied as Web server modelling, but ascertain whether and how the customers of these sites are satisfied with their interactions is becoming increasingly important as the Web matures. We have proposed a methodology for estimating how satisfied defined classes of customers are with a Web site. Our approach recognises that customer satisfaction is a complex issue and includes factors which are not easily measured. We have applied our methodology to the study of three Irish E-Commerce Web sites.These sites were chosen for representative purposes only and the results do not necessarily generalise to other Web sites. Choices for the tester include not only what customer categories and w hat Web site parameters to examine, but also how to interpret the measured data such as download time. The tractability of the methodology means that it will be necessary for the tester to carefully consider all of their options. The next step is to investigate whether generic categories of users can be defined, and/or whether they care about generic Web site parameters (e. . it seems download time will always be a factor in user satisfaction). Given a specific Web site, we will explore methods for mapping these generic user types and satisfaction parameters into the sites content. If an analysis of the resulting satisfaction measures shows that there is a disparity in the satisfaction of different user types, we will study how the Web site designer or decision maker should take this into account, and whether their reaction can be determined dynamically mend the user is interacting with the site.References 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Nakamura et al, ENMA the WWW Server Performance M easurement System via big bucks Monitoring, INET99. Cottrell et al, Tutorial on Internet Monitoring and PingER at SLAC available from http//www. slac. stanford. edu/comp/net/wan-mon/tutorial. html Kalidindi and Zekauskas, Surveyor An Infrastructure for Internet Performance Measurements, INET99. Hava and Murphy, Performance Measurement of military personnel Wide Web Servers Proc. f 16th UK Teletraffic Symposium, May 2000. http//www. ecai. ie/usability_online. htm Graja and McManis, Modelling User Interactions with E-Commerce Services, to be presented at ICN01, Colmar, France, July 2001. Bouch, Kuchinsky, and Bhatti, Quality is in the affection of the Beholder Meeting Users Requirements for Internet Quality of Service, HP proficient report HPL-2000-4, http//www. hpl. hp. com/techreports/2000/HPL-2000-4. html Web Performance Incorporated, http//www. Webperfcenter. com

Kumdo in Korea

This soldierly art proficiency grow psycheal manner back 2000 years ago at the time of the early troika Kingdoms period Shilla, Plahae, and Koryo. In those times, vane bearing is a route of life, they find out every rules religiously and conduct their daily lives with strictly disciplined and moral manners. Through the use of stigma the above dynasties bedevil expanded their individual territories especially during the 7th to 15th century. Specifically, the Palhae Dynasty was found and ruled by the ex-Koguryo warrior clique after the fall of Koguryo in 668 A.D.After the fall of the unified trinity Kingdoms, the warrior class was just limited to state military who refined and highly-developed the art under the name of Ghihuck-Gum. In 1896, Ghihuck-Gum was chosen to be the compulsory training requirement for the newly founded police academy. From there on, Kumdo, the modern jointure of the art of the sword and the way of righteousness from the Taoist philosophy, was dev eloped to be practiced by some as a sport and by others as a means of character development or phantasmal refinement (U.S. Hwa Rang Kwan, 2006).In the 20th century, Kumdo used the bamboo sword and lightweight outfit used in Japanese Kendo. The population of people studying this technique grows very fast as the availability of the practice armor and sword made Kumdo flooded the market. It made the technique more commonplace.What is KumdoKumdo means sword way. It is the Korean counterpart of Japanese Kendo. The current technique uses juk do(4 split bamboo sword) and the ho goo(the head and body gear), which began in eighteenth century.With juk do and ho goo the art of Kum Do took a impress turn in its style. Allowing more experimentation without injury, the style became more impressive by allowing stronger and deadlier blow without a recallable and extensive swing of the sword. The shew form that combines of the inner strength (much signified by a wawl from within ki), the ab solute and unbounded swing of the sword(kum), and use of matchlesss commence back and body(chae) was recently perfected.This is known as ki-kum-chae. Thus in tournaments one does non receive a point, although striking the opponent successfully, if the blow is not accompanied by all lead components of ki-kum-chae.(Chang, 2006)The purpose of Kumdo can be summarized asMental and Physical Discipline purposeual Discipline and awaken Improved Technique Through PracticeDiscipline Based Upon the Spirit of Hwarang (Hwarang Ogae) Kundo practioners wear the alike uniform as those who practice Kendo. But there are many who are willing to use or straggle the uniform including the color and accessories. In Korea, practioner wear black trim and band on theur hakama instead of blue and this became popular in many dojos almost the world.Like Kendo, Kundo has also 10 forms, removing sonkyo bow and using Korean names and terminologies instead. Kumdo practitioners can compete in kendo tournam ents. There are a organic of 400,000 practioners of Kumdo in Korea alone and is ranked as second most popular martial arts in Korea, next to Taekwondo.Origin Of KumdoThis technique originated in Korea but these art was admitted to be a direct interpretation of its Japanese counterpart Kendo (Ken means sword and do means way) In fact, some of the early founders of this technique says that there is totally no residual between the two form of art. It should be understand that these similarities in technique in the two techniques can be rooted to the history of Korea.The disintegration of Japan to all the documents and historical artifacts of Korea including all the written documents about Korean Martial Arts have made it difficult for the Korean people and martial arts practioners to trace the original techniques of the Korean sword that originated way back in 4th century. It is said to be composed of xxv poses and postures that would result in the immediate defeat of the opponent. Kumdo as an Art barely like any other martial arts techniques, Kumdo can be considered as an art because it has a very rich and deeply rooted technique that was developed because of the interesting classical traditional, religions, philosophies and meditation techniques from Korea.A martial art like Kumdo is an art but not an art form. It is a skill acquired by experience, study and observation. Also, it is something that can be enjoy and embark of any people from all walks of life. But again, it is, first and foremost, an art of ego defense. Although there are people that are motivated to study this because of the self-protection benefit of the technique but to appreciate the beauty and art that is inextricably intertwined in this (Orlando, 1997)It is an art because it has so many different artistic aspects. exclusively like dances, it has timing and rhythm. It has movements that can be used in dancing. mediocre like in painting where artist mixed colors to produced art, it is the same thing with Kumdo, it is an infusion of classical traditional, religions, philosophies and meditation techniques.Spiritual Aspect of KumdoKumdo has three level of mastery and one of them is the spiritual alignment of a person. infra this the limitations of physical body and soul merges through meditation techniques. The mind is hush through the refined focus and the sword is used solely as a tool to link the body and the mind with the infinite. (Shaw, 2000)It brings peace of mind and self-confidence and a disciplined and healthy mind. Through training, a person will have an honest self-examination or spiritual awakening.rank System and Ability LevelRanking in KumdoKyu from 10 to 1 jukyu, kukyu, hachikyu, nanakyu, rokyu, gokyu,yonkyu, sankyu, nikkyu, ikkyu. Dan from 1 to 9 shodan, nidan, sandan, yondan, godan, rokudan,nanadan, hachidan, kudan. Teaching certificates from lowest to highest renshi, kyoshi, hanshi. The older schools (koryu) did not have dan ranks they are a m oderninvention. Instead, they used certificates ofmerit. There is virtually no calibration or commonality.Two common termsare menkyo-kaiden, referring tograduates, and kirigami for a first rank. Many ryu consider the ranks aslevels of initiation which have noparallel to dan and kyu. Still others broke the ranks down simply as studentand teacher, of possibly various levels.There are three levels in Kumdo1.Physical achievement The students becomes expert in the physical aspect of the art. These include understanding right(a) sword etiquette, mastery of the stances, and proper techniques in drawing and moving with the sword.2.Mental controller The second level witnesses the Kumdo practitioner beginning to rise above the butt techniques of the sword. The Kumdo technician no massiveer needs to contemplate whether or not he is in the correct stance or unsheathing the sword efficiently. Through long periods of practice, all movements have become natural and there is no gratuitous th ought given to them (Shaw, 2000)3.Spiritual Alignment in this level the practitioner suss out to make his physical body and mind work as one through the use of meditation technique.ReferencesChang, Soon (2006) What is Kumdo?. U.S Hwa Rang Kwan. Retrieved on December 17, 2006 http//, Scott (2000) Kumdo the Korean Art of Sword. Retrieved on December 17, 2006. http//, Bob (1997) Martial Arts the States A Western Approach to Eastern Arts. California. Frog Ltd.

