Thursday, February 25, 2016

I believe in experience

I deal in experiencing opposite conclusions to develop aces profess individualal set and perspectives. Every culture has its own beliefs, value, and traditions. ripening up in some a(prenominal) antithetical cultures has helped me realize this. I birth lodged in three variant countries in my eighteen years of existence. small-arm animate in these countries, I bear been exposed to many cultures through living there and croaking. I was born in Germany, then move to Virginia, and later expire to Saudi Arabia, where I still live part time. plot living in Saudi Arabia, I live had opportunities to travel to numerous countries where I pack had extraordinary experiences.Every typeset on this earth is unique, whether its a township five miles external from my hometown or if its a cubic yard miles a way. Each place has some subject disparate to offer. When I travel to a spick-and-span place, I evidence to take up myself as oftentimes as practicable into the culture. I quiz to ask basic words and phrases of the immanent language, try the food, and take on the people. I redeem tack this to be the best way to really have about the culture.From my travels, I have intentional so many things about myself. I put ont like to incessantly be viewed as just an American, since I have lived in the US for little than half of my life. I have substantial custom and determine from many cultures because I have seen what else the reality has to offer. I dont want to just be an American cognise for eating unshakable food; I consider myself a global nomad, who likes to try all foods.One thing I have well-educated from every(prenominal) culture Ive encountered is to be an accept person. By beholding so many different cultures, I have found it easy to habituate myself to new things easier. I cerebrate everyone is empower to their own beliefs, values, and customs because that is their choice.Free From all my traveling, I have been to churches, mosques, temples and monasteries. From seeing all different types of religions, I have developed my own religious beliefs non just found on ten-fold religions. I have learned to make up cricket, a variance not sound known in America, by contend with Indians, Pakistanis, and Bangladeshis, natives of the sport. I learned that it was unique granular and had a different type of team up effort from close other sports. overdue to my vast travel experiences, I call back it easy to babble to al to the highest degree anyone and tactile sensation that I am an easy person to converse with as well.I am no typical American by most standards, scarcely a global nomad who looks for the possibility to explore to cultures. I value my American heritage but look for new experiences to develop my values and perspectives. I believe th at there is something to learn from each heathen experience,If you want to acquire a overflowing essay, order it on our website:

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