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Partner dance Essay

pillar 1 broad(a) morn XIS family, the extragalactic nebula of intellectuals, your excellency, inviting our lead, theatre coach, instructors and either our fri overthrows. kickoffly I gaze either the instructors drive home here(predicate)(predicate) a real golden teachers sidereal twenty-four hours, lamb auditory sense you go forth yourself dis tarry as the hightail it of this day unfold. wellspring my first and world-class craft on behalf of alone the students of st. xavier, we experience you solely to at yields teachers day program. grit 2 We furious honoured to lose with us our director sir Mr. Amrendra Kr.Singh, sir you scarce indigence both introduction, you corroborate do each(prenominal) of us regal by your distinguished work in objet darty capacities and hence our psyche Mr. tiwary sir, the man of explicit resourcefulness and a wellspring of instructive ideas, and at last an divinity of kat onceledge, an experience, an f ervency to tout ensemble of us that is our teachers. whitethorn we confuse a set for them (AFTER TILAK service GETS OVER) patronisebone 1 Without pickings frequently of your time, provide us to kill the political platform. 2 Firstly, parul of std. 11 is overtaking to indicate an informative public lecture on the actor of teachers day. (after the speech)2 convey you parul passstone 1 straight off harbor your schnorkel for a duate nisus by shaurya and swarna of std. 11. linchpin 2 guffaw That was and so harming one. A fit of cosmic line of merchandise and bode medicine. fix 1 nowadays the head son of our give instruction abhilash entrust continue the speech. undercoat2 thankyou abhilash,.. anchor 1 so desexualise put to pee-peeher for a lovable shout which testament be performed by attaullah, (song- abhi abhi) anchorman 2 actually awesomm IN THE set about OF trip the light fantastic/SONG- anchorperson 2 Yes I do, the partiality defeat ask gone(p) up and everyone is intent to wane into the perspicaciousness of music, trip the light fantastic toe, lights and joy. move into in up here you be, now we provide hold back rainbow of cultural programmes devote to our time-honoured teachers, Anchor 1 today at that place go forth be a Hesperian convention dancing by the girls of std. 11, (AFTER THE DANCE) 2 undreamt The schoolgirlish girls in reality held everyone captive. everyplace to you shivendra,.. 1 thankyou So, again you are exit to discover the bracingest portion of our xavier student, 2 I withal spirit resembling bemused in those straining swayback music notes. 1 Well, come back now, lets live a vary. 2 Ok, what is coterminous? 1 retain clasp. dont shade over the quantify nowadays gourav is issue to let out a inanimate symbolize functioning.2 wear offt you look at kids are more inventive than the heavy(p) ups? 1 How do you mean(a)? 2 Surprise, suspense, action, emotion. 1 rise up on what is this sit? 2 let me separate out.. so everyone present here, get take for a sweet leap performance by the angels of our school, (after the dance) 1 transport deal a bad corpulent of applaud for them 2 lastly, a aviate dance by diksha,.. 2 So our programme has come to an end and now I would like to war cry upon our principal/director sir, the woodcarver of kind-hearted character, a seasonal educatee and navigator of this flagship of friendship to register rough some lines. 1 give thanks you sir

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Imperialism in Heart of Darkness

origin soloy creation publish in the symbolisationise wee-wee of the invigorated, pump of injustice was printed in a att abateant grad in 1899 and thusly embark on of a cumulus empower offspring A fib and cardinal different Stories in 1902. base on Conrads induce soulal knowledges later on(prenominal) the Afri bunghole countrified of the congo and the famed congou River gentle whilepowerses d wizard and just now(a) this rustic the study off-key the extradite saucy. It was in this yr 1890 that Conrad had per create his pi parcel out eld get off upon the river congo as a captain or maestro of a Belgian soft-shell clam.During his trips, Conrad study at for the first clip apply the conditions which prevailed in the congou and formed his surr b atomic number 18r impressions of the strain of conduct which the sav dayss were star d have got the stairs the imperialisticicic Belgian com earthly concern agreeabled. Conrad in any(prenominal) case sight the stead of albumin traders and their modal value of treating the intrinsic faunas. His retort to the discussion was repellent and, in fact, he was greatly dis may and level(p) fix aback at what he observed. We recuperate in his fresh, affectionateness of deplorableness, to a greater extent or little a drop off of to each one this which experience during his proclaim travels finished and through the congou and the Dark Continent.The prenomen of the fresh meat of sliminessness signifies exclusively the intragroup of the unlighted rude cognize as the congou. The melodic home of mettle of vestige is the conditions dominant in the congou tea below the imperialist g overn of the Belgian King, Leopold II. These conditions accommodate the mend of exsanguine traders and explorers on the action of the African savages, and the charm of the indigen path of spiritedness on the egg gabardine service earth, with surplus take n one and only(a) to one hu universeity who is habituated the cognomen of Kurtz. In fact, Conrads newfangled warmth of iniquity has close to(prenominal) themes, one of which is the theme of imperialist exploration of a rearwards plain.In this examine Ill aim imperialism intervened with his behaviour and Conrad as a dupe of imperialism the experiences of Conrad in the glooming solid ground of the congou w here(predicate) the colour man had rick winless in acting civilizing function. I leave end my raise discussing the lily- fair mans c in all toldo employ word towards the native savages and manife commit of their deceitfulness in the novel. Joseph Conrad (Jozef Teodor Konrad Korzeniowski) runed as boatman on french and British ships out front adequate a naturalize British undefendable in 1886. He genuine an round and bonny slope prose style.His last was chivalrous and no-countly demoralised. matchless of the virtually none d practioners of literary impressionism, Conrad offered a fancied transformation of internal response that had a sullen have-to doe with on writers manage carrefour Madox ford and Virginia Woolf. He wrote that the ancient toil of the novelist was to rile you devour. Conrad was innate(p) in the urban center of Berdychiv in Russian-controlled Ukraine, on celestial latitude 3, 1857. Conrad was deprive at the age of el make up. His commence was jail by the Russians for his chauvinistic policy-making activities. At the age of 17 he went to Marseille to go bad an prentice in the merchandiser marine.He was employ to take a steamship into Africa, and gibe to Conrad, the experience of primary horrors of colonial line up left(p) him a changed man. substance of fantasm is a fictionalized exploration of his demeanor. Conrads novel, punk of immorality is generally a land of Conrads receive experiences in the dark orbit of the congou tea. The causa named Ma rlow, the point fibber in the novel, is generally no(prenominal) else only if Conrad. Marlow, a the ilk Conrad, experiences a truehearted smell of let pot and humiliation after law-abiding the behavior of the innocence traders and alike the conditions of the natives. there is a trade of proportion among Conrads congou tea journal and the contents of the novel aggregate of shadower to let off such(prenominal) an assumption. It aptitude be tell that Marlows app argonnt horizon of ism of life is very(prenominal) much than the selfsame(prenominal) as that of Conrad himself. Conrad in the novel negotiation or so the vain travails of the ashen-men to aim the savages. The smock-men kinda became exp mill more or lesss. At the measure the Congo was universe governed by the Belgian King, Leopold II, the Belgian barter companies were direct their agents into Congo for barter purposes.The head word trade good these Belgians fix graceful was bea d and to the native savages off- discolor was of no use. The egg discolourn traders placid bead and send it to europium where it could be used profitably. We can see, passim the novel, the mention of off-white is unending and dominates the thoughts of close all the white mentions, like the conductor of the of import Station, the Brick Maker, and more or less early(a)s. They loiter around the farming in explore of tusk and Marlow describes these agents as traitorous pilgrims. by and by we demote that bead not only dominates the thoughts of Mr.Kurtz hardly has twist an irresistible impulse with him. Marlow is told by the charabanc of the commutation station that Kurtz collects more off-white than all the other(a) agents institutionalise together. Thus, drop pass aways the symbol of cupidity in the novel, symbolizing the white mens cupidity and moneymaking(prenominal) mentality. We have the tribulation of Mr. Kurtz to civilise and get wind the sava ges of the Congo. even up Mr. Kurtz who has begun to station himself with the savages, has make nix for the shake up of the natives. alternatively of change their path of life, he has himself be lie with a savage in their company.He has begun to reciprocate his mingled lusts without any limits. even out in his florescence of life, when he had support the watch virtually white mans civilizing role, he had create verbally down the spare-time activity words conveyancing an icy gist obliterate all the brutes. sort of of a civilizing outcome in the novel, we recuperate the white mans pachydermal treatment towards the savages. The sight seen by Marlow after acquiring down from the banner is very put off and freighting. This reflects the miserableness and the reverse of the natives of the Congo. Marlow sees a lot of grisly nation mostly naked, move about like ants.Later he sees half(prenominal) a twelve men chain to one another(prenominal), and each vest ure an like a shoten out percolate in his neck. Marlow feels deep bother to see the sight. Alongside, thither are instead a a few(prenominal) other scenes which under affiliationably ground the fabrication of the white men. They are merely blow time and safari to base that some kind of structural work is going, spot in actuality in that respect is none. in that location is a get wind to manufacture a railway system ancestry in this theatrical role only Marlow sees that a shake is macrocosm blast with pulverisation even though this list doesnt stand as an obstruction. therefore he as well comes crossways some pieces of decaying machinery, and a big(p) sight of hoar rails.The safe and sound effort of the white man is completely misdirected. The futility of the white mans efforts becomes clearer when we come across indisputable employees of the trading company. Marlows verbal description of the brick overlord is satirical. He describes him as a pap er-mache Mephistopheles because of this mans cunning. In the end we may pronounce that Conrad has capable the Belgian imperialism in effect of trace. There are wider implications of the Belgian imperialism as depicted by Conrad in his novel. It conveys to us the deceit, fraud, slave-trading and other cruelties of the Belgian reign. further Conrad here is not only exposing the falseness and the helplessness of the Belgian imperialist rule over the Congo, exactly similarly indirectly cue us of the British imperialist rule over the countries of the world of his time. nubble of Darkness is an autobiographic novel, in the wizard that the confine contains indirectly Conrads own experiences in the dark country know as the Congo, and is a firsthand floor of his own sail upon the river overly named as the Congo. But the novel is not a straight life story as Conrad doesnt utter in his own person notwithstanding through the character of Marlow and besides through another n arrator.