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George Washington Biography Essay

George chapiter (1732 1799), the First professorship of the United States, is a dramatic individual of the American history. He was commander in chief of the triumphal Continental army of the American Revolution and won many Copernican battles that helped the Americans defeat the British. During his presidential terms, he mold many important precedents for the by-line Presidents, such(prenominal)(prenominal) as having Presidential footlocker Members. He was nicknamed for his accomplishments as the beginner of His Country.George upper-case letter was born on Feb. 22, 1732 in Westmore down County, Virginia on an body politic along the Potomac River. He was the oldest son of Augustine cap and his second wife, Mary dinner dress chapiter. When capital of the United States was eleven, his father died and remaining simply himself, his m early(a) and his five other brothers and sisters. After the his fathers death, cap could not go to naturalise because he needed to help a t the family farm to acquire affluent money for his family to live. In his free time he practiced land surveying for fun with his fathers tools. Later, Washington started his occupation as a surveyor. When Washington turned 16, he surveyed lands of the Shenandoah for Thomas, Lord Fairfax.After his half-brother, Lawrence, had died, Washington inherited the farm and large amount of land at depend on Vernon, Virginia. Also, Lawrence was adjutant of the colony so Washington took oer this responsibility. As regulate adjutant, he was referred to as Major Washington and was had trained the militia in the quarter he was assigned to. He first gained public sensory faculty by being adjutant of Virginia and was sent off to warn the cut to dot additional intrusion on the land of the northern colonies. He was promoted to lieutenant colonel in 1754 to carry out this task and he bygone to the North. Washington found out that the French already had a condition up a fort and had a large numb er of soldiers camped, so he quickly built stronghold Necessity. However, the French surrounded and attacked Fort Necessity.The French captured Washington in this attack. Luckily, Washington was released based on the former agreements of the British and French. These first several battles fought were the beginnings of the French and Indian War. The next year, Washington volunteered to be the aide of familiar Edward Braddock because he was discouraged and angered by the defeat. At that time, Washington tried to convince Braddock to use the style of scrap of the Native Americans, save Braddock disagreed and used the regular armed combat technique. Braddock was mortally wounded in this battle and Washington was nearly injured because of four bullets that ripped his come up and two horses that were shot from under him.After the French and Indian War, Washington was 26 years old and fell in love with Martha Dandridge Custis. She was a wealthy widow with her two children, Marth a Patsy and John Parke. They married and locomote to Mount Vernon where Lawrence once lived. Washington was very successful in country there. While they lived in Mount Vernon, Washington was a member of the Virginia sign of the zodiac of Burgesses from 1759 to 1774 and he strongly against the British Stamp Act and the Townsend Act which set taxes on many products. Washington like many others did not vitiate these taxed products and boycotted them. In the middle of 1774, Washington thought that the many British laws were strive to stop self-government within the colonies and were attempting to have tyrannical rule over the colonies as the King had over England. Washington was one of the few that proposed of a continental congress to be held to govern the colonies.He was elected to be a delegate of Virginia for the First Continental Congress. The Congress created a tonic government devoted to overthrow unfair rule of Britain. The Second Continental Congress joined together on Ma y 10, 1775, after the fighting of Lexington and Concord had took place. Surrounded by almost 14,000 of mums soldiers, the British army was trapped in Boston. The British government announced that Massachusetts had committed treason after this rebellion, and were trying to take over MA. Washington appeared at the Second Congress in full uniform conveying the message that he was in support of Massachusetts. Congress created the Continental military for this reason to fight the British. Washington was unanimously elected as familiar and commander in chief of the army.As commander of the Continental Army, Washingtons actions were left to him because the Congress could not provide laws to help. Washington was granted full power to do anything with authority to improve the service. As General, Washington lost many battles such as the Battle of Long Island exclusively Washington learned from his many experiences and he began to have many successes such as the Battle of Saratoga w hich was the turning point of the Revolutionary War. The colonies in this war had a great number of help from other countries, such as France, and Washington became good friends with Marquis de Lafayette. This war was won by the help of the French and Washingtons expertise. After the war, Washington left the power of general and returned back to Mount Vernon to be with his wife.Washington became President on April 30, 1789. Washington did not have any examples to follow of antecedent Presidents since he was the first. One of the first precedents that Washington set was to have only two terms in office. This precedent was followed until 1940. Another was to have the Cabinet contain two leaders of different ideas to balance the Cabinet. Washington appointive John Jay as the Chief Justice because Washington felt he was most suitable. In the Whiskey Rebellion, Washington sent many soldiers to stop the farmers from revolting and the farmers instantly stopped. Washington also pardoned t he farmers for their actions because the governments specialization was already shown. This event is very similar to Shays Rebellion, but the swift ending of the Whiskey Rebellion showed that the Constitution worked well and strong.In the Spirit of Cincinnatus, Washington left his power after being the General of the Continental Army, and after the Presidency to go back to his farm at Mount Vernon. Each morning he rode his large farm on horseback. Sometimes he rode fifteen miles north of Mount Vernon to watch the building of a new city. The city would be the capital of the United States, named after him, as Washington D.C. Washington died at Mount Vernon of a throat infection in December 14, 1799, after he made his pop off tour of his property on horseback in the winter weather. It has been state that George Washington was, First in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen.

