Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Should Andrew Jackson be on the 20 dollar bill

There are obvious reasons why Andrew Jackson shouldnt be on the twenty dollar bill. There was the Indian Removal move aroundment, the pencil lead of Tears, and he closed the topic Bank. But, who should replace him? One wolframern leader, death chair Ronald Reagan, above all others, demanded the Soviets to give up the Brezhney Doctrine and abandon the fortify race, brought down the Berlin Wall, and ended the Cold War at the bargaining knock back and not on battlefield (2013, Ronald Reagan and the Fall of Communism).The Brezhney Doctrine was a Soviet Union foreign policy. In the first inaugural address of Andrew Jackson, he said he would observe the Indians rights which is a consisdecadet habit of our establishment but, President Jackson turned his back and forced the Cherokee to represent west because he found gold in their territory which at the era was in Georgia. Over 70,000 Cherokee had to move west. Many of which died due to diseases transferred by Americans and picto rial everyday colds.The term Trail of Tears was given to the period of ten years in which over 70,000 Indians had o give up their homes and move to areas assigned to tribes in Oklahoma (Indian Removal Act of 1830, November 3, 2013). The government promised this realm to them as long as grass grows and rivers run (Indian Removal Act of 1830, 2013). Unfortunately, the land that they were given only lasted till 1906 and then they were forced to move to other reservations. Andrew Jackson also closed the National Banks. Due to this, pomposity rose and the economy collapsed.Inflation is the result of higher rices and a decrease in the purchasing power of money. With the economy collapsing came the Panic of 1837. Tear down this smother (Tear Down This Wall, November 7, 2013). That is what President Reagan said when tearing down the Berlin Wall. Based on intelligence reports and his own analysis, the President concluded that communism was cracking and hit to tumble. Reagan took personal control of the new strategy. When President Reagan took down the Berlin wall, it had made communication and traveling easier.It had also stopped communism in east Germany and started to bust communism in Russia. Ronald Reagan forced the Soviet Union to abandon its culture of the world socialization. He did this by challenging Soviets legitimacy, by regaining transcendency in the arms race, and by using human rights as a weapon as powerful as any in the U. S. or Soviet arsenal. A severe recession set in with an inflation decreasing from 13. 5% in 1980 to 5. 1% in 1982 and unemployment exceeding 10% in October, 1982 for the first time in forty years.After he 1982 downturn, the decreased inflation rate, under 5%, sparked economic growth. It also produced one of the utmost unemployment rates in modern U. S. history. Andrew Jackson was not the best chair we have had. Jackson created the Trail of Tears, the Indian Removal Act, and the closing of the National Banks. On the other h and, President Reagan made a turn for the better. He tore down the Berlin Wall stopping communism in easterly Germany and started crumbling communism in Russia, forced the Soviet Union to abandon its goal of world socialization,

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