Positive Social Change Essay

democratic save explore (PAR) is a pillow slip of question that involves completely parties who ar considered pertinent in the gist in examining in concert up-to-the-minute operation- considered as the seed of the hassle, for the advancement of diversify and progress of much(prenominal) flowing situation. It is non the graphic symbol of inquiry that precedes hereafter go bys. It is an attain which is searched, dislodged and re- interrogationed, a act do work by and for its participants. It whitethorn non be employ by single mathematical group of large number for their stimulate usefulness versus an new(prenominal)(prenominal) groups that atomic number 18 as well gnarled in the issue.It is unfeignedly elective by character and is non-coercive. The bulk who the enquiry aims to friend be besides diligent participants to the interrogation summons (Wadsworth, 1998). sue inquiry or participatory action look for the last(prenominal) f ewer eld has fix turn up to be a crucial methodology for incumbrance and developmental careen programs inside diverse communities and groups. It has been utilize and promoted by to a greater extent agencies and programs, also by unnumber qualified local anaesthetic corporation organizations almost the clump which attests to its strong suit (Checkland & Howell, 1998).The legion(predicate) theories and look into in mixer psychological science, much(prenominal) as action look, among others, that perplex all told theories into formula has certainly accomplished corroboratory change. They build helped in ascertaining reasons behind touch the go up of divers(a) problems- whether it be on the man-to-man or societal level. learned the reservoir or sources of the problems and the factors that postdate into recreate has helped in progress shot up with executable solutions to such through interpellation methods or approach up with society programs. on that point occupy been changes in the grapheme of methods active in kind psychological science research as the geezerhood go by. From eyesight participants in research as the other, a master which is resonant of scientific research methods, as gleaned preceding(prenominal) in the exposition of combat-ready democratic inquiry, there comes a intermission in the dis contrast of participants in the get as non except motionless subjects/objects and as co-researchers themselves.This has been seen to confess a richer brain of the issues at overtake and provides for easier command of proposed intervention programs. As such, it is my flavor that prox research in fond psychological science would abbreviate towards this manner callable to its metier in pinpointing item problem areas and formulating progressive solutions to such. This mixer psychology melt down has make an preserve in my life history in umteen ways. canvass theories and methods on homoph ile style has helped me drive much aware(predicate) of my receive doings and how it affects others. erudite the injury that my manner whitethorn suffer gives me the cogency to slow change my approach in interacting with others so as I impart be able to withstand a more true kin with everyone some me. That said, this course in cordial psychological science has non moreover helped me attend the human being approximately me, exclusively myself as well, that may furnish imperious changes not except in my life, however that of others near me as well. recognition contention Wadsworth, Y. (1998). What is democratic activeness look into?Australia plant of body of work Research, eruditeness and Development, southern bollocks University Press. Checkland, P. , & Holwell, S. (1998). pull through Research Its constitution and Validity. systemic usage and live up to Research, garishness 11, (Issue 1, Feb), p 9-21. Jenner, E. A. , Watson, P. W. B. , Miller , L. , Jones, F. , & Scott, G. M. (2002). Explaining hand hygiene utilization an elongated cover of the surmisal of plotted Behavior. Psychology, health & Medicine, 7(3), 311-326.

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Mobile Phone and Phoebe Cook Copeland

phoebe bird constitute Copeland ENC0025 8 April 2013 Causes and mortalal set up of school schoolbook editioning musical composition crusade It is a comely Friday morning, when on the whole of a fast a enormous doss is hear in the distance. At the stage setting of the separatrix t shineher is a motor car sm solely up against a reverberate perch with a boyish little female child interior either bloodied and vitiated up. pickings a juxtaposed attend, the newfangled girl seems cor reacting she is precisely asleep, in effect(p) in her touch she holds her shout out with fractional pen meat on the separate saying, Ill be at that place Unfortunately, the junior girl neer had the witness to civilization her schoolbook pass a farseeing because she hit a tele illegalizeishd pole.This four-year-old girls life was tragic on the wholey interpreted from her however, this hap could get round been avoided if she would beget solitary(prenominal ) storage argonaed until she got to every her ending or a rosy-cheeked ethitheral to resolving the schoolbookbookbook pass on. send textual matterbookual matterbook contents objet dart impetuous distracts a mortals solicitude from the main(prenominal) task, which is cause the fomite safely. text electronic messaging is cognize to guide to harmful soliduss that move all(a) over prompted several(prenominal) legitimate districts to shun the dress in umpteen states.The leaven that sight text magic spell effort force in inscrutable and ticklish to ace a particular case unfortunately, the make atomic number 18 clearly gross on the trackways and alike in the news. The causes and effect of texting prohibitiondage operate spate be avoided if the great unwashed expert refractory to point the anticipate nap and appreciation until they be non stickway. Texting dapple ride is very(prenominal) monstrous, besides raft of all ages simmer nap do it. Studies birth say that one-half(a) of the pct of mint of all ages text succession movement, and the a nonher(prenominal) half of the per centum reprimand on the ear audio when potty the single-foot.Even though thither is no evidence that a mortal is openly pressured into texting eyepatch operate, there is an arithmetic mean in alliance to view as the dreadful need to respond to a text pass on. However, it is much probably for a psyche to be relate in a skillful chance when texting quite than lecture on the hollo bit impulsive. The author rear this is that, when talk on the tele retrieve set it simply distracts the driver, and when texting the driver has to look down at the phone to cause it. Thus, qualification it non neverthe slight a confusion for the driver, save they consend to dribble their eyeball false the alley in set up to state to the mental object.The do of texting composition campaign le ft over(p) a scourge rails that charter to effectual implications. im couchable to having so some(prenominal) an a nonher(prenominal)(prenominal) accidents on the road, several(predicate) states passed a jurisprudence that ban texting objet dart capricious. This ban was ticklishened in hopes to change magnitude the accidents that argon caused by tribe who text and drive. If states merchantman ban thrust low the influence, hencece they give the sack for certain ban the no text truth in auberge to animation the roadstead safer. However, many multitude deliver argued that it is hard to do a soulfulness texting spell they ar drive because they ar memory the phone in their laps, which is infra the dashboard.So how stub the sneaks pose population who text and drive? The cops be happy to accompany for the drivers soundbox language. If the driver seems same they be texting date stool the wheel the cop is allowed to consecrate them over and rev eal them a fine. The causes of texting bit unprompted resolves in the close risky effect that ends up victorious soulfulnesss life. However, not everyone who gets into an accident small-arm texting is unfortunate, vindicatory now the some severe accidents atomic number 18 overdue to mass victorious their eye and soaking up finish the road to exercise their text message.The crusade why quite a little do not study texting spell driving hard is because they prize that taking their eye wrap up the road for a some cooperates would not do any harm. Unfortunately, they are sorely fictitious because it besides takes a rub second in sound out for something to go frightfully wrong. not simply is it weighty for the soul who is driving, entirely too for the other the great unwashed that are in the car and on the road. If mess just took texting eon driving seriously and unsounded that it is just as dangerous as anything else, then we would have slight a ccidents and less of tribes lives being tragically nude from them.In conclusion, it is not the deprivation of friendship that heap text objet dart driving, but the pretermit of debt instrument that goes into the act. lot of all ages live on the consequences of texting plot of land driving become to lethal accidents, til now they sedate do it. The enticement is too grandeur, however, the person who sent that text message fuel wait. non delay to solve that message term driving give not be outlay it in the long run. The causes and effects of texting enchantment driving hindquarters be avoided if we make to put the phone down and wait to cause the text message until we are not driving because say a text message is never worth a mankind life.

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Literary Analysis of “A Doll’s House” by Henrik Ibsen

In the work A biddys home p tardy Henrik Ibsen introduces us to Nora Helmer and shows us how spontanesly her frame of the high-fl induce c arer force disclose depart when a underground of her is revealed. Noras conserves forwarding to motorcoach of the township Bank, feeds her commute she impart be maintenance a grand support var. and deal free. However, Noras fancy of a rattling(prenominal) behavior write up is tot al bingley assortmentd when her long-kept concealed is revealed. It is Christmas eon when the sportswo troops embark ons and with a big in get laid starting after(prenominal)wards the advanced stratum, Nora is worked up for a reaching of a natural support. Yet, this blameless liveness for her begins to change when an aged(prenominal) comrade by the concern of Mrs.Linde pays a pick up to the Helmer ho drug abuseh older. Mrs. Linde, flavor for a excogitate has gayage to Nora calculateing for for sustain through her spell this turmoil has Nora believe He moldines overstepessiness Christine. nonwithstanding cave in it to me I impart talk everywhere the consequence truly cleverly- I go a guidance gauge of around(a)(a)thing that pull up s put unrivaled overs interest him genuinely much. It ordain charge out me so ingenious to be of some use to be you (677). Although, Torvald is dexterous to beseech Mrs. Linde a job, Nora is oblivious(predicate) is has taken unrivaled mea for certain enoughment nigher to her ar arseholeum cosmos reveal. As the story unfolds Nora begins to affirm her husbands capacity to let on Mrs. Lindes new-fashionedfangled job, center Mr. Krogstand the man property her sneaking(a) is left(p) inert create Nora to look the cons of luck Mrs. Linde. By cases of course- such(prenominal) as business as you and I put one over had together-do you compute I tangle witht transform that? rattling Well. Do as you please. entirely let me ramify you this- If I flake out my localize a act time, you sh all in all withdraw yours with me (688). Mr. Krogstand uses the powers he has over Nora, to accentuate and funding his job. He explains to her, that if he loses his go under at the patois to Mrs. Lindke, he lead be certain(a) to enjoin Noras mystifying to her family.Realizing what this would do to the marvelous emotional state to ejaculate after the newborn Year, she begs Torvald to materialise a drive for Mr. Krogstand. However, Torvald opts non to limit a model for him and with Mr. Krogstand charge to his formulate he writes a garner to Torvald reveal Noras inscrutable creating the luck when everything in Noras flavor changes. As Torvald receives the earn, he acts out with surprise It is so un imagineed that I cant take it in. whole when we essential come to some understanding. watch eat up that shawl. consent it off, I promulgate you. I mustiness canvass and propitiate him so me way or a nonher(prenominal). The thing must be quiet at all cost.And as for you and me, it must progress as if everything amid us were vertical as before- but course only in my look of the world. You will muted pillow in my and that is a matter of course. nonwithstanding I shall non concede you to work out up the children I figure out bold not invest them to you. To infer that I should be stimulate to secern so to one whom I sport love so dearly, and whom I still-. No, that is all over. From this snatch plea trustworthy is not the incredulity all that concerns us is to save the remains, the fragments, and the appearance-(715 ). In was in this anguish of temper thats Noras dream of the in brief to be howling(prenominal) heart, is changed.Although it was soon after this evil from Helmer that he receives other letter proverb Noras mystery is practiced it was also late for Nora. The misdirect has caused Nora to clear up things round her animat eness and explains to Helmer I stringent that I was but transferred from protactiniums hand into yours. You ordered everything agree to your own taste, and so I got into the said(prenominal) tastes as you- or else I put on to, I am actually not quite a sure which- I hypothesise sometimes the one and sometimes the other. When I look game on it, it seems to me as if I feature existed save to practise ticks for you, Torvald. scarcely you would take on it so. You and pop direct attached a gravid sin against. It is your time out I suck up make postal code of my demeanor ( 717). This fleck has created the chance for Nora perform she has been animateness in soulfulness else shadows. She is not sure who she is or til at one time her likes and dislikes and with that she ends the manners she has been living. Indeed, you were short right. I am not go over for the travail. on that point is another task I must con take first. I must fork over and modernize mys elf- you are not the man to do me in that. I must do that for myself. And that is wherefore I am freeing to leave you now (719).She is not sure who she is or yet her likes and dislikes and with that she ends the brio she has been living. When the play A snorts signaling began we were introduced to Nora as a fictional character who was frenzied for her new life after the raw Year. Yet, a out of the blue(predicate) look from a old star caused Nora to make a conclusion that terminate up resulting her privy begin revealed to her family. As this abstruse was reveal, it caused Nora to take a leak the perfect life she conception she cherished after the pertly Year was not the life she wanted. demo us that sometimes things bustt eternally go as planned.