“In the Heat of the Night”; Movie or Book? Essay

In The Heat of the Night is a clutch murder mystery story that incorporates a major issue of the date it was written at racism. The original novel (published in 1965), written by fundament B both, is a story of Virgil Tibbs, a Negro homicide investigator. The death of orchestra-conductor Enrico Mantoli and a series of other events lead up to him in charge of a murder investigation in Wells, Carolina. This is very much to the dismay of Bill Gillespie, the passing prejudice police chief. The movie version (released in 1967), also features Mr. Tibbs as the leader of a murder investigation. However, the context of use is Sparta, Mississippi, and the victim is Philip Colbert, a rattlingity planning to build a factory in the town. The movie was truly successful, and proceeded to win 5 Academy Awards. Despite this, I find the appropriate is much appealing because the characters are easier to relate to, and bedevil a hazard to get well-rounded in a gradual sense.In addition, the spell development steadily touch ons progress, and is overall less tense, therefore more gratifying. twain movie and book, however, are kind of impressive in the incorporation of racial equality issues, and should equally be recognized as landmarks in American media for this reason. The most prominent alternate in characters is the personality of Virgil Tibbs. or else of organism stretched out on the bench, he was wide awake and sitting up straight as though he were expecting something to happen. His coat was off and put neatly beside him. He had been reading a paperback book up to the moment Sam entered (Pg. 15) This is almost identical to the scene where we are introduced to Virgil in the movie. However, the quick-thinking, cold and intense version to be seen later on in the movie was very surprising.The humble, clever and cool homicide investigator from the novel is much preferred. His collected manners also make it all the more enjoyable when seeing Gillespies frustratio n at the Negros wits, and all the more heart warming as Sam woodwind instrument and Virgil Tibbs expound to open up to maven another. Also, the movie somewhat exaggerated on Mr. Endicott as being a bounteous guy. From being somewhat a pest, however definitely not on anyones no-account books, too being a plantation owner who sends a separate of thugs to beat up Virgil is just ludicrous. It seems he is used as an defense to bring out another foe, another bit of action to make the movie more exciting. The penetrative mystery of not knowing who is bad or good in the novel is a lot more satisfying, perhaps even more once you find out who the real murderer was.The movie, at a full running time of 109 minutes, has quite an exciting while, with slow parts and exciting action parts. It incorporates many inhering things to the original story of In the Heat of the Night, (such as the stand with Delores Purdy) however it differs quite a bit as well. As mentioned above, the setting i s in Sparta, Mississippi, where Philip Colbert, planning to build a factory in this town, is murdered. This change of plot on its own removes something that could be considered essential to the plot romance. The bud relationship between Duena, Enrico Mantolis daughter (who doesnt show up what so ever, seeing as Enrico Mantoli was not the victim) and Officer Sam woodwind instrument adds a bit of spice that is wanting(p) in the movie. On the issuance of Sam Wood, his character being a relatively minor one sets a quite different way of looking at his character.In the book, the reader gets a closer glimpse on Sam Woods life, and gets to enjoy his personality and forgiving character more so then the movie. As a result of this, when Sam Wood is surmise of murder, we feel all the more protest and frustration for Gillespie to even romance of this possibility. The movie makes us feel bad for Sam, as it is pretty diaphanous he is not guilty if Virgil says he is not, but this emotion is lacking compared to the feelings the book inflicts. However, I do prefer the ending of the movie to the book. Instead of the gallant statements of how Bill Gillespie respects Virgil Tibbs as a human beings, are rather out-there, (if not heart-warming, I have to admit) while the simple so long of the movie shows on its own how Gillespie has come to admire and respect Virgil.In the Heat of the Night, movie or book alike, is an inspiring chronicle of overcoming prejudice in the backward, racist town in the south- eastern unify States. In both forms of media, we see from beginning to end the trials and prejudice throw at Virgil Tibbs, solely because he is coloured. The inhuman way of dealing with racial hate is disgusting. Virgil Tibbs, however, is always cool and collected, and is an admirable character that will be remembered by everyone who reads or watches In the Heat of the Night. In being mocked for having a classy name such as Virgil, and asked what hes called where he comes from, he responds with the famous line, They call me Mister Tibbs. (pg. 36) This line is present in both film and book, a demanding statement of racial equality that sticks in the readers mind.By comparing and contrasting the similarities and differences, it shows that the characters were more subtle and realistic than the movies stereotypical good guys and bad guys. Also, the plot of the book was better thought-out, and had many other enjoyable subplots that were lacking in the movie. Through his short stay in Wells, Carolina (or Sparta, Mississippi) Tibbs may not have altered the towns views on discrimination against blacks, but John Ball left a definite strong imprint around social equality, and in doing so left more questions about human and social behaviour for the reader than simple answers.

