Monday, March 25, 2019

The Use of Symbolism in Margaret Laurences Stone Angel Essay -- Stone

The Use of Symbolism in Margaret Laurences Stone AngelThe statue of the stone angel is symbolic of the Currie family hook, Hagars inability to extend to and share her emotions, and the blindness and ignorance that comes from constantly refusing to see things from another point of sentiment other than your own. The Stone angel is symbolic of the Currie family pride because it does not depend to serve its purpose, which is to honour Hagars mother who had died giving birth to her. Hagar describes Mrs. Currie to be a meek woman and a feeble ghost, whereas she describes herself to be stiff-necked and practical. The statue was bought in Italy and brought to the Manawaka cemetery at a terrible set down . . . in pride to mark her bones and proclaim his Mr. Curries dynasty, as he fancied, forever and a day (p. 3). Mr. Currie bought the angel in pride kind of than in grief for someone he considdered his possesion, his dynasty. The stone angel is as well a symbol of Hagars pride as she inherrited it from her father. It was this pride that kept her from mouth up and fighting for her brother when Mr. Currie sent her away to college to become to a greater extent than civilized. She knew Matt deserved to go more than her, but she neer stuck up for either him or herself. In an attempt at freedom, or maybe just to spite her father, Hagar married Bram Shipley soon after she came backwards from school. From day one, Hagars marriage to Bram was a complete embarrassment to her and her family When id listen to Bram reel his cobwebs, then it would turn my stomach most of all, not what he express but that he made himself a laughingstock (p. 114). Upon hearing some their plans to wed, Hagars father disowns her. Bram was not a rich man by some(prenominal) means, he ... ...itals rise to meet his. he never knew. I never let him know. I never spoke aloud, and i made trustworthy the trembling was all inner . . . i prided myself on keeping my pride intact, like some maiden hood. (p. 81) The stone angel, in additon to being made of securely marble, is doubley blind. Not only because it is made of stone, but because the artist leave out to add the eyeballs to his masterpiece. This is also symbolic of Hagar because she is blind when it comes to the feelings of others. It prevents her from having a friendship with Lottie. It isnt until its withal late that she realizes she has more in common with lottie than either of them had ever imagined. It also prevents her from seeing that Marvin was the son shed been looking for, that her pride had been holding her back, and that sometimes the problems of others were of more importance than her own.

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