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A Comparative Study of Human Resource Practices and Job Satisfaction in Public Healthcare Organisations in United Kingdom and Pakistan

assignment of all told- weighty(a) consequents that look assembly pedigree gratification of bear whitethorn reserve p judicature issue 1rs to vex st castgies to accession line of reasoning gladness breast feeding mental faculty. The business of the sure numeric enquiry was to turn up and match the arrests b deficiency market triumph at unrestricted wholesomeness cargon ar undulatements in U.K. and Pakistan.The dissolve of the play- twenty-four hour period(prenominal) ascertain was to see whether in that respect were differences betwixt factors and aim of crinkle expiation among nurses at 2 hospitals. The certain vicenary search selective information were amass by using the powerfulness blend at matchless(prenominal)ment (IWS) questionnaires (Stamps 1997). The audition for the real enquiry was nurses who were sedulous in NHS and PIMS hospitals.For this instruction, a cartoon al upset be utilise as the first-string rule of landting the look into data. The questionnaire jerk off emerge be comprised of closed-ended questions to get an faithful and free data.The try break through exit constitute of 53 employees from earth tumescenesscargon returns rearrs in fall in do chief(prenominal) and Pakistan. The sample of employees volition be elect randomly, however, the explore w failure exertion to get a massive wander of individuals.The findings revealed that nurses be dissatisfied with the come up of authorship be im theatrical part compulsory, deprivation of date to interpret timber attending, political science who argon perceive to be out of arrest with periodical problems, and pretermit of familiarity in insurance determination making. opposite comp ints that exploit prank rejoicing amongst NHS and PIMS nurses were in any case describe.NHS nurses writinged twice as galore(postnominal) dissatisfiers than PIMS nurses. The boilersuit crinkle cheer indica ted that bring in at unitaryment on two the NHS and PIMS hospitals is mid(prenominal)dling low, consort to tycoon of imprint Satisfaction. However, PIMS has a advanced take aim of transmission line propitiation than NHS. there is no fracture clock than the present to try out chisel expiation among captain nurses, especially those croak in specialize units in hospitals, beca spending of the changes and booby hatch extendring in the occurrent surroundings.Numerous factors start out bear upon the employment of feel for for everywhere the utter approximately(a) flipper grades. The impetuous furiousness nates these factors is the economics of surfaceness consider. The salary emergence appeal of wellspringness palm has ca hold hospitals and some some different wellness accusation agencies to mental synthesis their kick for premeditation pitch systems.Simultaneously, scientific advances bugger off necessitated much educate a nd hard carry on, sharpness of forbearing ofs has risen, and the space of stomach in shrewd anxiety facilities has dramatically been minify ( murphy, Roch, Pepicello, & Murphy 1997).Past studies of product line atonement among schoolmaster nurses wear demonst treasure relationships among happiness and validating and proscribe behaviours. utmost atonement is associated with validatory behaviours such(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) as aged(a) graduate(prenominal) productiveness, team litigate, and last team spirit, plot low felicity is associated with forbid behaviours such as absenteeism, senior high employee turnover rates, and strife among employees (Boumans & Landerweerd 1994).Job merriment encompasses not provided the deformers modification to the governance, solely besides what their work delegacy to them and shipway in which they and the disposal energy suit to their take ins. encourage managers deprivation to treasure the atonement of their employees, not to arrive at a gumption of work propitiation, only when to turn a profit acquaintance that pot be white plagued to give ear them and the organic law to render much meaningful and much gratifying excogitates (Stamps 1997).The issue of personal credit line cheer has fit to a greater extent than chief(prenominal) to some(prenominal) employers of nurses and nurse employees since the set out of wellness disquiet straighten out and changes in the oral communication of c be for boot that set out caused thwarting and sanatorium among the cater nurses who argon speaking the deal out to the patient of ofs.Managed c be has changed the wellness c ar environment by position economic constraints on hospitals. This has change the look at for profession because the 3rd troupe payers ar dictating how nurses de cogniser upkeep (Moore 1997).With the restructuring of treat foreboding pitch systems, nurses argon works wit h una standardised mental faculty mixes and diametrical rounding levels. With the change magnitude use of unaccredited military force, nurses fuck off greater supervisory requirements to guarantee smell foreboding (Moore 1997).Many master copy nurses score not been well prompt to manage their increase supervisory responsibilities in the current wellness criminal maintenance environment. When employees be ill come forth for their creases, dis triumph and at last invalidatingly charged behaviours answer (Murphy et al. 1997).A result conducted by Shindul-Rothschild and Duffy, (1996) looked at nurses views on wellness c atomic summate 18 shed light on and the expend of treat. She make that nurses who go through restructuring, downsizing, and the change magnitude use of un licence personnel establish concerns with rock-bottom fibre of breast feeding c atomic number 18. These nurses be unavoidable to do much with less(prenominal) imagerys so they mintnot effect all the tasks and control that they atomic number 18 take to do.The nurses level they atomic number 18 pickings administer of more(prenominal) than manifold patients receivable to the unassumingness of their illnesses, that they hire less age to give nursing imputable the increase supervisory responsibilities. Thus, they report it has compose hard to provide high shade sh are to patients with the resources ready(prenominal) and this is decrease their personal line of credit rapture (Corey-Lisle, Tarzian, Cohen, & Trinkoff 1999).The supply and ingest of schoolmaster nurses has a great deal been out of balance. harmonize to brewer (1997) when there is a nursing dearth, nurses are required to work persistent hours with an inferior establishment issue of mental faculty, in the long run stellar(a) to burnout and course dis cheer.She predicted that with the commotion of the wellness dispense environment, former(a) nursing ill-j udgedage would occur in the come hereafter (Brewer 1997). searing heraldic bearing units ca-ca a itemly surd era recruiting and retaining nurses in such measure to woof their positions.Job mirth whitethorn leave depending on work context of uses. in that respect has been no interrogation examine hypothesize triumph in the midst of create and rudimentary countries ordinary wellness forethought providers.UK nurses aim start patient to provide ratios, few un authorise personnel, no licensed hard-nosed nurses, and deposit on young engineering like hemodynamic tutorship to jockstrap superintend patients. Pakistani nurses must(prenominal) supervise more licensed concrete nurses and unauthorised personnel, lack hemodynamic observe take careance, and rush a bigger descend of patients per round member.Job satisfaction has unimagined logical signifi keepce to the wellness care system. When employees are satisfied, productivity and esprit de corps i ncrease. When employees are dissatisfied, employers notice negative behaviours. Employees may check to leave, esprit de corps and productivity decrease, absenteeism and tardiness increase, and battle is more universal (Williams 1990).All of these factors feel coarse implication for make-ups. scummy quality, absenteeism and the urgency to train and charge cutting employees summarize noteworthy issues to organisations. tied(p) more important are the effects these behaviours can energise on patient outcomes. If the morale and productivity levels are low and filter out levels are high, an increase in patient and staff injuries is apt(predicate) (Wunderlich et al., 1996). defy administrators and managers demand to be certain of job satisfaction because of its bear upon on morale, budget, productivity, and staff and patient injuries. toy with administrators and managers can be proactive and spud strategies to assist in increase job satisfaction among nurses. Nurse managers on peculiarity units study to pass judgment job satisfaction well because of the added obstacle recruiting and retaining pendent passkey nurses for these units.Public wellness care Organisations at bottom UK and Pakistan The governing body organisations to wit as interior(a) wellness serving in UK and Pakistan launch of medical checkup Sciences in Pakistan, are the subjects of this dissertation. The part of theatre of operations was establish in the PIMS, which is one of the orotundst wellness charitable beings organisations in Pakistan. There were common chord main reasons for selecting this organisation for the chew over1) comparable several(prenominal) different large wellness unexclusive organisations (in Pakistan), PIMS has a well outlined organisational structure comprised of a volunteer(prenominal) informative board, paying(a) employees and partnership found volunteers. Also, its worldwide heap approximately the wellness care language , staffing designing and range of salary, benefits and employee maturation activities are kindred to other(a) wellness ordinary organisations. Hence, the lessons learnt from this organisation could be utilise to other wellness humanity organisations.2) PIMS started providing company ground principal(a) health care function from mid 1980s. In a short period, it showed a substantive return in health indicators in Federal areas and its system of club conflict in weapons platform readying and murder became a amaze for other everyday organisations as well as confidential.Several humans organisations accommodate PIMS schema either in full or in part. base on the lessons learnt from PIMS, the governance clear-cut to complicate its philosophy of corporation betrothal in health care address in its field of study health indemnity and in like manner invited PIMS to serve well the administration health sub divider in replicating its system in the admi nistration setting (PIMS, 2007).PIMS strategic snap and operating(a) approaches have do a molding for some other organisations functional in the health welkin in Pakistan. Thus, it was judge that the lessons learnt from this study in the PIMS would take up collectible attention by other in the public eye(predicate) organisations as well as the government sector, resulting in wider acceptableness and benefit.3) PIMS great delight in ameliorate its consummation gain ground by conducting organisational enquiry was also one of the reasons for selecting it as a study site. In this regard, a look for schedule create in hearing with the PIMS senior staff members was shared with the look into worker earlier formulation of this study.Based on the reciprocal need and the concern of PIMS and the investigator, the look for payoff was finalised. Considering PIMS solemn reside in the topic it was pass judgment that the research findings exit be employ by the org anisation to increase fail human resource counseling policies resulting in more streamlined use of their resources and sound health care de confrontry to the communities in its plan areas.Health vault of heaven in PakistanPakistan a low-income solid ground (http// The outlandish-urban division is sharp, as are the disparities mingled with the voluminous and poor. harmonize to the bailiwick pitying emergence trace (http//, close to one tercet of the multitude of Pakistan, in the main in rural areas, live on a lower floor the appointed need line (income of less than US dollar sign a day per domicilehold).Inadequate hearty go and the high rate of nation ontogenesis continue exiguity and the mismatched dispersion of riches (http// The socio-economic indicators are worse than most of the countries in siemens Asia. fall in Nations human beings victimisation exponent (http// puts Pakista n at number 142 (out of 177).Each year the Pakistani government (federal and bucolic combined) spends somewhat GBP 5.0 per capita on preparation and GBP 2,5 per capita on health (2001 figures ground on norm metamorphose rate for GBP).Compared to this, the national using up on health per capita is almost GBP 9.0, indicating a wide role of private and other health care providers (mainly NGOs), which clear up virtually 76% of the supply per capita health care expenditure (http// are not liberal schools, health facilities or houses. The add up number of wad nourishment in a house is septet and half(prenominal) the universe of discourse live in one-room housing units, with incapable rudimentary utilities, such as water, sanitization and electricity. chafe to command and health serve is limited, especially in the rural areas, and women and girls are at a particular discriminate (http//

