Monday, January 21, 2019

Nursing Home Visit Essay

As I visited RSL Anzac Village, Narraben, I have outlined the confines performing their roles in communication and safety practice in a professional works environment. As I was bought up in Nepal, I was really surprise with my expectation comparing to what I have seen. In this reflective report I am going to explain about how does my expectation take on the obesevatation communication and safety features. In my imagination, RSL could have been a hospital with umteen nurses, doctors and very filthy place with nonhuman behavior.The patients could have been very old, adynamic and motionless, the atmosphere in an aged make do centre might be heartbreaking and miserable. Soon after I started walking inside the c are center, I was surprise with the way it was operated. I noticed a nurse using very soft tone with acknowledgement. She started with Good morning. How are you directly? Even though the person she was addressing was non-verbal, she responded as if she was a normal women. I n reply, the person responded with the smile and head nodding. In fact, I was very move with the way conversation was made.I think this has demonstrated good interpersonal skills including respect for the patient, patience and politeness, so these are few things that I conditioned about effective communication and it is necessary to communicate compassionately and effectively with residents. I agree with the Jasmine (2009) as she says therapeutic communication is most internal for nurses as they have care both physically and emotionally. On the atomic number 16 instance, I saw so galore(postnominal) mobility equipments to transfer patient from furrow to shower chair or from shower chair to bed.After my passenger car explained us importance of those equipment , which would simplify and breakdown the task and make our bread and butter easy. As a result these device provide mobility support for immobilized elders (Clarke, Chan, Santaguida and Colantonio, 2009). The secant inci dent I got caught in made me to realize there are so many things I got to learn about safety features like, have detectors, all fire exist were clear and clearly marked, hall ship canal and toilets were wide enough for wheelchairs, hand rails provided in hall ways and in bathing areas, very high fence in balcony so that there will not be isk of fall, code access to creation and exit at doors so resident cannot escape, remote for attention or call nurse in need, zebra crossing inside the facility leap for resident safety in road crossing, alcohol foam sanitizer for infection control. As an everyday routine, nurse visited the dinning room and greet all the residents. I suppose, this uncanny faith of residents and nurse has made this care harmonious and peaceful.Furthermore, I agree with the point of view that one who has not clear judgement of their own spirituality are less likely to meet others spiritual support (McSherry,2006). Therefore, I realized the importance of spiritu ality in wellness care. To sum up, the way communication, use of mobility aids, safety features and spiritual support that I experienced in my visit made me explore further in this industry. Which also made me believes it is also a community which is the home of many old people.

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