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Hilton Manufacturing Company

Hilton Manufacturing Company Should Product 103 have been dropped? (3 ship canal to see) 1) at sea sales ($5,202) Cost savings DL $1,341 Compensation restitution 67 DM 946 Power 59 Supplies 68 2,501 Repairs 20 Lost CM total impact of dropping ($2,701) 2) Loss eliminated Costs that anticipate Rent Property tax Property insurance Indirect pains Compensation ins. Light and heat Building service Selling get down General admin Depreciation Interest Other income Total impact 3) $404 $365 78 103 448 21 20 14 917 346 713 102 (10) 3,117 (2,703) nit CM (see later) Total impact doomed CM = 5. 3909 x 510,276 = $2,702 Which product is most remunerative? 101 VC DL Compensation insurance Power DM Supplies Repairs Total Selling harm CM/ social unit CM ratio . 1164 2. 3282 . 0403 1. 3766 . 0941 . 0319 3. 9875 9. 3084 5. 3209 57% . 1137 2. 2740 . 0929 1. 7542 . 1774 . 0557 4. 4709 9. 6900 5. 2191 53% . 1337 2. 6746 . 1171 1. 8862 . 1363 . 0396 4. 9875 10. 3784 5. 3909 52% Products 102 103 (If t he plant is near capacity of available direct labor hours) CM/capacity (LH) $2. 285/h 2. 95/h 2. 016/h Which is the most profitable product depends on the decision question and the corresponding criterion 2 Should price of 101 be dropped to $8. 64? VC unit costs forecasted 1991 vary DL 2. 3282 Compensation insurance . 1164 Power . 0403 Materials 1. 3766 +5% Supplies . 0941 +5% Repairs . 0319 unit costs 1992 2. 3282 . 1164 . 0403 1. 4454 . 0988 . 0319 Total 3. 9875 4. 0610 (cost increase 7% of heat and light is unattended because the increase is fixed regardless of the pricing decision) Price cash brush off (1. 8%) vc unit CM x units Total CM $9. 41 0. 1016 4. 0610 5. 2474 750,000 $3,935,550 $8. 64 . 0933 4. 0610 4. 4857 1,000,000 $4,485,700 What is the minimum quantity to conduct at $8. 64 to be not worse off than remaining at the $9. 41? 3,935,550/4. 4857 = 877,355 rim of safety 122,645 units What is the minimum quantity to sell at $9. 41 to be not worse off than reducing the price? 4,485,000/5,2474 = 854,842 need to sell 104,842 more units 3

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Nursing Home Visit Essay

As I visited RSL Anzac Village, Narraben, I have outlined the confines performing their roles in communication and safety practice in a professional works environment. As I was bought up in Nepal, I was really surprise with my expectation comparing to what I have seen. In this reflective report I am going to explain about how does my expectation take on the obesevatation communication and safety features. In my imagination, RSL could have been a hospital with umteen nurses, doctors and very filthy place with nonhuman behavior.The patients could have been very old, adynamic and motionless, the atmosphere in an aged make do centre might be heartbreaking and miserable. Soon after I started walking inside the c are center, I was surprise with the way it was operated. I noticed a nurse using very soft tone with acknowledgement. She started with Good morning. How are you directly? Even though the person she was addressing was non-verbal, she responded as if she was a normal women. I n reply, the person responded with the smile and head nodding. In fact, I was very move with the way conversation was made.I think this has demonstrated good interpersonal skills including respect for the patient, patience and politeness, so these are few things that I conditioned about effective communication and it is necessary to communicate compassionately and effectively with residents. I agree with the Jasmine (2009) as she says therapeutic communication is most internal for nurses as they have care both physically and emotionally. On the atomic number 16 instance, I saw so galore(postnominal) mobility equipments to transfer patient from furrow to shower chair or from shower chair to bed.After my passenger car explained us importance of those equipment , which would simplify and breakdown the task and make our bread and butter easy. As a result these device provide mobility support for immobilized elders (Clarke, Chan, Santaguida and Colantonio, 2009). The secant inci dent I got caught in made me to realize there are so many things I got to learn about safety features like, have detectors, all fire exist were clear and clearly marked, hall ship canal and toilets were wide enough for wheelchairs, hand rails provided in hall ways and in bathing areas, very high fence in balcony so that there will not be isk of fall, code access to creation and exit at doors so resident cannot escape, remote for attention or call nurse in need, zebra crossing inside the facility leap for resident safety in road crossing, alcohol foam sanitizer for infection control. As an everyday routine, nurse visited the dinning room and greet all the residents. I suppose, this uncanny faith of residents and nurse has made this care harmonious and peaceful.Furthermore, I agree with the point of view that one who has not clear judgement of their own spirituality are less likely to meet others spiritual support (McSherry,2006). Therefore, I realized the importance of spiritu ality in wellness care. To sum up, the way communication, use of mobility aids, safety features and spiritual support that I experienced in my visit made me explore further in this industry. Which also made me believes it is also a community which is the home of many old people.

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LVMH: Managing the Multi-Brand Conglomerate Essay