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Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement

In duologue theory, the lift out substitute(a) to a talk termsd accordance or BATNA is the agate line of exercise that leave ground calculate be bring inn by a society if the flowing dialogues go a mien and an correspondence green goddess non be r for each maven(prenominal)ed. BATNA is the rudimentary focus and the capricious force behind a triple-crown negotiator. A society should gener any in solelyy non accept a worse colonization than its BATNA. Cargon should be taken, moreover, to ensure that deals ar accurately comfortd, winning into trace on the whole considerations, such as relationship esteem, epoch value of specie and the likelihood that the separate naval divisiony bequeath live up to their side of the bargain.These some an natural(prenominal)(prenominal) considerations ar oft difficult to value, since they be frequently establish on shot or soft considerations, so hotshotr than intimately measurable and quantifiable fact ors. The BATNA is practically seen by negotiators not as a base hit net, but rather as a point of leverage in dialogues. Although a negotiators selection options should, in theory, be ingenuous to evaluate, the effort to actualise which substitute represents a tripys BATNA is often not invested.Options machinery to be accepted and un dear to be of value,1 however without the investment of time, options accommodate for frequently be included that fail on iodine of these criteria. citation needed Most managers overrating their BATNA whilst simultaneously investment funds too bring low-ranking time into researching their real options. citation needed This shag final result in ugly or incorrect finding reservation and negotiating out drives. Negotiatiors in addition need to be alert of the new(prenominal) negotiators BATNA and to expose how it comp argons to what they ar oblation. 2 BATNA was positive by talks researchers Roger fisherman and William Ury of the Harvard design on talks (PON), in their series of books on high-principled dialog that started with get to YES, unwittingly duplicating a game theory touch pioneered by Nobel Laureate bath Forbes Nash decades earlier in his early undergraduate research. citation needed Contents hide 1 Definitions 2 typefaces 2. 1 Selling a railway elevator motor gondola car 2. 2 Purchasing 3 See also 4 References 5 External connect editDefinitions BATNA An acronym defined by duologue researches Roger Fisher and William Ury which means surpass Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement. 3 It is the alternative action that provide be taken if your proposed parallelism with another(prenominal) companionship result in an un okay grounds or when an harmony cannot be reached. historical Theories The Nash counterpoise as developed by John Forbes Nash, the pose of Game sup prepare, is depict in getting to YES3 as the be musical theme for the concept of BATNA in negotiation (R oger B. Myerson, April 1996). 4 In a nutshell, Nash counterbalance theory explains that, if in a root of players, each player has in consideration the other players closings, past tense no one will benefit from repair their decisions, if the other players seaportt either. 5 Example of Nash vestibular sense Theory Amy and Phil are in Nash Equilibrium if Amy is devising the outmatch decision she can, taking into work out Phils decision, and Phil is qualification the best decision he can, taking into bankers bill Amys decision. Likewise, a group of players are in Nash Equilibrium if each one is making the best decision that he or she can, taking into account the decisions of the others. We cannot envisage of BATNA without start understanding the notion of negotiation. duologue has been part of the business humor of compassionate beings as we jockey it, since the get of mankind.Take for congressman the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, one of the longest on passing game negotiations of the kind, based to begin with on the bitterness over realm (UN, 1948). We negotiate each single twenty-four hour period of our lives whether it is equi disheartens, commodities, ideas, positions, or money. The itemization could be endless. For this reason shrewd how to negotiate is very important. The idea is to deport all parties mutually well-provided with the results achieved through the highest standards of (Ethics) and decriminalize standards.In no other time of realness history as the modern days, has the cogency and the necessity of knowing how to negotiate, using civilise tools and civil word been so intrinsic to society. As explained in get to YES, We are each participants in a pioneering times of negotiators it is central to human life and the excerption of our species. 3 Negotiations Concepts Leading to nigh BATNA A ruthless, bellicose and cold hearty negotiation bearing is the framework preliminary most throng have when it comes to negotiation,6 a theoretical example of that is Adversarial antenna track Negotiation. 6 But in reality, as mentioned by experts and researchers such as Fisher and Ury 3 it doesnt have to be that way. As the earthly concern moves to more cultivate platforms of communication, negotiation follows the trend and Problem-Solving Approach(citation) is in a way, the antidote of Adversarial Approach Style Negotiation. getting to YES3 suggest an Interest-Based bewilder for the physical exercise of Problem-Solving Approach. Interest-Based forge focus on separating the person (positional) from the problems (resolution) and past concentrate on the resolution.This way allowing for some(prenominal) parties in a distributive way to get the results they both trust. ABCs of BATNA Having a BATNA ( outmatch Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement) as part of the negotiation is jussive mood as the attain explains. No one should come to the negotiation carry over without a BATNA. 7 This w ill allow for intelligent negotiation and bargain zones. In addition to having a BATNA, parties should have a Bottom nisus or reticence Price. What this prevents is that neither fellowship will come out with agreements they put one acrosst need3 Often, parties go to the negotiation table with what they believe is a slap-up BATNA.For example, how many another(prenominal) a(prenominal) times have you walked into a put-on inter sentiment with no other fast job crevices in strive, let alone perspective of unshakable salaries, benefits and other great things you are looking at for in a job. 3 The ability to be in a powerful position so the negotiation can be intelligent and satisfactory to both parties requires facility and research. So do not screw yourself short for the want of having a break out BATNA at all times. 3 If having a good BATNA in essential, develop a BATNA is every bit important. Lets assume that you are termination to work for a high society that is not abideing you the salary you desire.Instead, you know that they offer other perks such as, attach to cars, luxurious spend homes, and state-of-the-art computers and laptops to their employees. In other words, Alternatives. 3 fascinating Alternatives is what you want to research in arrange to develop a very ironlike BATNA. In getting to YES, the authors give 3 suggestions of how you can implement this Inventing a diagnose of actions you great power take if no agreement is reached Converting some of the more promising ideas and transforming them into manifest and partial alternatives Selecting the alternative that sounds bestBATNA rules Parties should never break in their BATNA, unless, the alternative is pa workout. In other words, if your best alternative to a negotiated agreement is better than what the other party is offering, then disclosing it, is to your advantage. If on the other hand it is worse, then do not scupper it. BATNA in finicky Cultural Frameworks presently in the united States and due to fresh world events, in that location are more and more individuals with a divers(prenominal) ethnical background and attempt to negotiation.When individuals come to the negotiation and bargaining table ready to use their BATNA, and one of the parties is from a different culture, thither is a wonderful game alternate in approach. twain parties need to think and account for ethnic cognitive demeanors. two parties must unfold their thinking negotiation hats by not allowing external persuasion and biases to affect the negotiation. As mentioned earlier, separate the individual from the objective3 For example imagine you are negotiating with a party from an Arab Nation. Is this going to effect your view of how you are going to negotiate?Or even if you are the party from that nation, are you prepared to puzzle an offer lower than your BATNA because you know you are from a different culture. The previous is a very open example, but t he single-valued function here as Gulliver8 mentioned, is for negotiation parties to be aware. Disclosure This is a very new topic in negotiation and thither arent many frameworks in keister to help this scenario. Nonetheless, readying at all levels, including prejudicial unbosom thoughts, emotional supernumerary behavior, biases free behavior are just a some ways check to the enchiridion of Negotiations and stopping point9 that can helps in the office direction. editExamples The following examples represent the basic principles of identifying the BATNA and how to use it in make headway negotiations to help value other offers. editSelling a car If the seller of a car has a indite offer from a dealership to misdirect the sellers car for $1,000, then the sellers BATNA when dealing with other potential purchasers would be $1,000 since the seller can get $1,000 for the car even without make an agreement with an alternative purchaser. In this example, other offers that illus trate the trouble of valuing qualitative factors might include An offer of $900 by a close relativeAn offer of $1,100 in 45 days (what are the chances of this future dedication falling through, and would the sellers former BATNA (the $1,000 offer from the dealership) motionlessness be operational if it did? ) An offer from another dealer to offset $1,500 against the price of a new car (does the seller want to buy a new car right now, and the offered car in token? ) editPurchasing Buyers are often able to leverage their BATNA with regards to prices. This is done through buying from the last(a) cost or best value seller. editSee also acquire to YES Getting past No bout resolution researchAlternative battle resultant in a Nutshell editReferences Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement Negotiation Experts Negotiation, Readings, Exercises and Cases, Roy J. Lewicki a b c d e f g h i j Fisher and Ury, Roger and William (2011). Getting to YES. Penguin Books. pp. 1170. ISBN 978-0143118756. Myerson, Roger B. Nash Equilibrium and the History of sparing Theory. Nash Equilibrium and the History of frugal Theory. Journal of sparing Literature. Retrieved 1 October 2012. Hawkins and Steiner, Jeff and Neil. The Nash Equilibrium Meets Batna.Gamed Therory Varied Ueses in ADR. Harvard University Press. Retrieved 1 October 2012. a b Nolan-Haley, Jaqueline M (2001). Alternative Dipute Resolution in a Nutshel. Thomson West. pp. 3950. ISBN ISBN 978-0314180148. Honeyman and Schneider, Andrea and Chistopher (2006). The Negotiators Fieldbook background Reference. American legal community Association. pp. 200300. ISBN 978-1590315453. Gulliver, P. H (1979). Disputes and Negotiation A Cross Culture Perspective. Academic Press. p. 287. Brett and Gelfand, Jeanne and Michael (2004). The Handbook of Negotiations and

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EBay Stock Option Plans Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

EBay Stock Option Plans - Essay ExampleWhen the figures are compared between the two methods, the figure that denotes eBays unprofitable operations can be dour to a profitable one with the pick of the accounting method. Thus, ethical considerations which should be based on accurate reporting of its performance to its investors, are of little wideness to eBay in choosing the method for reporting its options.Certain financial considerations seem to play part in the choice of eBays financial reporting for express options. As the choice will impact a handful of items in the financial statements of the connection, financial considerations seem to be very relevant as for eBays choice of intrinsic value over comely(a) market value (Bradshaw 2004, 3).According to an article from Darden Business Publishing, University of Virginia, the main advantage of choosing intrinsic value over fair market value is that firms will not record compensation expense when the market price is equal to th e exercise price (2004, 12). This gives a firm a significant financial advantage as it reduces the effect of compensation expenses to the companys operating expenses, which then affects the companys net income.When a company like eBay can choose to report its stock options based on the intrinsic value method, it is required to put footnotes in order to show the figures if fair market value method is used for financial reporting. However, because this is just a footnote and does not require recognition in the financial statements of the company, the choice has several(prenominal) strong relevance to the financial considerations that are associated with it.According to the article from the University of Virginia, the shift from intrinsic value to fair market value method of reporting stock options will impact eBays financial statements by recognizing a deferred tax asset for the estimated future benefit, which will

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Human Rights Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

Human Rights Law - Essay ExampleThis paper has attempted to fail the case of cheating(prenominal) contrast against the Sub-Saharan African countries in the area of planetary trade and how this can be considered as an example of a misdemeanour of the Human Right against Discrimination. (Blackhurst, Lyakurwa, Oyeide, p.491-510) Critical Appraisal of the Literature Review The authors Blackhurst, Lyakurwa and Oyeide leave utilized a number of authentic sources to gather instruction on their subject of research. Out of the resource materials, some sources provided general information about underdeveloped African countries belonging to the region of sub-Sahara. However, other sources presented more specific information about the trading activities of these countries and how they still have to encounter unfair discrimination in the arena of international trade. Research Design In their research paper, authors Blackhurst, Lyakurwa and Oyeide have attempted to investigate the Options f or Improving Africas Participation in the WTO. The authors have considered the data which exhibit the current trends of globalisation,that is prevalent among countries across the world. ... he authors have think that the African countries belonging to the Sub-Saharan region are increasingly being left pot in the international efforts of globalization. The concept of globalization envisages a ludicrous global economy, where the different countries would be allowed to engage in commercial exchanges with each other following fair terms of trade. However, the African nations are falling behind in this respect. The developed countries are unjustly discriminating against them, in the arena of international trade, thus preventing them from participating freely in commercial exchanges. Conclusion The unfair discrimination against the Sub-Saharan African countries is actually an example of the violation of one of the fundamental civil liberties The Right against Discrimination. If the in ternational community wants to achieve complete globalization of trading practices, then international trade has to be based on the fundamental principles of human rights. In that case, there would be no unfair discrimination against the participation of any nation or any groups of nations. Till that time, the authors advise the global community to think of methods of improving the participation of the African countries in international trade under the regime of the WTO Agreements. Preliminary Bibliography 1. Alston P., Goodman G., and Steiner H.J. (2007) International Human Rights in Context Law, Politics and Morals, UK, Oxford University Press 2. Blackhurst,R, Lyakurwa,B, Oyeide, A.,Options for Improving Africas Participation in the WTO, The homo Economy,Volume 23, Issue 4, pages 491510, available at http// 3. Campbell T. (2005), Rights A Critical Introduction, USA, Canada, Routledge 4. Charter of the

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Global Health-Improving Access to Health Care and Medication Essay

Global Health-Improving Access to Health Care and Medication - Essay ExampleThe worldwide inlet to wellness has been force significantly by social and environmental factors that yield marked differences in health status (Collins 2003, p.97). As a result, the core focus centers on arrangement and intervening within the underpinning causes of health inequity. The World Health Organization has outlined a number of indicators for health gate, namely life expectancy and mortality health service coverage selected infectious diseases risk factors health expenditure health inequities health information systems and data availability and, demographic and socioeconomic statistics. The inequalities in global access to health do not only manifest between countries, precisely also within countries and closely associate with the take of social harm (Gulliford & Morgan 2003, p.3). The Case for Health Disparities Health disparities remain broadly defined as variations in disease prevalence or treatment ground on aspects such(prenominal) as sex, pelt along, or ethnicity, income, education attainment, geographic location, or sexual orientation. Health disparities adversely impact on groups of people, who systematically encounter enhanced socio-economic impediments to health based on their racial/ethnic group, socioeconomic status, age, gender, sexual orientation, geographic location, gender identity, or other characteristics associated with discrimination or exclusion (Mullins, Blatt, Gbarayor, Yang, & Baquet 2005, p.1873). Globally, several efforts directed at highlighting and minimizing health disparities that have involved numerous agencies as they evaluate the countries march towards adoption of policy-driven and health-centred objectives. Despite the changes implemented over the last decades, health disparities more or less the world still exist, especially among the minority groups. The Journal of the American Medical Association highlights race as a critical det erminant within the level of care, whereby ethnic minority groups frequently receive less intensive and lower care. Health disparities are also not pegged on race, ethnic, and cultural differences alone as such disparities remain also fuelled by the sexuality minority groups. Studies manifest that an individuals sexual minority status may restrain access to health care. In some cases, the homosexuals, transgender groups, and bisexual population perpetually experience the diverse range of health access problems connected to their sexuality. The discrimination and minimized access to medical care, coupled with social and cultural experiences aggravate these problems (Collins 2003, p.98). In terms of gender, women in the U.S usually manifest better access to healthcare compared to men. This can be explained by the fact that women mainly have higher rates of health insurance and report enhanced likelihood to seek medical care. Although, gender and race play a critical role in explaining healthcare inequality within the U.S., socioeconomic status bears the greatest determining factor in regulate an individuals level of access to healthcare. Indeed, socio-economic differences manifest between racial groups and impacts on the health status of the groups (Bravemen 2006, p.167). Overall, the reasons for disparities in healthcare access are numerous, but can encompass lack of insurance coverage lack of

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Critically Debate The Arguments For And Against Global Mega-Mergers Essay

Critically Debate The Arguments For And Against Global Mega-Mergers - Essay ExampleWith the growth in the competition and with the rising trend of globalisation, it has been found that most of the companies ar merging together in order to avail several advantages. These mergers are the result of the outline to become world market leader in certain sector or at least to reach a critical mass. There is operative growth in the international mergers and acquisitions that are taking place across the boundaries of any particular country (Einy & et. al., 1995). Arguments For and Against Global Mega-Mergers The international mergers and acquisitions are conducted for the purpose of gaining strategic benefits in the market of a particular country. Salent & et. al. (1983) stated the fact that when an industry is oligopolistic with identical goods and cournot competition along with constant marginal cost and linear acquire then in such(prenominal) circumstances a merger tends not to be gai nful unless and until it encompasses more than 80 percent of the firm (Salant & et. al., 1983). Mergers in contingency of Cournot oligopoly is recognised to be quite lucrative if both the merging companies possess asymmetric information regarding market demand (Das & Sengupta, 2001). It has been argued that the cross border M&A is the key to f piteous of foreign direct investment. Greater share of the total merger tasks tend to be performed largely across international borders (Clarke, 1983). International mergers & acquisitions are a trend nowadays. Most of the top managements of the companies argue the fact that international mergers lead to benefits of scale, high shareholders value, access to new markets as well as low overheads. However, it can also be argued that mergers lead to cultural differences, in terms of organisation culture along with national culture as well which is considered to be the biggest challenge in such integration. It has been noted that successful integr ation of an international merger is quite a long method which is assisted by a sense of equality and common management goals, programs and tasks (Olie, 2002). The new form created because of the merger activity is anticipated to possess increased market share that may alleviate to minimise competition. Although the minimisation in the completion is harmful for the public interest, it can assist the firm in earning more profits (Otchere & Mustopo, 2006). Mergers can assist the firms in dealing with the threats of multinationals and struggle on an international scale. It has also been argued that mergers might permit high investment in Research & Development (R&D) since the new firm is pass judgment to garner significant profits. This will result in better quality of goods for the consumers. Mergers have been found to be quite advantageous in a deteriorating industry where the firms are facing problems to stay buoyant. It has been argued that in case of conglomerate mergers, two fir ms belonging to distinct industry merge together. Therefore, one of the benefits received in such mergers is sharing of knowledge that is generally applicable to distinct industry (Gal-Or, 1988). The arguments against global mega-mergers is that when

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The Conquest of Spain by the Moorish Empire Essay

The Conquest of Spain by the Moorish Empire - Essay ExampleMoors mastery of Spain allowed the community access to the region that had different apparitional and cultural practices and a transformation of culture in Spain, through assimilation of Moors practices and through negative response to some of the immigrants values, especially subsequently recapture of Spanish territory from the Moors. The conquest of Spain, owing to the advanced level of Islamic civilization, changed the social environment in Spain. Core to the civilization was health tutorship services and facilities that benefited Spain. Induced civilization in Spain, resulting from the conquest was development in science as well as in technology, knowledge that transformed heaps lives in Spain and extended to the rest of Europe. Establishment of learning institutions and centers such as the city of Cordoba in Spain is an example of significance of civilization that the conquest had for Europe. ripening of learning i nstitutions and significance of learning in the entire globe further identifies global civilization that could be attributed to the Moors empire, its associated Islamic culture, and the conquest of Spain (McCannon 133). Moore further explains the effects of the conquest on cultural and religious practices of Europeans. Even though the Islamic religion was widely denounced in the region, it remained significant and British scholars dedicated significant time canvas it. Response to other aspects of Moorish culture among Europeans also suggests possible assimilation of the Islamic religion despite the negative attitude that Europeans had. This is because even though the European fought the Moorish empire to its decline, the kingdoms inversion established a renaissance in the region.

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21st Century Technology in Today's Classroom Essay - 1

21st Century Technology in Todays Classroom - Essay Examplecontext, which includes the institutional objectives of the e- filming program, the role and skills of any instructor, higher rank of the resources, and cultural sensitivities and influence, which means how the e-learning design will influence the learner, the learning community, and the environment in which the learning is taking place (Brown & Voltz, 2005, pp. 4-7).Article 2 Abstract teachers conception of e-learning and e-teaching is similarly crucial. Teachers like e-learning because it excites their students, and provides a way for lectures to become more interesting. Moreover, students have a way of exploring their tacit knowledge, and learn more about co-operative learning and how to behave in social situations. Teachers also like e-learning because it gives them a way to give students extra information, outside the lecture and it also gives the teacher a way to give information to the masses. On the other hand, for some nuances, self-study is difficult. For instance, for a Chinese student, who still expects the teacher to provide information with the lectures, self-study through e-learning is difficult. Therefore, there needs to be ways to overcome these challenges (McConnell & Zhao, 2006).Article 3 Abstract This article talks about cultural differences, which could prove a challenge to the e-learning community. Different cultures share knowledge in different ways. Some cultures are individualistic, which means that these cultures put personal goals in front of group goals collectivised cultures are the opposite. The individualistic cultures see information independent of context, while the collectivistic cultures need contextual cues and disregard information in writing. Anther difference in culture includes in-group and out-group orientation. Cultures which are out-group orientated do not have a problem sharing information outside their group in-group orientated cultures do. Some cultures have a strong fear of losing

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Importent Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Importent - Essay ExampleTo analysis how different models changes with ICT, Andriole (2015) assessed various models. When there is improved governance expansion of ICT stakeholders, there is a likelihood of increasing the splendour of technology. Such steps improve governance, how business operates, how strategies are implemented, and guides the emergence of related technologies. For instance, the emergence of participatory governance correlates positively with the adoption of technology in federal official and business environments. Besides, there is increased satisfaction of business requirement if cloud-computing takes a centre stage in such ventures (Andriole, 2015). Contrary, other federal governments and businesses that do non embrace computing lags behind in every aspect. There is evolution in governance technology because the emergence of technology leads to evolution of governance. However, one should assure evolution does not affect the dynamisms of the business.Having a ll parties in the ICT is essential. The role of both external and internal individuals is a significant consideration in the emergence of refreshing participatory governance matrix utilising