1. LVMHs diversification represents the groupings strong presence in the opulence goods commercialise as a on the whole with crosswayions from the fashion and leather range, vinos and spirits range, watches and jewelry range, perfumes and cosmetics range, and in the long run the selective retailing range. This strategy aims to claim market shargon in market segments that be interrelated with the specific customer segment as the common denominator. LVMH is a market leader in round markets and has a decent market shargon in others and aims to be the leader in the luxury market as a whole where the elite customers tail recognize its scores from all of its product ranges and the go with plans to build brand committal within those customers so that a customer who recognises LVMH for watches for instance, is besides inc debated to choose an LVMH product for wine and spirits. Diversification also spreads the play alongs follow oer a number of brands and the revenues as t umesce so that it tin corporation always insure good rate of return for investors.2. For a club like LVMH to compete on a scope that includes champagne, jewelry, fashion, cosmetics, and retailing is limpid and even necessary for it to keep a competitive edge because its competitors convey carry outed the kindred strategy to fight for market share in the luxury market in all of its segments. The companionships insurance policy aims to build the idea in their customers heads that they sess always expect the same consistent tall-end lumber when choosing any brand that is avered or associated by LVMH and since elite customers, or simply customers looking for some products for luxury living, ordinarily want to wear high quality jewelry to match their high quality fashion wear or even enjoy the expending of high quality spirits, they can always have the brand video of LVMH in their heads because they expect that the quality of the jewelry or the wine willing match the qua lity of the fashion wear they are wearing.3. LVMH adds value to its dissimilar businesses by passing down the know-how that made its original products timeless to the brands that are relatively newer so that quality is consistent throughout its different brands. The telephoner does this through human resources departments that have an eye for talents for intention as swell as the right large number to learn the companys policies and to appliance them so that the functioning of the group dust consistent. The value mountain chain for LVMH begins with buying raw materials for them to create their product, which of course, they have touched expertise and leadinghip even in some segments. In operations, handled extensively in France and Spain, they strive to compete for cost leadership. Next comes logistics, which is mainly sea routes and they strive to have their products delivered in by the bye fashion so they can meet customer demands which sometimes exceeds total know ing that creating high-end luxury products is time consuming.Next is selling, where they always depend on their brands historic qualities to promote themselves to already-loyal customers and to newer customers seeking luxury goods. Finally, in service, human resources can always insure the best retail outlet partnerships and good gross revenue and after-sales services. 4. In general, LVMH have their value chain synergized whether purchase, operations, technology, sales and marketing, distri nonwithstandingion, and services but since their multi-brand strategy is highly decentralized (this is due to the belief of keeping the individual identity of the brand and its creative process), but technology can be best synergized in this sense only to wangle quality and make do the creative process while at the same time ensure the creative processes remain independent and well-backed.5. LVMHs warmness competence begins in its product and service quality which is memoir timeless and i s already infiltrated the luxury market as a whole all as a market leader or a strong competitor for market leadership. This alone gives the brands a strong competitive advantage and attractiveness. A nonher perfume competence is innovation. LVMHs brands and smart brand acquisition strategy has seen it suffer some truly big fashion labels that are historically cognize for innovation (Luis Vuitton, Givenchy, Tag Heuer etc) as well as hiring some of the almost world-renown designers (example Marc Jacobs).With this in customers minds, they can always expect innovation from the companys already established brands as well as their newly acquired or marketed brands. LVMH organizes training and skills development seminars that ensure they always remain competitive and leaders in innovation, creativity, and luxury appeal. Their controlled distribution networks, extensive marketing activity, and their presence in all the luxury markets also gives the company as a whole a competiti ve edge.6. LVMH has exploited its core competence in its mixed diversification moves and strategic acquisitions in a very reasonable and coherent manner. The diversification moves have remained consistent with the companys image because it has change only into markets and products which the company viewed as luxury in the eyes of the customer. The company has enough knowledge of the market and they know customer tastes and behavior and it also uses the exist infrastructure to promote their alter products.The same can be said about the strategic acquisitions as they usually acquire a brand based on its fit with LVMHs existing product lines or if that is not the case, they may acquire a brand for a certain characteristic or asset they think they need to gain more competitive advantage which may be used either in the newly acquired brand or their existing brands. It is also important to note that newly acquired businesses have greatly contributed to the companys revenues over the recent years and shareholders have, as well, benefited from the diversification strategy of LVMH.7. LVMH manages its diversified conglomerate by implementing a decentralized management strategy to manage its legion(predicate) several(a) brands. Most of them enjoy a great deal of impropriety because in the fashion business, which depends on creativity and innovation, the creative community moldiness be given freedom for their work to suit a finish and not a miss. Headquarters ensure quality control and monetary backing for newly acquired brands that have near future potential. LVMH manages a very diversified product portfolio with star brands in the fashion and leather goods and to some extent the watches and jewelry brands.They have cash cows in the wine and spirits brands and in selective retailing. They have however question label in the perfumes and cosmetics lines. The cash cows look to remain that way and not become poor dogs due to the timelessness of LVMHs products i n history and their portfolio of star products are diversified and positioned in the market in a way that capitalizes on the industrys growth. As previously mentioned, LVMH manages people with a human resources department that organizes skill developing seminars as well as inter-product seminars to strengthen the brands school of thought in its people and to motivate them to work always in that manner.8. As previously noted, LVMH has a strength in its synergies due to its existing infrastructure regardless of its diversified brands, newly-acquired brands, and global presence where it is normal to form synergies in the value chain in order to have consistent quality and timely words of products as well as maintaining the same level of excellence in sales, marketing, and after sales services. Their selective retailing of course, is the main reason for delays in case of unexpected high demands and in high costs, but since it does not sacrifice its core competency in delivering al ways high quality luxury products.9. Some synergies that can be identified and exploited by LVMH include overlapping technology across all its diverse businesses including e-commerce and to implement technology developments into some of its brands which have long been run in a traditional way. Operations are normally overlapping due to the temper of luxury goods and this can be further exploited to include wine and spirits product lines to include better synergy in marketing and sales for this product line. Luxury products are normally sold in similar markets therefore they can always demand a bountifulness price since they target premium customers and this will always be to the companys advantage and it should not back down from this pricing policy. This product placement and premium price it demands makes it easy for LVMHs different diverse businesses to overlap and cross-sell its diverse luxury brands.10. Bernard Arnaults diversified strategy and his acquisitions chthonian LVM H have been, in general, fruitful and this is evident from the fact the new acquisitions are contributing significantly to the revenues of the company and the growth is sustained in existing markets and is positive in new markets. It is normal, when implementing such a strategy, that some strategic moves may not always be fruitful but the company can afford to pull the plug on brands that are not performing as expected due to the large diversification in all departments that the company enjoys and the existing infrastructure and operations chain which wont be harmed in this case.The companys image is excuse regarded by the customer as it was historically and the elite customer can still relate to its fresh acquisitions and above all the shareholders are contented with the financials of the company so, all in all, as long the management is remains overlooking the creative processes and the company satisfies its strong creative people, the strategy looks to be sustained.11. LVMH is recommended to continue adding to its already impressive product portfolio by keeping mound on appealing brands that fits its brand image. However, luxury businesses that are not core to its image should be divested from such as the mass retailing and media businesses and it should concenter on its core product lines.Also, management should be patient with brands that are initially underperforming because over time, they may build their own reputation and become hot sellers and this move is in line with the companys philosophy of timelessness. LVMH should also have back-up options in creativity in the form of protg designers in the case of head designers leaving or disagreeing with management policies because at the end of the day, in the luxury business it is the combination of innovative design as well as high quality that affects the bottom line sales and revenue.12. SWOT AnalysisStrengths Diverse and powerful product portfolio in the luxury market historical significance of the brand image square distribution channels and strong relations with retailers due to the brands influence unanimity in launching new products and acquiring new businesses High-end quality controlWeaknesses Selective retailing business questionable with underperforming returns Competitiveness within its own brands weakens some of them against competitorsOpportunities Entering new markets and expanding into new countries  Marketing and advertising more aggressivelyThreat External economic impacts (price deflation, decrease in consumer purchasing power) Imitator brands and cheap knock-off products Focusing on one brand and neglecting other brands with big potential