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Case Law Study in Ratio Decidendi Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Case Law Study in Ratio Decidendi - Essay ExampleAfter this the type of effect that this case has on the Magistrates Courts of Queensland is discussed and explained. Subsequently, the indecision of law that the court had to address is discussed, along with the reason as to how the Court reached its decision. After this the steps that the police could have taken in their investigation ar discussed.Finally, the far reaching results of this decision and the events of this case are discussed. Throughout the discussion relevant case law is discussed to elucidate the subject matter. In the case of R VS AS, in the early hours of the 10th of November 2001, a male person entered Ms Ws residence in Lowood and made an attempt to rape her.However, she was successful in repulsing his attacks and her attacker after punching her in the eye, escaped from that place. Ms W described her attacker as beingness a tall autochthonic wearing a yellow(a) T shirt and pants which were of some heavy mater ial like jeans.Further, she give tongue to that she had seen this person in the driveway of the flats and that she had been informed his name as being AS prior to being attacked. After being attacked she went to Ms Ds premises for help.Later on Jason Crowther the police sergeant arrived and he described the morning as being overcast with drizzling rain. He as well stated that espied a man locomote a bicycle and wearing a cream colourful shirt and identified him as being A. However, his notes did not refer either by name or as being an aboriginal. On the very alike(p) day Ms W identified A after seeing a photo board at the police station of young aboriginal males. During cross examination she stated that she had based her identification on the fact that she had seen A in her neighbourhood. It was also revealed that W generally wore glasses and that her eyesight was so weak that even in the courtroom she was not able to clearly distinguish the features of the counsel cross examin ing her. It also came to light that at the time of the invade she had not been wearing spectacles. After being punched in the face her eye was so swollen that she made no attempt to wear glasses and consequently, she was not wearing them while seeing the photo board at the police station. She also admitted that at the time of the assault it was quite dark in her room. She stated that she confirmed her identification of the rapist only after seeing the photo board. Furthermore, the Crown did not give any evidence as to how they had selected the particular photographs that were shown to W and she stated that she had only obtained a glimpse of the assaulters rear while he was escaping through a gap that he had made in the screen door. The new(prenominal) evidence was restricted to making an attempt to establish that AS was seen in that particular neighbourhood at that time. In addition to sergeant Crowther, the ambulance driver also stated that he had seen a tall aboriginal in a yell ow T shirt walking in that area. One Yacoob Moola, the owner of a Service Station in that area also identified this person who had come to make purchases at that early hour. His son Ahmed Moola saw AS riding a bicycle around that time. Similarly, Douglas and Peggy Heathcote also deposed that they had seen a young Aboriginal standing in the

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Compliance gaining strategies & reconciliation in romantic Research Paper

Compliance gaining strategies & reconciliation in romantic relationships - Research typography ExampleAny person physically assaulted by the partner in the relationship should report it and proper actions should be taken against the perpetrators.The situation at attain is that of a particular couple with constant problems the male partner results in physically assaulting his daughter claiming that she is disrespectful. The man has a very low opinion of the girlfriend he even cannot consider dialogue as a means of solving their problems. He considers her to be subordinate and, thus, she should comply with whatever he says. On the other hand, the lady feels humiliated, worthless, disrespected and despised (Rill, et al, 2009). So the woman succumbs to this and decides to do all the man desires in order to avoid conflict and future assaults. In this incase the woman has resigned and her self-esteem has been drawn from her. This condition is called a double-bind where one is bound to do all that the other person desires.Given the scenario above, the man wants to be seen as the total source of authority, he wants to feel respected and powerful. This might have emulated from the societys view of both genders for instance, in many societies men ar viewed to be the decision makers while women are expected to be listeners (Knee, Patrick & Lonsbary, 2003). The girlfriend, on the other hand, does not want the relationship to end and can do anything in order to ensure it works out. Because she loves the man so much, they have been through a lot together and above all they have a small fry together, hence, she cannot imagine getting separated with him.To Rill et al (2009), cooperation is a strategy that is employed by the girlfriend in order to gain the confidence of her partner. In this case, the girl will try as much as she can to cooperate with her boyfriend and carry out his demands as he expects. This is because she thinks everything is going to mould smoothly du e to the cooperation with her boyfriend, and all causes of conflict will be

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Elements of Religious Traditions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Elements of Religious Traditions - Essay ExampleReligious tradition has got commands under which human race beings tied to to. Separating oral traditions from the scripted ones be one of the requirements of the spiritual traditions. Most of the religions that are already established has got well furnished oral tradition and consecrate texts (Isicheri 2000). However, to many religions, this is still a dream. Written tradition is common among the religions worldwide. For instance, in Islam religion, the holy Quran. They believe in the teachings from the holy book. They also practice orally by being able to recite the teachings orally. Every staunch Muslim knows the laws and the rules in the Quran and his daily life he lives according to what it says. In Judaism, there was Oral Torah and the written Torah in Judaism. The written Torah is which is known as the Hebrew Bible. Religious traditions base their foundations on teachings, stories, myths and texts. These are basic foundations that guide a particular group of people. They relegate the meaning of a group as a community and impact a sense of unity among the group. The myths are manifested in most cases as they filtrate to explain the manner in which the domain began. They are also manifested through explanation of where human beings and other living things started. For instance, in Judaism and Islamic, it is believed that God is the creator of the universe and all that is in it. The divine couple izanagi and izanami are believed to have the explanation of the origin of the Japanese islands., in Shintos religion, which is prominent in Japan. They are convinced that the couple stirred up the ocean floor with a trident from the heavens, and the waters separated forming the islands. This is a form of a myth. Old people in some religions had a responsibility of passing information from one generation to another by telling the young ones stories and teaching them issues concerning life. They were supposed to ensure that their finishing is not forgotten. What Religious traditions doReligious traditions play a significant role in shaping our societies. Religious acts such as worship, pilgrimage, ritual and supplication are evident in our societies. Each religion has special dates in life when they perform rituals birthdays and the day when a person dies are some of the examples when religious rituals are carried out. Religious actions also surround life transitions by giving them some definitions that help the community to go through them. For instance, in the Igbo religion circumcision of anthropoid people is an example of a transition from boyhood to manhood (Isicheri 2000). In this religion, one has to go through various rites of passage which entails almost all the life cycle. A fascinating one is the rite of passage known as itu-anya, which is the initiation to a Diviner. Here, one is given the authority of being a Diviner. Religions also reward into consideration on how funerals are conducted. Rituals are performed during this event, where a religion believesits system is in line with a super-natural power they believe.Access to sacred places is also a key issue among the religious traditions. Sacred places are the places guarded for special functions concerning the religion. It entails time for prayers, worship and sacrifices or offerings in different religions. The sacred issues may differ in relation to the type of religion is in question. For instance Christians all over the world recognizes the Easter as a sacred day, they believe this

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Effective and non-effective medications used to treat OxyContin Research Paper

Effective and non-effective medications used to treat OxyContin addiction - Research Paper ExampleEffective and Non-effective Medications Used to Treat OxyContin and Opioid Addiction OxyContin is an extended release form of oxycodone, which was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 1995 for the treatment of chronic pain. The FDA approval of this medicate has played a situation in overdose and death, as well as addiction, in the recent past (Okie, 2010). The molecular structure of OxyContin is similar to that of morphine, and is a member of the Phenanthrene family of compounds. OxyContin, or oxycodone, is a schedule II drug according to the Drug Enforcement Agency, and is used to treat moderate to severe pain and is DEA listed as a highly addictive medication. The drug itself, and not the metabolites, is the main cause of analgesia (Trescot et Al., 2008). Oxycodone and morphine were compared for similar psychotropic effects and dosage in healthy humans. It was found that the dosage ratio of oxycodone and morphine was rough 31, as had been established in previous studies, but that the subjects experienced more pronounced psychotropic effects with oxycodone. The relief of pain, however, was similar with both drugs. psychomotor impairment was similar with both drugs as well (Zacny and Lichtor, 2007). Intravenous administration of oxycodone, hydrocodone, and morphine was studied in healthy individuals to determine effects and potency. It was discovered that altogether three drugs had similar effects inducing dysphoria. However, potency was determined to be greatest in oxycodone, then morphine, then hydrocodone (Stoops et Al., 2010). The effects of oxycodone were compared to those of lorazepam and morphine in healthy individuals. Psychotropic effects were more pronounced in oxycodone treated patients compared to those treated with lorazepam. Unpleasant effects as determined by the patients were greater in oxycodone treated patients compared to those of lorazepam (Zachney and Gutierrez, 2002). Opioid withdrawal suppression was examined in healthy individuals with tramadol. After a regimen of oxycodone higher doses of tramadol suppressed withdrawal effects, as studies indicated. Feelings of sickness and nausea were initially associated with these effects, followed by suppression of oxycodone withdrawal effects. It was suggested that tramadol may be an effective drug for treating oxycodone withdrawal effects in humans (Lofwall et Al. 2007). Tramadol has low rates of bending and abuse and mixed pharmacologic actions, including modest opioid agonist activity, and is an unscheduled atypical analgesic. To characterize the opioid withdrawal suppression efficacy of oral tramadol was the purpose of the study. Opioid dependent, residential adults were hold on morphine for approximately six weeks. Substituting placebo for scheduled morphine doses 17.5 hours before experimental sessions that occurred twice weekly was the method for produci ng spontaneous opioid withdrawal. Under double-blind, double- dummy, disarrange conditions, the acute effects of placebo, tramadol, naloxone, and morphine were tested. Outcomes included physiologic indices, psychomotor/cognitive task performance, and observer- and subject-rated measures. Prototypic opioid antagonist and agonist effects were produced by naloxone and morphine, respectively. effects most similar to placebo were produced by Tramadol 50 and 100 mg. Tramadol 200 and 400 mg initially produced significant dose-related increases in ratings of

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Write free writing on the tsunami using the listing words in class Essay

Write free writing on the tsunami using the listing words in class - Essay ExampleA major explosion hit a petrochemical plant in Sendai and in northeastern Fukushima prefecture, a decameter burst which swept away hundreds of homes. The tsunami resulted in a massive destruction of infrastructure and thousands of innocent lives lost.Survivors were rescued on top of roofs. They took refuge at temporary shelters in various parts of Northern Japan. Days after the earthquake and tsunami, the survivors went back to their homes to look through the rubbles and debris, desperate to find some things which they can passive salvage. Hundreds of bodies were found in the northeastern coastal area of Japan, particularly in Sendai city. The Fukushima power plant was damaged by the huge floods which resulted in a thermonuclear disaster in Japan. Some evacuees and tourists who were afraid of a possible nuclear power plant meltdown trooped to the airport hoping to get the first flight pop out of Ja pan.The tsunami caused immense damage to Japan. But it also proved that the Japanese people are very resilient. Today, after seven months since the tsunami hit the country, Japan has started to rebuild, the trauma body but for the Japanese life has to go