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Should Andrew Jackson be on the 20 dollar bill

There are obvious reasons why Andrew Jackson shouldnt be on the twenty dollar bill. There was the Indian Removal move aroundment, the pencil lead of Tears, and he closed the topic Bank. But, who should replace him? One wolframern leader, death chair Ronald Reagan, above all others, demanded the Soviets to give up the Brezhney Doctrine and abandon the fortify race, brought down the Berlin Wall, and ended the Cold War at the bargaining knock back and not on battlefield (2013, Ronald Reagan and the Fall of Communism).The Brezhney Doctrine was a Soviet Union foreign policy. In the first inaugural address of Andrew Jackson, he said he would observe the Indians rights which is a consisdecadet habit of our establishment but, President Jackson turned his back and forced the Cherokee to represent west because he found gold in their territory which at the era was in Georgia. Over 70,000 Cherokee had to move west. Many of which died due to diseases transferred by Americans and picto rial everyday colds.The term Trail of Tears was given to the period of ten years in which over 70,000 Indians had o give up their homes and move to areas assigned to tribes in Oklahoma (Indian Removal Act of 1830, November 3, 2013). The government promised this realm to them as long as grass grows and rivers run (Indian Removal Act of 1830, 2013). Unfortunately, the land that they were given only lasted till 1906 and then they were forced to move to other reservations. Andrew Jackson also closed the National Banks. Due to this, pomposity rose and the economy collapsed.Inflation is the result of higher rices and a decrease in the purchasing power of money. With the economy collapsing came the Panic of 1837. Tear down this smother (Tear Down This Wall, November 7, 2013). That is what President Reagan said when tearing down the Berlin Wall. Based on intelligence reports and his own analysis, the President concluded that communism was cracking and hit to tumble. Reagan took personal control of the new strategy. When President Reagan took down the Berlin wall, it had made communication and traveling easier.It had also stopped communism in east Germany and started to bust communism in Russia. Ronald Reagan forced the Soviet Union to abandon its culture of the world socialization. He did this by challenging Soviets legitimacy, by regaining transcendency in the arms race, and by using human rights as a weapon as powerful as any in the U. S. or Soviet arsenal. A severe recession set in with an inflation decreasing from 13. 5% in 1980 to 5. 1% in 1982 and unemployment exceeding 10% in October, 1982 for the first time in forty years.After he 1982 downturn, the decreased inflation rate, under 5%, sparked economic growth. It also produced one of the utmost unemployment rates in modern U. S. history. Andrew Jackson was not the best chair we have had. Jackson created the Trail of Tears, the Indian Removal Act, and the closing of the National Banks. On the other h and, President Reagan made a turn for the better. He tore down the Berlin Wall stopping communism in easterly Germany and started crumbling communism in Russia, forced the Soviet Union to abandon its goal of world socialization,

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Analyse Ways Essay

The Shoe-Horn Sonata by John Misto has phoebe bird main themes or concerns. They are History and Memory, Power and Control, Heroism and Relationships and War and Atrocities. John Misto explores both these ideas enchantment telling the story of Bridie and Shelias reunion fifty old age after they last saw each other.The calculate is to the highest degree the histories of the women and the nurses that were enwrapped of the Nipponese during World War Two their individual histories and joint paroxysm. The stories of these women were n eer made official and on that point is no government recognition of their engross and few, if both, official records. These aggravatorful memories are not part of any official history and this is made clear in the tactical manoeuvre. The British didnt require anyone to know or so us. Theyd meet lost prestige if pot found out how women of the Empire had lived in the war. So for the sake for faggot and Country, they burned out diaries. Ever y last one. Shelia, film Thirteen.Misto makes it clear in the course of the lead that the memories of the women are accurate. The oral stories from these fictional characters have pose over them the factual images to confirm and extrapolate the stories of the women. The visual images of the thin, starving commonwealth are very strong and clear to an audience, for spokesperson, Scene Seven opens with a photo of some women POWs emaciated, haggard and impoverished.This is shown while Bridie explains how thin Sheila and herself got while at the Japanese camps, The lightest I got was exactly five stone The visual images show exactly what the women are talking rough and add to the sense of theatre around the play. They heighten the audiences actualizeing of the enormity of the issue.There is use of background sounds throughout the play, for example in Scene Five when Bridie explains what happened on Radji Beach on Banka Island there is sounds of machine gun fire and cries of women on the soundtrack. The dues ex machine nitty-gritty of these amplified sounds further highlights the theme of memories and history, linking both the action and the memories of the two women on constitute.The Shoe-Horn Sonata explores federal agency bloods at a number of levels. The most obvious indicant play on stage occurs between the interviewer and the women he is interviewing. This force out play has an indeterminate moment in which the women are uncertain as whether Rick has overheard a private conversation in Scene Ten. This is also explained in the stage directions Bridie and Shelia look up, startled. Then they both realise they are wearing underage microphones. They both wonder whether every word has been overheard Rick also has the power to choose what questions to ask, and what to edit out of his documentary film.On another level we can see the role of power between the prison guards and prisoners. The guards horror their power physic exclusivelyy, sexually and e motionally and many seemed to enjoy the pain they inflicted. delineate Larrys comment in Scene Eight, Plenty of room in the graveyard for her is typical of the cruelty the guards exhibit. The prisoners had little filling but to cooperate and be humiliated and abused, this in turn had a large physiological effect on both women.This is shown when Shelia explains that she still has nightmares about Lipstick Larry in Scene Ten haunted Every night when I fall asleep, Lipstick Larrys waiting. He calls to me and I go to him and no one can change that. Not even you.The Japanese predominate the women in every aspect they even made them bow to the Japanese flag every morning. In Scene Nine, the two characters are reminded of this power by the presence of the Japanese flag that is being projected on the back screen. It doesnt move and dominates the stage a continuing monitoring device of how the women lived their lives in the camp and the power and control that continues to affect them. This emphasises to the audience that how horrible the camps really were for the women and how they continue to affect them today, fifty years on.Mistos play revolves around the torpedoic deeds and relationships that are up held by the women during the war. The heroic deeds were acts of physical courage of the highest order. For Sheila, the supreme sacrifice of sell her body to the Japanese in order to obtain the necessary drugs for her superstars survival is all the more poignant as we understand the cultural andsocial background that she had come from.Misto focuses on the unsung heros of the war, for example the Australia nurse that washed the bed pans of the women on the personal manner to Belalau. It was the bravest act I have ever seen. She didnt get a medal for it butall of us loved for of that (Sheila) The stories of the two women are expanding the conventional view of heroism to include acts of sacrifice beyond sincere physical courage.The Shoe-Horn Sonata shows clearly that relationships are able to survive the high-riskest of times. The relationship of Bridie and Shelia survives not only the horror of the prisoner of war camps but also the pain of their reunion decades after the war. Misto uses a variety of theatrical techniques to convey this relationship to the audience and show that survival and growth are features of the relationship.Misto gives evidence of how tough times were in the camps with a combination of dialogue and screen images being used to illustrate what had happened to these people, for example, the slides of the women POWs at the open of Scene Seven. These slides portray the starving bodies, rough conditions and brutality yet through all this the relationship gets stronger.The music played throughout the play symbolises the stage at which Bridie and Sheilas relationship is. For example, Scene Ten closes with Anne Sheltons Ill crack alone displaying to the audience that at this point in the play Bridie and Sheilas relationsh ip is at its most fragile point because the truth about Sheilas sacrifice has just been revealed.The play highlights the horrors of war particularly for women and civilians. The wretched way in which human beings treat fellow human beings in a wartime situation is not restricted to the Japanese, but seen to be underlying to war itself. The atrocities are seen to have affected both womens lives ever after. For example Bridies fear of the Japanese people in David Jones.What is particularly significant for these women is the requirement to keep smiling (Scene Nine) and to repress the memories. For these women the memories of the atrocities are tinged with criminality and shame. In some respects this amount to an even worse barbarousness to plague the lives of these women after the war.The humour used by Misto in the play, derives not only from the way in which the women used the power of the human whole step to laugh at adversity, but also from the way in which the playwrigh t has juxtaposed those moments of recounting of comic events with the horrors of the memories of the reality. The light and dark in this play allows us to be both horrified and entertained. As in any great tragedy, the comic allows not simply relief from the pain, but overhaul us to question the reasons for the horror.John Misto believes that the women victims of this defeat of the British deserve to have their stories told and their sufferings recognised by a wide audience. Having talked to real survivors he wrote the play in the hope that more people would be exposed to their suffering and above all to their courage.The dialogue, music, the sound effects and the projected images work together to shape the audiences response and to tell the powerful story of the womens memories, in the buff vulnerability, strong relationships and heroism.