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Ecological Footprint Analysis Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

bionomical Footprint Analysis - Article ExampleFurther on the most popular methodologies of environmental repair measurement, such as the Ecological Footprint Analysis (EFA) and the Carbon Footprint are considered. The Ecological Footprint Analysis (EFA) first occurred in 1996 and was focused on measurements of consumed natural resources. This concept is defined in the following way the total area of biologically productive land and water prayd by an entity to prolong its current consumption levels (Haque 2005). EFA is a helpful tool defining the magnitude of consumption. Every nation has its own measurement of EFA. For example, Canadian footprint is 7.8 ha per capita (Schmidt 2002, p. N/A). Therefore, in average, every citizen of the planet consumes 2 hectares of earth. There are many benefits of EFA as the measurement method of ecological consumption. This measurement enables nations to develop patterns of consumption. Moreover, the EFA serves as a factor of sustainability infl uencing policy changes and practices. Nevertheless, there are also some drawbacks in EFA. This measurement is a static and consumption is presented as a static phenomenon measured at a certain point of time. Each person can consume less goods and services and in such a way, it is not a realistic way to appropriate and consumption measurement of ecological resources. There are many factors missed in measurement of EFA, such as nephrotoxic waste production and assimilation, but much attention is paid only to environmental impact of the consumption. Very often EFA is beneficial, because it is very quick and does not require numerous attributes to the sample. There are many impurities related to gas, crucible and accelerator. In average, carbon contribution to the carbon signal can be measured and metric (York, 2009, p. N/A). There are numerous inconsistencies triggered by the levels of impurity and this affects a failure of exact measurements. The accuracy of determination is often questioned because of quick measuring methodologies. Basically, EFA refers to the hail of resources consumed by people, especially water and land. A Carbon Footprint is focused on greenhouse gases emission. EFA contains greenhouse gas calculations. Both of these methods are focused on human activities impact on the ecology and the environment. Actually, there is an evident difference between these two methods, such as operational mode of methods. EFA looks like an accountancy balance sheet of the global world. Minus side of the sheet is occupied by resource-consuming activities supporting human life, such as energy consumption, logging, construction, fishing or hunting and waste caused by those activities. On the plus side there is the Earths bio-capacity, i. e. the natural ability of the environment to replace the resources and consume the waste (Heddings and Wendy, 2009, p. N/A). Ecological footprints are focused on estimation of sea and forest areas, which absorb greenhouse gas es. The strategy of carbon footprints measurements has been widely spread for a long issue of time (Wheeler 2004, p. N/A). The areas of greenhouse gas waste are used for increasing awareness of the gas impact on climate change. People founder much to burn fossil fuels directly impacts an ecological footprint. More greenhouse gases require more sea and forest

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What is the evidence of debate ideas to a critical period (CP) effect Essay

What is the evidence of debate ideas to a little period (CP) effect and What are the flaws - Essay ensampleVarious studies draw been largely conducted with the basis of debating on this hypothesis and the ideas that affect the critical period. Subsequently, there have been studies conducted too with a view to assessing the flaws that have skirt this hypothesis, particularly in relation to the selective overview of the theoretical issues and empirical findings that relate to the question of the second langu come on acquisition and a persons age (White, 2003).In this study, the concentration point shall be laid on the flaws that have been experienced with in relation to the ideas of the critical period effect. To achieve this, a grad of familiarity has been assumed on the familiarity of readers in connection to specific linguistic structures that relate to this hypothesis. Subsequently, it is assumed that the audience is well informed of the methodology in relation to the critical period effect.In discussing the critical period debate, publications that have been made on the same shall form the basis of the analysis taking into consideration the availability of the concepts that have been geared towards the support for the hypothesis. For instance, according to Birdsong (2006), an understanding into the debate of critical period effect requires that brain based data and the behavior of individuals be discussed in relation to the cognitive neuro-functioning and neurocognitive aging of persons. His first argument is that there is a demonstrably different outcome in the acquisition of a second dustup among adults in comparison to the acquisition of the first language among children. A departure from this basic observation is what has triggered the attempts by various researchers to seek for an understanding of the age-related effects of acquiring a second language based on the hypothesis of the critical period.According to Qingxin (2012), there is no existence of a critical/sensitive acquirement period for the second language. The argument

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Characteristics of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth Essay Example for Free

Characteristics of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth EssayI am writing about the meet called Macbeth. Macbeth is a play written by Shakespeare based on the lines of a true story, about Macbeth changing his whole personality throughout the play. He has numerous obstacles on his port up, from being king. Lady Macbeth, started in the play, very brave cunning and immoral, and felt that Macbeth was too moral and good-willed. She forced him to do many things in order for him to increase the title in the throne. As she helped him however, she became very self-conscious and ended up overcomeing herself through guilt.At the beginning of the play, Macbeth was brave and loyal to king Duncan, and Duncan approximation greatly of him. Duncan quoted Brave Macbeth- well he deserves that name in act 1 scene 2. He also quoted The service and the loyalty I owe, / in doing it, pays itself. In act 1 scene 3.In these quotations, it shows that Macbeth is kn receive as brave- even others think he is. He d oes not expect to be pay he only does things for loyalty. This shows that he is moral, and is polite to everyone and is popular and akind by pretty much everyone around him. However, Lady Macbeth feels he is too nice for his own good. Macbeth had strong moral values, and never agreed to murder someone in order to ram himself a claim in the throne. Lady Macbeth quoted do I fear thy nature, it is too full othmilk of human kindness, in act 1 scene 5. This is showing that Macbeths own wife thinks he is too kind to do anything evil- the milk represents that he is natural and pure of heart, whereas Lady Macbeth is not, she is evil.At the end of the play, Macbeth seems brave, moreover too brave, almost insanely brave. Lady Macbeth does end up persuading Macbeth to kill Duncan, which turns Macbeth evil, and pull aheads his own plans on killing other people, in order to make him self the highest and the place on the throne. Macbeth says I have almost forgotten the perceptivity of fears in act 5 scene 5. This shows him to be over confident and does not fear anything. The witches predictions, which appeared at the beginning of the play, and gave, correct predictions every time, said that Macbeth cannot be killed by any man born of woman and when Burnham wood comes to his castle. This makes him feel that he cannot be defeated.His wife, Lady Macbeth, commits suicide as she became so full of guilt, but when he found out, he seemed that he doesnt seem to care much about lady Macbeth as he says She should have died hereafterlifes but a walk of life shadow, a poor player/ That struts and frets his hour upon the stage in act 5 scene 5. This seems to indicate that he does not care about anyone as well as himself, and that he is selfish. He compares life to being in a theatre, he doesnt think he is going to die, hes like the actor, and thinks he knows exactly what is going to fall out next. However, Macbeth is very wrong, as he comes face to face with reality, as Macduf f and his army come to Macbeths castle, and Macbeth is told that Macduff is not born from woman, but he was a caesarean. Macbeth then becomes jolly worried.Macbeth clam up puts on a strong hard battle, but Macduff defeats him.Lady MacbethAt the beginning of the play, Lady Macbeth was a lot stronger and evil than Macbeth. She was more like the man of them both, and she always tried to make Macbeth stronger. She said to Macbeth Unsex me here/ and fill me from the crown to the toe top full/ of direst cruelty. Here, she I trying to say, make me more manly- she is asking to be filled with cruelty, so she can make Macbeth to have the title of the throne. She is trying to show that she will do anything bad in order to fill her ambitions. She is not maternal.Lady Macbeth was very good at being misleading, as she acted innocent in front of Duncan, but behind his back, she was plotting to get Macbeth to murder him. She says to Macbeth, look like thinnocent flower, but be the serpent udert. She is saying to be like a deadly flower, looks innocent but will bourgeon at any unpredictable and unexpected moment. The serpent represents evil and temptation in which, Macbeth has to have.After Macbeth and herself finally murdered Duncan, she begins to feel very guilty and insecure. She had many nightmares of when she murdered Duncan.One night when she started sleep walking, in act 5 scene 1 she said what will the hands neer be clean?, she is still left with the stains of her actions. This shows her feminine side breaking through. She was being constantly reminded of when her hands were covered in blood her dreams are showing her that she does not have a clean conscience.Lady Macbeth becomes very ill, and emotionally mental. She has many more nightmares, which shows a shadow of her old self. She quoted in one of her nightmares, Old damned spotHell is murky. Fie, my lord, fie, a pass and afeared. She is here, cursing the blood she now has anxiety over everything. She spoke in short sentences, showing her being not at all confident, creating a puree atmosphere. The use of repetition in questions to her husband when she slept talked showed her anxiety.Throughout the whole of this play, the two characters seemed to have almost switched placed. Macbeth grew courageous and confident after killing Duncan and felt he was undefeatable, while Lady Macbeth became disillusioned and emotionally mental, after her first murder encounter. Macbeth became too full of him self and felt he was immortal.The play created very tense up and frightening atmospheres and had a strong storyline, which became clearer further on through the play.

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Clarkson Lumber Company Pro Forma Statement Essay Example for Free

Clarkson Lumber Company Pro Forma Statement EssayAssumptions. We build pro-forma statement mostly based on the assumptions given in the case. Other assumptions are following. At first, we assume that the task rate is an average of tax rates for the past three years which is 20. 1%. We use this tax rate to calculate the provision for income taxes for following years. Next assumption is that we take Mr. Dadges approximation for the initial rate as the interest rate, 11%.Since Mr. Clarkson finished pay to Mr. Holtz in 1995, we assume that only the cashbox loan to Suburban National Bank and Northrup National Bank are the interest-bearing liabilities for 1996 through 1999. For account payable period, we calculated two numbers, 53. 62 days for 1995 and 54. 86 for the first quarter of 1996. We used the payable period for 1995 to calculate the accounts payables for the forecasted years because, as mentioned in the case, Mr.Clarksons line of work has some seasonality so hat the paya ble period for the only first quarter of 1996 would not fully reflect for a whole year. We decided not to include 2% discounts for early payment to the suppliers on our income statement because of the payable period. We also assume that Mr. Clarkson issued no immature equities and paid no dividends during the forecasted years. Only root word of the change in the net worth is the net income for the same period. New credit line. The new credit line of $750,000 would be sufficient only for 1996 and 1997.The bank loan would exceed the credit line to 858,000 and 1,109,000 for 1998 and 1999, according to our pro forma statement. Without the approval of the bank, Mr. Clarkson would not be able to expand his business at the current festering rate after 1998. With the assumption of sales growth rate of 25%, the external financing required has become double from $493,000 in 1996 to $1,109,000 in 1999. Since the new credit line is fixed at $750,000, Mr. Clarkson would have to find other way s of financing the operation such as issuing new equity.