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Romanticism and Neoclassical

ROMANTICISM AND NEO-CLASSICAL Romanticism a word that makes one mean that it is a piece of device that shows love, a man and a woman. barely it is not sort of that, romanticism can mean dischargedom, rebellion, it could symbol intuition, emotion, the individual, and truth. It refers to imposture head for the hills that states feelings, moods, and dominates. An individual expression of experiences which cannot and could not be evaluated or assessed in purely rational or materialistic preconditions. Romanticism was one of the just about unique ism that would about certainly be remembered most.Romanticism started during the time of Neo-Classicism, well-nigh disliked the view that Neo-Classicism and so they began a new style. Romanticism precious human emotions, instincts, over rational, rule based approach to questions of value and nub in the arts, society, and politics. Romanticism can be charactized by formal stylization the compositional is simplification, and a prefere nce for graphic techniques and expanses of color. Another thing that as well shake the art relocation was the attitude towards the landscape. just romanticism wasnt genuine until 1830. The intention for Romanticism was to create a new world to put in the wreckage of the old the time for innovation, experiment, new social systems and Utopias, new concepts and morality. A romantic was one who had broken loose from the rigid controls of the past and felt free to move ahead. Romantic workmans explored specific determine of individuality which Neo-Classicism ignored the values of intuition, instinct, and even the more in accessible aspects of feelings which reach and exceed the boundaries beyond of reason.There were four non art history facts that were either influenced or affected the art run were the American and french Revolutions, the restoration between the Greeks and Turks, and the Age of the beneathstanding. The Enlightenment had a negative effect on the romantics they attacked the Church. The two artists that are quite interesting to learn about from this period are Eugene Delacroix and Theodore Gericault. They might not be Michelangelo or Paul Klee or any other gigantic shot artist simply they are still artists, artists that have do beautiful work out and some most incredible art pieces.Eugene Delacroix, natural on April 26, 1791, in the month of the Taurus, in genus Paris suburb cal conduct Charenton-Saint-Maurice. He was presumed to be premature, but some expect that his real father was Charles Maurice de Talleyrand, quite of Charles-Francois Delacroix. However Delacroix turned a blind ear to them for he believed that Charles-Francois was his line up father. He showed an exceptional talent for music, for the cathedral who had been a wizard of Mozart, Delacroix learnt how to assume the piano, violin, and the guitar.He was only nine or ten when according to his friend novice Theophite Silvestre, when he went to Louvre. When he was seve n his father died, his mother packed up everything and took Delacroix and Henriette and leave to live in Paris. His two older brothers were away at war. He was taught by Pierre-Narcisse Guerin and also by Theodore Gericault at Lycee Louis-le-Grand. However he was not on good terms with Theodore who was seven days his senior to Eugene. Eugene had turned a deaf ear to Gericaults mandate from the first time he meet him. He felt an rude(a) affinity to Theodores ideas.It wasnt until 10 years later aft(prenominal) they met that Gericault died at age 32. His art piece Bark of Dante was debt to Theodore Gericault who he met. all over in his art one can see in the using of the dramatic potential in the waterscape, or in the use of diagonals to commune the sense of struggle and movement in the form of the figures. The bold strain on their musculature is incredible. However the theme is and was a thoroughly in force(p) one. It was free of anything that might rile official dom. After it had been exhibited at the Salon, the French government paid 2,000 francs for it.In his later years he became called a volcanic crater artistically concealed behind bouquets of flowers or even sometimes called The Great Romantic. He could be a lover of women and a work fanatic, an adept at social trivia and a man of wider ranging information not only mastery of esthetics but an impressive accomplish of music, theater, and literature. His first foreign journey was to England, where he learnt how to ride on horses, which would go down in handy for the Moroccan desert. Where he went mostly for politic reasons and not only was it for art it was also to escape the civilization of Paris.He produced over degree Celsius sketches and paintings of the people, their costumes or just the landscape. He demonically turned out more than 850 paintings, thousands of sketches, watercolors, and drawings of art. In his feeltime he produced more than 20 works that were inspired by Shakespeare. He continued to make art till he died for he was trying to reconcile opposites to see art as a whole. For sidetrack of Eugenes genius laid in his capacity to learn from others. He died in 1863 in Paris, France. One of his artwork titled Orphan miss at Cemetery which was worked and finished between 1823-1824.Delacroix used oil on canvas with this art. It shows a girl with hair pilled on her head and she is spirit to sky. In the background you can just see the church and some crosses. There is a sense of sadness and loneliness in her look and her look. Theodore Gericault was born in 1791 into a bourgeois family in Rouen. Gericault moved to Paris as a boy. He has been hypnotized by all aspects of equestrian such as races, jumping and horseback riding schools. He was also overpoweringly attracted by the clashes between individuals he investigated their various forms in journeys which in England led him to observe the human deluxe.Theodore was educated in the tradition of English blank art by the Carle Vernet, and even by Pierre-Narcisse Guerin, who disliked his temperament but saw a talent in him. He then left and learnt at the Louvre for six years when he realized that he preferred the vitality over the prevailing school of Neo-Classicism. He exhibited his hurt Cuirassier at the Salon in 1814 and also his first major work The Charging Chasseur at the Salon in 1812. Gericault was a merry, gregarious man whose tastes as a bon vivant did not preclude a deep-seated sympathy for the under dog.He went to Florence, Rome, and Naples in 1816-1817, mostly to escape a romantic entanglement with his aunt. Gericault became fascinated by Michelangelo which helped inspire his art piece the Race of the Barberi Horses. After he went back to France in 1821 he multicolor a series of portraits of his friend Dr. Etienne- jean Georgets patients each containing a different diagnosis. Theodore drew his subjects from the crudest parts of domain he visited slaughter houses, morgu es, asylums, delving into the morbid events reported in newspapers, observing the ravage corporeal strength of animals.Some of his artworks consist of horses, lions, and tigers. Gericault was also one of the first artist to take up the newly invented process of lithography, producing a serveing of 13 pickes illustrating the life of the English poor. He was in the process of painting new artworks, when his health stroked a final note. Theodore was always riding for his among his passions was horses. He owned them, painted them, and even tamed them. His fatal illness grew on to a riding trip which injured his spine and caused him to waste. He died after a muffled period of suffering, in Paris 1834 at the age of 3Art History Neoclassicism (1750 1830) The term Neoclassicism refers to the classical revival in European art, architecture, and interior design that lasted from the mid-eighteenth to the earlyish nineteenth century. This period gave rebirth to the art of ancient Rome and Greece and the metempsychosis as an opposition to the ostentatious Baroque and Rococo art that preceded the movement. Although the movement spread throughout Western Europe, France and England were the countries that used the style most frequently in their arts and architecture, using the classical elements to express ideas of nationalism, courage, and sacrifice.The movement was inspired by the discovery of ancient Italian artifacts at the ruins of Herculaneum and Pompeii. Also authoritative in the development was the cultural studies of German art historian Johann J. Winckelmann who claimed that the most important elements of classical art were noble simplicity and calm grandeur. Neoclassicism accent rationality and the resurgence of tradition. Neoclassical artists incorporated classical styles and subjects, including columns, pediments, friezes, and other cosmetic schemes in their work.They were inspired by the work of Homer and Plutarch and John Flaxmanns illustrations for t he Illiad and Odyssey. Other classic models included Virgil, Raphael, and Poussin among others. Neoclassical painters took extra care to project the costumes, settings, and details of classical subject matter with as much trueness as possible. Much of the subject matter was derived from classical history and mythology. The movement emphasized line quality over color, light, and atmosphere. The height of Neoclassicism was displayed in the paintings of Jacques-Louis David and Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres.

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Happiest Moment

normal I wake up intent grumpy . It s a grunge new day , but I live nothing new leave alone happen . It s the same mature condition-house routine and I ve grown drop of it . School can be rattling boring sometimes . Or perhaps most of the time . One day , in one of our base kit and caboodle in school , an outreach program real , we were asked to visit a plaza for lane children . The group s task was to plow some sort of a compeer tutorial session with the bridle-path children in subjects like math and science.We were to teach them only when the basics &8212 addition , subtraction , the benignant body . Stuff like that . In the process , we were also to observe their appearance and how they respond to us . I fancy to myself , great . So I ll croak my whole dawn with a gang of street kids . From what I know , street kids are mostly ill-mannered . What a waste of time , I know I won t make water anything from it anyway . I might horizontal get into a fight wit h those kids . scarce still I went to the home tho to comply with the school requirement . I almost dragged my feet when we entered the home.The home supervisor met us at the entrance and led us to a room which she called their play expanse . When we opened the door , about 20 kids gleefully greeted us , Good sunup , visitors I was surprised , and so were my group mates . I saw and felt up the excitement of the children knowing that visitors were arriving in their home . Then they all sat push down quietly , eager to listen to whatsoever we will be teaching them that day . My group mates and I introduced ourselves to the children and we started with the lessons expert away.Good thing my group mates hustling some games that were related to the s we taught to the kids . I had so much fun , I even found myself cheering on the kids during the relay games . Time passed quickly that morning . Before we knew it , it was already time to go . As we were packing up our things , a ki d approached me and said , Thank you and hugged me tightly . She smiled to me then left to join the other kids who were already in the dining knowledge domain having their lunch . It was my happiest maent.I ve never appreciated school activities like that in advance , and I ve never felt appreciated like that before either . Perhaps my grumpiness has eer engulfed me . Since that day at the home , I started to notice things that I never mind noticing before . I observed that my mom always smiled at me while she s preparing my breakfast , and that my classmates always greeted me whenever I depict them . My teachers praise me when I get A s in my tests . I cognise there are so more beautiful things happening around me and I am surrounded with wonderful wad . There are a potty