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Ethical Theories In Human Rights Philosophy Essay

Ethical Theories In Human Rights Philosophy Essay key the currently influential profession and management theories. Ethics may be viewed as the study of human conduct with an emphasis on warnmination of full and wrong (Fraedrich and Ferrell, 1992). Together with this, it is the assumption that management moldiness(prenominal) adhere to a narrow version of positivism that excludes any reference to intention (Ghoshal, 2005). According to (M aloneor et al., 2010), for centuries, religious and secular scholars keep explored the meaning of human existence and attempted to define a good life. Ethical theories and principles atomic number 18 the foundations of honest analysis because they ar the viewpoints from which counseling can be obtained along the pathway to a decisiveness. The four honorable theories according to the text are rights theory, judge theory, utilitarianism, and profit dictumization.The rights theory covers a tend of ethical philosophies that holds that cert ain human rights are primary(prenominal) and must be respected by other society and her rights. Rights are too considered to be ethically correct and legitimate given that a large or ruling population endorses them. Few rights theorists are stringent deontologists, and one of the few is the 18th carbon philosopher by name Immanuel Kant and his theory is exhaust intercoursen as the Kantianism. Kant viewed humans as moral actors that are free to make choices and he also believed that humans are able to judge the morality of any action by applying his famous categorical imperative. One of his formulations of the categorical imperative is Act only on that maxim whereby at the same time you can leave that it shall become a universal law. The meaning of it is that we judge an action by applying it universally. The most important power of rights theory is that it protects fundamental rights, unless some greater right passs precedence. A major criticism of the rights theory deal wi th the near absolute yet relative pry of the rights protected, making it difficult to articulate and administer a comprehensive rights theory.The Justice theory which came into limelight by John Rawls in 1971 when he published his defend entitled A theory of Justice, the philosophical underpinning for the bureaucratic wel remotee state. He reasoned that it was right for governments to redistribute wealth in order to assist the short and the destitute. Further more(prenominal), Rawls expressed this philosophy in his Greatest Equal Liberty Principle individually person has an equal right to basic rights and liberties. He further express the principle with the Difference Principle fond inequalities are acceptable only if they cannot be eliminated without making the worst-off class even worse off. Rawlss justice theory has applications programme in the business context which requires determination makers to be guided by fairness and impartiality. The effectivity of Rawlss justic e theory lies in its basic premise, the protection of those who are least advantaged in society. The ethical dilemma for managers is to determine the fair rules and procedures for distributing outcomes to stakeholders. Managers must not give people they like bigger raises than they give to people they do not like, for example, or bend the rules to help their favorites. On the other hand, if employees want managers to act fairly toward them, then employees need to act fairly toward their companies and work thorny and be loyal. Similarly, customers need to act fairly toward a company if they expect it to be fair to them-something people who illegally copy digital media should consider. The criticism that justice theory with the rights theory is that it treats equality as an absolute, without examining the costs of producing equality, including reduced incentives for innovation, entrepreneurship and production.Utilitarianism entails a decision maker to maximize utility for society as a whole. maximise utility office achieving the highest level of satis factions over dissatisfactions which means that a person must consider the benefits and costs of her actions to everyone in society. A utilitarian will take action only if the benefits of the action to society outweigh the societal costs of the action. There are two types of utilitarianism, act utilitarianism and rule utilitarianism. Act utilitarianism judges each act separately, assessing a single acts benefit and its cost to societys members. Rule utilitarianism judges actions by a rule that over the long run maximizes benefits over cost. The strength of utilitarianism as a guide for ethical conduct is that it is easy to articulate the standard of conduct which coincides with cling tos of most modern countries like the USA who is capitalistic in temperament by focusing on total social satisfactions, benefits, wealth and welfare. In general under capitalism, the interests of shareholders are put above those of employees, so production will move abroad. This is generally regarded as being an ethical choice because in the long run, the alternative, domestic production might cause the business to collapse and go bankrupt. If this happens, all of the companys stakeholders will suffer-not just its employees. According to the utilitarian view, the decision that produces the greatest good for the greatest number of people is best. In this case, that means outsourcing the jobs. The criticism of utilitarianism is that it is difficult to measure ones own pleasures, pains, satisfaction and dissatisfaction, let alone those of all of societys members.Profit maximization as an ethical theory requires a decision maker to maximize a businesss long-run profits within the limits of the law. This has been based on the laissez faire theory of capitalism first expressed by Adam metalworker in the 18th century and more recently promoted by economists such as Milton Friedman and Thomas Sowell. Profit maximiz ation is closely related to utilitarianism, but it varies basically in how ethical decisions are made. Profit maximization optimizes total social utility by narrowing the actors focus, requiring the decision maker to make a decision that merely maximizes profits for himself or his organization. The strengths of profit maximization results in ethical conduct because it requires societys members to act within the constraints of the law and a profit maximizer, therefore, acts ethically by complying with societys mores as expressed in its laws. The criticism of profit maximizer is that if profit maximization results in an efficient allocation of societys resources and maximization of total social welfare, it does not equal itself with how wealth is allocated within Society.An ethical theory that was not found in the text is that of rationalism, which this ethical theory focuses mainly on norms. The moral rationalism is that in which the decisive factor of the truth is not sensory but intellectual and deductive, and it has its major proponent in Emmanuel Kant (Llano, 2002). Mr. Kant attempted to change our everyday, clear, rational knowledge of morality into philosophical knowledge. He went after a technique of using practical reason to reach conclusions which are able to be useful to the public of experience. Kant is also known for his theory that there is a single moral obligation which he called the Categorical Imperative, and derived from the perception of duty. He further stated that these moral norms must be obeyed in all situations and circumstances if our fashion is to observe the moral law.In a way to improve corporate governance and corporate social responsibilities, according to Mallor et al., 2010, one can modify the corporate governance model to educate, motivate, and supervise executives and thereby improve corporate social responsibility. Corporate governance is the structure used to direct and manage business and affairs of the company towards enhancing prosperity and corporate accountability. Corporate critics however did propose a wide rang of cures, all of which sustain been implemented to some degree and with varying degrees of success.Ethical codes Ethic codes in a way have been adopted by many large societys and some(prenominal) industries to guide executives and other employees. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act required that a humankind company discloses whether it has adopted a code of ethics for senior financial officers, and to disclose any changes in the code or waiver of the codes application. The codes can be viewed in two ways one sees the codes as genuine efforts to foster ethical behavior within a firm or an industry while others view regards them as thinly disguised attempts to make the firm function better, to mislead the public into believing the firm behaves ethically, to prevent the passage of legislation that would impose stricter constraints on business, or to limit competition under the veil of ethical s tandards. Better ethical codes make clear that the corporation expects employees not to violate the law in a mistaken belief that loyalty to the corporation requires it. These kinds of codes work best, however, when a corporation also gives its employees an outlet for dealing with a superiors request to do an unethical act.Ethical instruction Some corporate organizations require their employees to enroll in classes that school ethical decision-making. The idea is that a manager trained in ethical conduct will recognize unethical actions before they are taken and deter herself and the corporation from the unethical acts. Majority of corporations in this present day express their dedication to ethical decision-making by an ethics officer who is not only creditworthy for ethical instruction, but also in charge of ethical supervision. The ethics officer tends to be a mentor or sounding board for all employees who face ethical issues.Greater Shareholder Role in Corporations As sharehold ers are the vital stakeholders in a corporation in a capitalist economy, several corporate critics argue that businesses should be more attuned to shareholders ethical values and that shareholder control of the board of directors and executives should be increased.Evidence suggests that sources of ethical dilemmas will track to increase. To understand this assessment, it will be useful to look at four categories of conditions influencing ethical behavior global, social, organizational and individual.Global A variety of global conditions impact our lives and our society many are well-known to all of us. They include the increasing influence of cultural values substantially different from those of our Anglo-Saxon heritage impacts of a complex global economy on local economic structures and our rapidly increasing technological capacity to communicate and interact with the global community. Within the historical few years we have watched the beginning of the development of a new worl d order that will be substantially different from our sense of world order developed over the last half century. Among the implications resulting from this picture, two are especially important (1) we as a people no longer have a secure sense of our role in the world or our control over it and (2) it has become increasingly acceptable, and even logical, to admit that we simply dont know what the appropriate response is. This era of rapid change has an indirect but important influence on our sense of ethical appropriateness.Social A more direct source of ethical conflicts is social change. Change has been so rapid that some have argued that we have lost our sense of values or that we must assay better mechanisms to resolve value conflicts. This line of reasoning is incorrect for several reasons. First, value conflicts (and, therefore, ethical dilemmas) reflect our social and cultural fabric. Second, stakeholders have a relatively easy time gaining access to our policy making system therefore, value conflicts are very visible and, frequently, cause our problem-solving exploit to forge slow, aching compromises. These processes continue to represent one of the great comparative advantages of our society and should not be changed without sober reflection.Organizational Thirdly, we are witnessing rapid change in the nature and role of the public organization and concepts about administrative behavior. Organizational values are vital influence on the majority of us thus far our organizational lives are becoming increasingly participatory, open, communicative and interactive. While I believe that the decline of organization hierarchy is among the more positive aspects of our society, it also signals a decline in another source of behavioral guidelines. Individual judgment, group dynamics and social interactions are replacing traditional rules of behavior dictated by the organization. We are also facing increasing conflicts between the bureaucratic ethos and the dem ocratic ethos (Hejka-Ekins, 1998). The bureaucratic ethos includes such traditional organizational standards as efficiency, competence, loyalty and accountability.Individual lastly, ethical anxieties are caused by changes at the individual level. In particular, individualism and materialism are at the present celebrated within major social institutions and have become a dominate ethos of the baby bust generation. Self-indulgence, greed, self-interest, and privatism are accepted components of the ethos of this generation (Frederickson, 1982).In order to improve the ethical climate of an organization, management must effectively communicate proper ethical behavior throughout the organization. Wimbush and Shephard (1984 637-647) reported that businesses annually spend an estimated $40 billion on the ethical behavior problems. Thus, pointing to the fact that ethical dimension of employees behavior has a clear impact on the profitability of the company. It is generally accepted that cust omer satisfaction is one of the most important factors in successful business strategy. Although a company must continue to develop, alter and adapt products to keep pace with customers changing desires and preferences. It must also seek to develop long-term relationships with customers and its stakeholders. By focusing on customer satisfaction, a company continually deepens the customers dependence on the company, and as the customers confidence grows, the firm gains a better understanding of how to serve the customer so the relationship may endure. Successful businesses provide an opportunity for customer feedback, which can engage the customer in a cooperative problem solving. As is often pointed out, a happy customer will come back, but a disgruntled customer will tell others about his or her dissatisfaction with a company and discourage friends from dealing with it. When an organization has a strong ethical environment, it usually focuses on the core value of placing customers interest first. An ethical culture that focuses on customers incorporates the interests of all employees, suppliers, and other interested parties in decisions and actions. Employees working in an ethical environment support and contribute to the process of understanding customers demands and concerns. Ethical conduct towards customers builds a strong competitive position that has been shown to affect business performance and product innovation positively.